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Rostock Modded Parts - Carriage, Platform (for Ball Links); Belt Spreader; Corner Support

by piit79 Oct 2, 2012
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Hi.. 250mm rods are mm + traxxas or 250mm total assembled?

Hey, I have a question about the endstops. Why don't they have holes in the centre, and is there a difference between them and the idler ends form the original rostock(besides from the hole)?

Thats what I was wondering.... Did I miss something???

Hi, I'm not entirely sure what you mean... The idler (the part with the pulley) doesn't have the endstop switch mount - it's the other part that attaches to the top side of the printer. I put the idlers above the top side to facilitate tensioning of a fixed-length belt loop. Check the photos of my Rostock.
Otherwise, the endstop mount is in the exact same place as in the original.
Or did you mean something else?

Would you be able to tell me what hight you end up building yours. Frame and rods and how you work out how long to make the carbon rods. I am shopping for them now and trying to work out how long.

Sorry Yeah I meant The carriages. Cool I wasn't sure if there was a reason for the 2 versions. I will go for the screw type. Thanks again

Great work on the mods Thanks.
Would you be able to tell me why there are 2 versions of the carriage holder is it an either or. Thanks

If you mean the actual carriages (the parts that mount onto the LM8UU
linear bearings) then the difference is in the LM8UU mounting. One of
them uses the traditional cable ties, the other one uses squeeze screw
mounting. I would recommend the latter as they are a bit easier to use.

Yeah I meant the carriages. Cool I wasn't sure what the difference was for. I will go with the screw versions. Thanks again.

Im curious why the joints are all mounted outside.. the carriages could be flipped around nd a bit of tweaking they could be inward on the effector. Just.. looks like if I reached in to grab a string or the like its something to get hung on.

That would be certainly possible... And it might be the better way to do it. My thinking probably was that the wider the spacing between the rods the less tilt of the base will be caused by any possible slop/tolerances/flex in the rods/joints.

Thanks for all your help finally got my machine together and moving!

Do you know of a good guide for making the slic3r config and tweaking Marlin for Rostocks?

As far as gluing the screws to the carbon fiber tube for the rod ends how did you go about doing that so that they were in the correct orientation ?

Well, it was quite straightforward - I glued the screw in using hot-melt glue and then screwed the plastic body of the ball joint onto it. If it was out of position when screwed all the way in I just pushed a bit harder to get it into position :)
The M4 screws are quite tight in the ball joint body so I first screwed a full screw in and out using an electric screwdriver.

I plan on using JB Kwik the quick drying version of JB Weld is that a bad idea? What sort of glue did you use?

I don't know that glue... But if it bonds metal to carbon fibre tube then it should work :) I used a hot melt glue in stick form that I otherwise use to mount arrow points :)

How long should I cut the carbon fiber tubes? Just want to confirm whether it is exactly 250mm or longer?

What kind of screws are used to attach the traxxas joints to the platform? M4 like the original?

They are M3 screws. The Traxxas balls have a hole that is slightly larger than M3.

What color plastic did you print the platform out of ? I'm working on my first RepRap a Rostock with your mods and I will eventually need plastic when its ready to print. I want that color.

Hi, it's a nice colour, isn't it? Faberdashery call it "electric blue".

Cant find this 'Kite Store' on ebay you mentioned anywhere. Can you throw a link?

Hi, I can't find it any more either... You best just search for 6mm OD / 4mm ID carbon tubes. Supply changes pretty quickly.

Do you have a picture of the rods with the tension springs installed?
And where did you buy the bearing shafts? in the UK? or china?

Nice machine though!

is the 250 mm length on the rods the overall length or from the centers of the joints?

Got the mod installed and working great! Thanks for the good work. I did have to tweak some of the settings in firmware (using Repetier).

Any idea how long these joints stay tight? Anybody know if there's need of lube and if so, what type?

Thank you! However, my input was rather limited, I just modded great work of other people :)

As per recommendation I have installed springs across the pairs of rods at both ends (near the platform and near the carriage). This is said to eliminate any play in the ball joints. I hear this solution is used in industrial delta bots too.

Not sure about lubrication. A dab of oil can't hurt I guess :)

Love your mods!

Can you tell us what carbon fiber rods you are using? Length, end threading, where to purchase?  

Thanks! I bought 6mm OD/4mm ID carbon fibre tubes from an eBay kite shop. The length depends on the size of your Rostock printer; I think the original Rostock uses 250mm rods.
I used M4 screws to attach the ball ends to the tubes. I first cut the heads off the screws and then used hot melt glue to glue the screws into the tubes with about 5mm of thread sticking out. The screws were a bit loose in the tubes so quite a bit of glue was needed. 5 minute epoxy would work better.

I'm starting to design my own Rostock using some of these parts, but do you really need the belt spreader? Looks like you'd be just fine if you kept your belts tight enough.

 Sure, you don't NEED the belt spreader. The error introduced by non-parallel belt path would probably be negligible. And as another member pointed out the belt spreader doesn't really need the clamp mount (as I use a vertical screw anyway).
I just wanted to make the belt path nice and straight :)

Understandable. Thanks!

Thanks for doing these mods. Would ist be possibble to Mod the carriages for use with Igus Drillinge bushings, outer diameter is 16 mm. Would be very helpfull for me.

many thanks

Hi nargos, sorry, missed your reply! Do you still need the mod for 16mm bushings?

Can you tell us how to install the hollow ball into the Traxxas
end joint?

Hi, I couldn't be bothered to make a simple tool so I just used a spare ball end, aligned the hole with the one I want to insert the ball into and then press the ball in with wide pliers (not sure what they are called :)

Printing as I type this - unfortunately on a Prusa! :-)  Still designing my Rostock around MakerSlide - decent progress but real life keeps interrupting.


Great idea, I've been trying to figure out how to simplify this part of the setup for a while now. How well does this work to eliminate tension/slop? I notice a little bit of it on my current Rostock so it's kept me from doing any serious printing yet.

Hi, after assembling the rods/platform linkage there no tension (the ball links move very smoothly), just a tiny bit of play/slop in it - looks like 2 or 3 ball links are a not perfectly tight. I was pointed at what is apparently a solution applied in industrial delta robots - put tension springs between each pair of rods at each end. This will apparently eliminate any slop.

I like the CF tubes. They look good with the Traxxas ends.

Nice design. I was also looking for replacing the printed joint by ball joint. I was afraid that the limited angle allowed by this joints could be slightly limiting the build area. What is your experience with this ? 

Do you have some recommandation for chosing the best joints.

 Hi, thanks. But really, all credit goes to Johann for creating the original design.
The ball joints I used - Traxxas 5347 - have just enough movement to cover the whole printing area when used with a standoff nut as shown in the pictures. They are sold in packs of 12 and are a decent price too (~£7.50 here in the UK).

Thank you for sharing these files. I really like the simplified end effector (moving platform).