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Vase mode Christmas tree baubles

by janahorova Nov 4, 2018
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I have a huge gap on the top of my bulb. It's like Cura decided not to fill it in. Any ideas? In the slice, I can see large circles of extrusion missing, can see into the interior...

i dont think it is cura problem, please check Domiprint247 comment

I never used Cura before. What ended up being my problem, is the default orientation of these files is incorrect. I downloaded the auto orientation plugin from cura, and it switched the orientation of the files to print from the base of the bulb rather than sitting sideways. Printing well now!

yes should be printed on the small base (the hanging part), im glad you solved it

Why the nsfw tag ?

Besides that ... Looking great !!!

I dont know :D maybe some stupid autocorrect, i will remove it

Butt Plugz I guess?

Lool, didn`t see that one coming ^_^

Great idea to use the vase mode, thanks for your share.

Maybe for some this would look even better with some glitter, sand or something else in it.
I came up with the idea to add sand in an hour glass while printing.

You can see it here:

Would be cool to see someone trying this with your baubles.

by h4nc

Good idea :)

I've been throwing sweets in mine while ive been printing them, but have managed to knock a few off the raft otherwise they work great

Looks very nice

Krásná práce, držím palce do dalších kousků na Thingiverse a gratuluji k umístění na první stránce !! Hezké Vánoce :-)

Thanks for the model, it's a challenging print due to the overhangs, but it looks great!

Děkuji za krásné ozdobičky. :)

Díky, krásné vánoce

So happy to see this on the front page! :D

I printed a bunch of these in all sorts of colors to give to a co-worker that had just got a Christmas Tree for the first time but didn't have any ornaments.

I forgot to get pictures, though..... guess I'll have to print some more! :)

I'm happy to hear that, merry Christmas

Congratulations with the featured model, I guess this compensates for your model being stolen and that stolen copy being included in a BOW collection ;)

Try a smaller layer height, it will provide more overlap between the layers.

Your printer cant make such aggressive overhangs. Try increasing your layer cooling.
Either that, or your slicer is freaking out. Does it look ok on the slicer print preview?

it cant handle the overhangs, try increase fillament flow and cooling, try to change a bit the size in z axis to make it "longer" and see if your printer can handle it

These are awesome! Thanks for making and sharing them.

For the bell, I have one request - there is a cylinder hole in the middle so the print ends up not being a continuous vase print, because (at least in Slic3r) the extruder hops in to make the circle in the middle, then back out, leaving an artifact in the bell. Would you mind making a version of the bell without the hole in the middle?

you can use Cura slicer which creates real vase mode from this one, not the fake one, i will export it without the hole, thanks for your comment :)

I uploaded it as bell_without_tophole

Heads up, it appears someone has taken this entire page and re-posted it as their own work without giving credit.

I see this was actually posted first.


It seems to be an emerging trend for https://www.thingiverse.com/EricFranck, see the following:

https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3166431 - Posted Oct 20th 2018 (original)
https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3203206 - Posted Nov 8th 2018 (rip-off)

https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1181496 - Posted Dec 7th 2015! (original)
https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3203157 - Posted Nov 8th 2018 (rip-off) (View comments for original designers take on the plagarism - prompting edit to thing details

https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3155952 - Posted October 15th 2018 (original)
https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3241928 - Posted November 28th 2018 (rip-off)

There may be others but I'm getting bored searching.

As a final note, I LOVE how in this design https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3201171 he demands (it's in CAPS so MUST be a demand) "ANYONE CAN USE THIS FILE AND EDIT IT FOR THEMSELF BUT MUST GIVE CREDIT"


Folding Under Cabinet Banana Hook (Thickened)
by fred909
Color Snowflake
Echo Dot 3rd Gen Wall Mount

https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3201171 is my design and i did give credit for the snowflake thing

I never said that the tree wasn't your design - nor did I infer it. I merely used it as an example of a double standard.

That is also why it is the only one of those mentioned left here.

Also the Snowflake is mentioned in my post above - I make reference to the comments section - where you were PROMPTED by the original designer . . . . . .

All folks ask for here is honesty.

End of.

thanks for the information... could you please report the copy? thing info/report


According to Thingiverse (I got a response within a few minutes), the original posters need to submit a 'Formal take down' using the following link:


It's in your hands now - and anyone else who wants to do anything about the plagiarist . . . .

I did, lets see what happens, thank you for caring.

You're welcome.

Why does the bell have a hole along its axis? That doesn't look vase mode friendly

the hole is for bell clapper especially when printed when no hole for hanging added, vase mode in cura had no problem wih that

having issues to print this?
what is "flow 125%"? and what print speed did you use?
thanks for sharing your designs

speed: 35 mm/s
initial layer speed 30 mm/s
Flow (in Cura) multiplicator for amout of material extruded

It is wonderfull, Could you share your print settings. Nozzle diameter, layer height etc.. Thanks a lot

There is a file settings.txt attached (I hope). Nozzle size 0,4. If you need more info not in the settings file feel free to ask me. It is official Cura profile for Prusa MK3 with changes mentioned in the file.

What filament you used?

Fillamenum crystal clear iceland blue