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Iron Spider Helmet + Homecoming Faceshell

by HappyMoon Oct 21, 2018
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Is it wearable??

What size magnets should we order?


Splendid models.

I was wondering if you have the iron spider helmet file but with no eyes and no web texture. I have a plan tocut the eyes a certain way from a blank and do some resin stuff. Once again awesome models!

I'm printing the improved faceshell that was updated this month and I'm noticing that there is separation in the eye shape like a slight gap. I looked at it in my slicer and its there then I looked at your model on here and can still see it. No biggie just wanted to let you know. I'll upload pictures of the shell once it done printing tomorrow! So far looking great!

What size are the magnet holes?

you are legendry but the lenses are not of homecoming it is similar to ps4 plz fix that and add lenses for your custom faceshell in ps4 faceshell file

No these are the Homecoming lenses, the PS4 lenses are much different in look, and the PS4 already has lenses for its custom faceshell

Hi, could it be possible for the faceshell to run a little more around where the ear will be to not have overlap?

This looks amazing! You are an actual legend, genius and superhero!
Will the lens mesh fit into the default lens?

Thanks so much! :D
Apologies for the delay, the mesh should be able to be glued onto the back and will cover the hole without poking out from behind the frames, however it is quite thin so you may be able to trim it a little if necessary :)

Hi, my name is Juliany. I've been wanting to do Spider-Man cosplay for years. In the past it would be impractical for me to make the faceshell and lenses. Yesterday I downloaded your files. And I took it to a company here in Brazil that works by printing prototypes. I'm looking forward to it being ready. Thank you very much for making the files available for free. You're helping me realize my dream of doing a good cosplay. Thank you.

Awesome! Good luck with the cosplay! :D

Hello! Do you think you would be able to add the lines to the lenses to make them look like smaller pieces all coming together?

Hi! Apologies I couldn't figure it out at first so I ended up going for a simpler design but I will keep looking into it :D

Comments deleted.

Yesss! Knocking it out of the park again! I'm becoming such a big fan of your work!

Thanks so much! :D

One of the best Characters...
One of the best movies...
One of the best designs...
One of the best designers...
I like it...

I just wanted to say-
I'm a big fan of both 3D printing and superheroes. I looked for a long time but never found files for superhero stuff that was 1.) this high quality and 2.) this high quality for FREE. I started using blender, and after much trial and error I eventually designed accurate spider-man lenses and face shell myself. But I couldn't even dream of doing iron spider, black panther, ant man, etc. That's WAY beyond my level, and as I said, I never found files that good for free. I appreciate your work a bunch. Keep it up, man! Also, I'd love to see some daredevil stuff in the future, but if not, that's cool too. Anyways, thank you! :D

That's very kind, thanks so much! I will certainly see what I can do :D

Can you possibly make a scarlet spider face shell? if so can you make one with a lot of holes?

Hi, I previously added Scarlet Spider files to the PS4 faceshell page (instructions in the description) https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3104049 :)

Spider-man PS4 Faceshell + Interchangeable Lenses

right on man

too cool to handle

Thank you. I love free stuff. I printed and continue printing the PS4 face shell, I can't find the right scale for me. I suggest that if you can make a low poly version of each face shell so we can print it first in pepakura. just remove the subsurf mod. I appreciate all your work and print them all haha!

Thanks! Have you tried printing a small section of the faceshells to test the size? For example splitting the model around the nose area and cancelling the print after a few layers should help test the fit pretty easily without using too much material :)

I printed it at 90% and it is too small for me haha!

I printed it again at 95% and it is perfect fit, I parted it like how you parted the PS4 version.

now i experimenting that if i print the chin part scaled at 80% in Z axis (height) it will be much more accurate.

because as of now, the chin is kinda "long". overall it is the best free face shell :)

Ah thanks for the feedback! I'll definitely take a look :)

cool!! Is it possible to add more vent holes throughout the faceshell?
it looks fantastic, but I'm a little worried about airflow from past experience

Thanks! A new file has been added with 'MoreHoles' in the filename :)

could you slice the helmet in half and add spots to glue in some magnets so that it can be snapped together over a person's head?

Sure! New files have been added, apologies for the delay :)

I can't wait to see you do the Stark webshooters and the homemade webshooters

Ah I forgot how cool the homemade ones looked haha, will have to give them a go :D

I have an entire folder for the screen used homemade webshooters, if you need the reference pics I've got you


Wait what how, im gonna need to see some makes of this and instructions on how to make it

Ah sorry I forgot to add instructions to the description, a good way to attach the lenses is to place magnets into the small slots on both the lenses and helmet/faceshell. This makes them pretty secure but allows them to be swapped over easily. Dymecky made an awesome video using the same method on the Deadpool faceshell :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBDDHyH64bA

Im so glad you made the eyes interchangeable! Honestly youre killing it out here...now you know what a big fan I am of yours, but did you see the guy who made the animatronic spidey eyes?? mind you his helmet looked kinda odd though because im guessing he fit servos directly into the thing, also I dont have twitter but I agree about the printing glow in the dark eyes for this one, that would be so cool!

Thanks! Yeah I have been secretly trying to figure them out haha, I'm really not good with mechanisms so it hasn't really been going anywhere - maybe one day it'll work... :D