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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

"Deluxe" Gloomhaven Floors

by nestyr Oct 22, 2018
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Hey guys,

does someone has the experience, how many tiles of each kind are "really" needed? For sure, you need such a high amount, if you want to place every frame in parallel, but for sure there are always only 2-x frames on the table in parallel. That means, you do not really need e.g. 156 stone tiles in parallel (If you put the tiles on the frames each time during setting up the game and don´t glue them on the frames).

Hi Hazling,

I went through each scenario in the base game, and counted each tile type per scenario.

The numbers I have listed are the number of each type of tile required, if you want to be able to set up each scenario as per this book. If you are happy to substitute one tile type for another, then you do not need to print as many tiles, but if you want to replicate the tile types, then the listed numbers are what you will need to print.


Hi Nestyr!
Thanks for the quick reply! Wow... it seems I really have much to print... And there was really a sceanrio where you had to place 150 man-made tiles? :O

Greetz Hazling

Any tips for support settings for the tiles? I’m having a hard time removing them easily.

Hi, I use Simplify3D to slice, which has relatively easy to remove supports. Where necessary, I use a pair of flat side cutters to remove them, then sand or melt them to get a smooth surface.

Hope this helps.

Where did you get the walls?

Hey Matt, they are here on Thingiverse, designed by rbross. I’ve got the various pieces in a collection, at https://www.thingiverse.com/nestyr/collections/gloomhaven-floors-and-walls

I had no issues printing an entire set.

Are you using any adhesive on your print bed? I was printing on glass, with a decent layer of UHU blue-to-clear gluestick (the UHU blue is the only blue that seems to work for me...).


I'm not able to get a print out of the frames. Once the printer starts with the inner hexagons everything pops off. Is anybody else having the same issue?

I'm new to 3d, in fact dont own a printer yet ;)
But are you suppost to glue the tiles to the frames or do you setup the game placing all the tiles in the frame ?

You could do either, I suppose, but the intent was to fill the frames with the appropriate tiles, as needed.

I previously created and printed a full set of each “board”, with matching ground terrain. It wasted a lot of filament.

This option actually saves a heap on filament, and allows you to place water and lava tiles as needed, and has an overall nicer aesthetic.

Does increase setup time a bit, but I feel the overall result is worth it.


I see thanks nestyr
Now ask my girlfriend nicely so i can buy a 3d printer ;)
Btw how much filament is needed roughly for full set with walls ? 2kg 5kg ? i have no clue...

Willem3D’s girlfriend, can he please buy a decent 3D printer? He promises to be the best boyfriend ever if he can have one... :)

To be honest, I haven’t kept track of how much filament I have used. My best guess would be 3 kgs for a full set of tiles and frames, and three sets of each wall type, plus extra fillers, such as single hex columns.


Hi, first of all thanks heaps for creating these, I only just got my printer and have been smashing out Gloomhaven scenery. Noob question - I’m printing stuff for scenario 1 and can’t get frame G to fit on the bed of Creality Ender 3. I note that you printed yours on a Tevo Little Monster with its larger volume, is there anything I can do to get around this aside from trying to access other printers? Can it be split? Thanks again, I’ll post a Make pic once I get some stuff painted.

Hi Birty,

I’m reluctant to do so, as there are so many different build sizes out there, that I wouldn’t know what size to make the split files (and I don’t want to spend too much time recreating the wheel, as it were).

If you let me know the size of your build plate, and which files need to be split, I will look into it, but it may take me some time, as I don’t have much time to spend on redesign for a while.

Alternatively, you can have a go at it yourself.

Do you have access to a Windows 10 PC? If so, you can load the stls into Microsoft’s 3D Builder, and make vertical splits in the things to fit your print bed, and save them individually. Depending on what material you print them in, you should be able to glue the pieces together on completion.

Regardless, please let me know the size of your build plate, and which files need to be split to fit it. I will add it to my project list, and will get to it as soon as I can.


Hi Nestyr,

Thanks for the offer but disregard - I can make it work by just going frameless on Tile G. I can just blu tac those hexes down in the correct configuration with a little bit of spacing to match up with the walls and other frames.

Splitting them as you like is quite easy, just get the free software Meshmixer and look up any help video on YouTube, it takes just second to split and save the frames (although, they are a bit flimsy so gluing them might not be super easy).

These are coming along nicely. Do you have any printing examples?

I got something..for me this cut stones are hard to get look good with my painting skills, there is some your original stone cuts aswel, Im using them near doors or entrance just to get some variety, maybe I should use plain grey more for showing walking paths and use purple ones on the sides.

I think you're on the right track. I like this idea because you can try out different terrain types/styles. Do you think it will effect setup time significantly?

I haven't got that far yet just getting this first set done, don't know how that will affect setup time but this first tile setup didn't take much time, tiles sit on this grid very well. Cant wait to try your lava and water tiles there, I'm sure it will look so good when those tiles actually are part of your terrain, just like this rbross walls what I'm using

I have to try this, looks very good idea

Great concept! Excited to see where it goes.

It occurred to me when I was setting up a game with my 3D printed floors, and I had to place some lava overlays, and had a “doh” moment... lol

there are some nice lava tiles out there, just need to modify their bot to fit the grid