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Stratos Glider

by exosequitur Oct 6, 2012
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What is tih smal "bridge"?

Great job, bravo!

hey exosequitur, great print. Mine flies almost perfect. Is there any chance you could upload separate pieces? I cannot get the "cockpit" to print well without a brim, but when I add the brim I cant get it off the rest of the pieces. It would be perfect if I could print the smaller, delicate, pieces separate from the rest! I tried doing it in tinkercad but it adds a weird piece to the wing.

Wow this is a wonderful design! It flies really well with the launcher. I noticed the wings cracked after a few launches in the grass. Are there any tips(print settings) to prevent this?

Yeah. Don't launch it from / into the grass.

thank you its awesome !

do you have to bend up the wings?

Does it still work well if printed in PLA?

Yes. I used PLA and had great results.

I love it, remember my infancy !!! great work.

Does it work on a MakerBot replicator 2 or a gboz

totally a great plane love it - printing a bunch to give away thanks for sharing

Works well, but needs to have a tab on the back to hold on to.

I used a makerbot replicator dual.

What printer did you use? (anybody reply)

I used an Ultimaker 2, it works great but need to use a fine thickness.

I've so far made 12 of them. they are great!

i realy like it, but my problem is, i have printed 2 of them, but they bendet when cooling down (printed with abs on heated glass) but i have finaly managed to rebend them with a lighter now they fly realy great :D
2thumbs up!

I have printed it scaled down in my Printrbot Jr and still works great! Thank you for this nice design :)

Looks really great!

Just out of curiosity, how well does it fly when thrown by hand?

Flys great, but difficult to give it a powerful launch.  Enjoy!

Working on some new gliders...some teeny ones that will print 4 to a plate on a mendel - good for class demos and promo stuff....they fly great already, but I am redesigning so they print prettier.  Also have an old-timey biplane design, needs some work, maybe in PC? its too heavy, really, and barely flies so far, but it has some potential if someone wants to message the design. If there is interest, I'll post it....but I don't have time to get it tuned out myself right now.

Managed to thermal one a few times yesterday...    Adding under camber and a good amount of dihedral to the wing makes a night and day difference in flight performance. 

Awesome! Yeah, it does help, but haven't been able to get the undercamber to "stick" without damaging the wing....You must be using a little heat (my next attempt)? 

Are you using ABS, PS, or PLA?

So stoked that folks are enjoying my little gliders!

I printed in ABS.  I was able to add dihedral and undercamber pretty easily.   Two caveats:

1) Rotate the print so the wings are at a 45 degrees bias.  If they are 90 degrees to the print direction, they will be weak laterally, or chordwise.

2)  Allow the plane to cool completely before removing it from the bed, or it will warp. I use a fan when I'm in a hurry :)

Printed several, PLA, ABS and polycarbonate. So far the PC is the best one. Thanks for the awesome design. 

Can you pst a pic of the PC model?... And where do you get your PC filament, if you don't mind sharing? 

 I get the PC from ProtoParadigm. I will add a pic in the made one section. Because of the design it prints well in PC, the large wings hold it down it lifted on the front as it printed. But much better than about anything else I have printed with PC.I found the trick is to print slow so you can use the lowest extruder temp, I think I used 270ish.

Added a "bearded" version of the model for you to try with PC... should hold the front of the fuselage in place, if you want to try it. Also, might try to orient the layers with the axis of the plane, front to back for the first layer, and spanwise for the second. This should result in a more durable plane that flexes along the correct axis to preserve aerodynamic integrity....IMO, though your mileage may vary ;-)

 Printed the bearded version, the nose stayed down for the whole print, Printed this one with the layers oriented side to side and length wise. It seems to fly similar to the first one. Thanks again for making these fun little planes

We printed a few and the all fly nicely.
Very cool gliders, thanks!

this is a great model thanks for sharing... printed one

Wow!   Just printed one perfectly, and I'm going to print 4 more to hand out at a glider contest tomorrow.  I'm sure they'll get a kick out of them. Thanks! :)

Nice project!
Perhaps PS would be nice for printed gliders? Any experience with it?
https://grrf.de/en/catalog/verbrauchsmaterial-spezial-material/ps-750g-nature-3mm-on-a-small-spoolhttps://grrf.de/en/catalog/ver... states 20% less weight.

Looks like PC is outperforming...but I haven't started using PC yet...see post above by apexio...