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by MakerBot Oct 5, 2012
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I am printing out the parts to build the tractor but I don't see the grey piece that mounts to the rear housing and the seat mounts to it. Does anyone have any help about this or the name of the file that prints this..
thanks for any help.

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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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well its a big fail for me cant get the outer rims to print they just fall apart when printing.no mater how i set them up

Cleaned up the html table of the "parts list plus rough colors derived from the picture" from an earlier comment.

No       Amount     Color            Filename
01 2 grey Axle Estension.STL
02 1 grey Axel Front Left.STL
03 1 grey Back_Connector.STL
04 1 grey Block Base Main.STL
05 1 grey Block Base PTO Shaft.STL
06 1 grey Block Base Rear Axle Right.STL
07 1 grey Block Base Rear Axle_Left.STL
08 1 grey Block Base Rear Bracket.STL
09 1 grey Clutch Block 1.STL
10 2 grey Cylinder Heads.STL
11 1 green Dashboard.STL
12 1 black Exhaust Stack #1_Bottom.STL
13 1 black Exhaust Stack #1_Top.STL
14 1 black Exhaust Stack #2.STL
15 1 grey Front Axel Part1.STL
16 1 grey Front Axel Part2.STL
17 1 grey Front Axel Part3.STL
18 1 grey Front Axel Right.STL
19 1 green Front Grill Part # 1.STL
20 1 green Front Grill Part # 2.STL
21 2 green Front Light Stem.STL
22 2 yellow Front Wheel Lug Nut.STL
23 2 grey Front Wheel Split Hub Outer 2.STL
24 4 black FrontTire.STL
25 2 grey Fuel Elect Connector Plate.STL
26 1 green Hood With Supports.STL
27 1 green Hood Without Supports.STL
28 6 black Intake Vents.STL
29 1 grey Liftng Block 1.STL
30 2 green Light Base.STL
31 2? green Light Front Rim.STL
32 2 transp Light Lens.STL
33 1 grey Main Engine Block.STL
34 2 green MudGuard Light.STL
35 1 green Mudguard Top (Angle Piece) Left.STL
36 1 green Mudguard Top (Angle Piece) Right.STL
37 1 green Mudguard Top Left.STL
38 1 green Mudguard Top.STL
39 1 grey Pivot Axle 1.STL
40 1 grey Pivot Axle 3.STL
41 2 grey Rear Hub 1.STL
42 2 grey Rear Hub Pin.STL
44 2 green Rear Light Base.STL
45 2 transp Rear Light Lens.STL
46 ? ? Rear Light Lens Base.STL
47 4 black Rear Tire Split.STL
48 2 yellow Rear Wheel Inner Hub.STL
49 2 black Seat Armrest.STL
50 1 yellow Seat Back Cushion.STL
51 1 black Seat Base.STL
52 1 yellow Seat Bottom Cushion.STL
53 1 grey Side Panel Wing_Left.STL
54 1 grey Side Panel Wing_Right.STL
55 2 grey Side Round Hub.STL
56 2 grey Sitting Rim Split.STL
57 2 grey Small Brackets for Axle.STL
58 1 grey Soporte del tiro.STL
59 1 black Steering Column.STL
60 1 black Steering Wheel.STL
61 2 grey Tractor Hub Bottom.STL
62 2 grey Tractor Hub Top.STL
63 1 grey Transmision Cover.STL
64 ? ? Upper actuator rod.STL

Hi, really nice model, but why is not here some explanation of the contruction? it will be much easier to complete...

This was a beast to print and put together! I left out a series of smaller parts because I was not quite sure where they went. Crazy glue and a lot of patience, but very happy with how it turned out.

This one took a long time. About 100 parts and lots of big prints. I printed it on a Replicator 2 with default medium settings in MakerWare. I got a lot of warping on the big prints (tires, hood), so I used an ABS-Acetone slurry to coat the build plate tape. This is a very cool model and worth the effort. I did not need to mod to many things, but I couldn't find any photos of the front axle or rear, so it took a lot of trial-error to figure it out. Here are some of my lessons:

  • I used an extra set of rear hub caps on the inside rear (shaved down)
  • Use 1.75mm filament for the spark plug cables
  • I drilled out 2mm holes in the "electrical plate" for the spark plug wires
  • The front axle mount is tricky. I mounted the fan cowling "Pivot Axle 3" as high as it would go on the front of the block without sticking up. This worked well.

Check out the photos in "Made"

I'm just finishing the printing of the parts, it looks like a good challenging model.
A couple of questions:

  1. Did you need the "upper actuator rod"?
  2. What is the story with the rear light lens bases?
  3. I planned on using krazy glue, what did you use?

Thanks for tips, I'll use them when I put it together

  1. no - I don't know where this goes. I did not use it.
  2. Yeah, I didn't use these either. I just glued the rear lights down using the triangle holders. The bases seemed redundant.
  3. I used CA glue with an accelerator. It is like super glue. CA glue sets in about 20 minutes or in 2 seconds with an accelerator. Search for CA glue on Amazon and you will see lots of options.
    I used a lot of clamps when gluing to make sure the flush parts stay flush.

What preferences/settings in makerware or RepG would be best to print with Replicator 2?

I don't know whether something like this already exists, but I compiled a parts list plus rough colors derived from the picture. Here it is:

No    Amount    Color    Filename

01    2    grey    Axle Estension.STL
02    1    grey    Axel Front Left.STL
03    1    grey    Back_Connector.STL
04    1    grey    Block Base Main.STL
05    1    grey    Block Base PTO Shaft.STL
06    1    grey    Block Base Rear Axle Right.STL
07    1    grey    Block Base Rear Axle_Left.STL
08    1    grey    Block Base Rear Bracket.STL
09    1    grey    Clutch Block 1.STL
10    2    grey    Cylinder Heads.STL
11    1    green    Dashboard.STL
12    1    black    Exhaust Stack #1_Bottom.STL
13    1    black    Exhaust Stack #1_Top.STL
14    1    black    Exhaust Stack #2.STL
15    1    grey    Front Axel Part1.STL
16    1    grey    Front Axel Part2.STL
17    1    grey    Front Axel Part3.STL
18    1    grey    Front Axel Right.STL
19    1    green    Front Grill Part # 1.STL
20    1    green    Front Grill Part # 2.STL
21    2    green    Front Light Stem.STL
22    2    yellow    Front Wheel Lug Nut.STL
23    2    grey    Front Wheel Split Hub Outer 2.STL
24    4    black    FrontTire.STL
25    2    grey    Fuel Elect Connector Plate.STL
26    1    green    Hood With Supports.STL
27    1    green    Hood Without Supports.STL
28    6    black    Intake Vents.STL
29    1    grey    Liftng Block 1.STL
30    2    green    Light Base.STL
31    2?    green    Light Front Rim.STL
32    2    transp    Light Lens.STL
33    1    grey    Main Engine Block.STL
34    2    green    MudGuard Light.STL
35    1    green    Mudguard Top (Angle Piece) Left.STL
36    1    green    Mudguard Top (Angle Piece) Right.STL
37    1    green    Mudguard Top Left.STL
38    1    green    Mudguard Top.STL
39    1    grey    Pivot Axle 1.STL
40    1    grey    Pivot Axle 3.STL
41    2    grey    Rear Hub 1.STL
42    2    grey    Rear Hub  Pin.STL
44    2    green    Rear Light Base.STL
45    2    transp    Rear Light Lens.STL
46    ?    ?    Rear Light Lens Base.STL
47    4    black    Rear Tire Split.STL
48    2    yellow    Rear Wheel Inner Hub.STL
49    2    black    Seat Armrest.STL
50    1    yellow    Seat Back Cushion.STL
51    1    black    Seat Base.STL
52    1    yellow    Seat Bottom Cushion.STL
53    1    grey    Side Panel Wing_Left.STL
54    1    grey    Side Panel Wing_Right.STL
55    2    grey    Side Round Hub.STL
56    2    grey    Sitting Rim Split.STL
57    2    grey    Small Brackets for Axle.STL
58    1    grey    Soporte del tiro.STL
59    1    black    Steering Column.STL
60    1    black    Steering Wheel.STL
61    2    grey    Tractor Hub Bottom.STL
62    2    grey    Tractor Hub Top.STL
63    1    grey    Transmision Cover.STL
64    ?    ?    Upper actuator rod.STL


I haven't figured out yet whether parts 46 and 64 are really necessary and if so, where they should be placed. I guess part 46 is a design remainder (wrongly scaled part 44). Part 31 is something that should go around part 32, I guess. But I do not see it in the picture. The color "transp" is of course transparent plastic.Part 09 and part 04 do not fit together very well (maybe I miss something here).
I want to use this parts list to do a rough assembling instruction. Stay tuned...

Any chance of getting colors for the parts?  Makes it easier to plate.

this is really impressive and cool,

i am not an engine expert but it seems like there is a missing exhaust manifold?

Agreed, this V6 engine is not a very good model, but hey, for average person who has no clue, still has the "cool" factor with the velocity intakes.

It is impressive, but many of the parts could be combined in better ways. All I mean by that is there is plenty of room for derivatives.

I'm also having trouble without better and multi-angled pictures to see exactly how some parts line up such as the back axles to the main body. Logic says roughly centered with the round curve, but there is a lot of room for error with nothing to locate to. Or, maybe the file "Soporte del tiro" is an alignment piece?

Who knows, you could waste hours printing all this and not be able to put it together.

About 80% completing using a Cupcake, and two Ultimakers. I only had black in ABS, so the modded Ultimaker with heated bed printed the 4 back tire halves due to the size. Front wheels and most other parts will fit a Cupcake. Also flip the engine block so the front end (octagon) faces the build platform. It prints 10 times better that way.

Nice to know you can print most parts using a 1st gen printer.
Of course I'm using a Mk6, and 5D shield, Twotimes lowrider X-Y, and Z rider, HBP, and Pololu 4988 stepper drivers, but it's still the gen3 motherboard and extruder controller.

Also, could you post some more pics? Specifically the rear end and front end? Like a puzzle, we can figure it out, but a few pics would be really good, rather than full blown instructions.

Colors were on me.... was done with it before someone pointed it out!  Was kind of funny.....    

Why the John Deere Colours on a Mc Cormick tractor Makerbot? 
Cool Model though.

That was my thought as well.  :P

First thing I will print when Rep2 arrives