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3D Printed Marble Climber

by 3DprintedMarble Oct 19, 2018
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Reducing the model to 75%, I found that 7/32 inch (5.556 mm) balls rolled freely and fit 4 to a row.

Great Design!!!! Thank you! My Kids (4,8,11 years old) are very Happy! I have 9,5mm bearings then I scaled all to 134% except piston_cam and crank_cam to 125%. Work perfect!
I prefer manual movement without gear like this

My Monoprice Mini Select V2 has a workspace of 12 x 12 x 12 cm so I had to downsize the model to 75% of the original. I think ...I couldn't make it any smaller; the limiting component is the shaft, would have a diameter too small to survive the printing. But mine did and is strong enough.

The design is excellent; my compliments to the designer. For example, the decision to make the cams circular. At top dead centre (TDC) and BDC you could be +/- 5º wrong in placement and it probably would not make any difference.

I have had good results in other projects using Loctite Super Glue 'Gel Control'. It is not thin and 'runny' but a gel and stays where you apply it. Also, it does not 'set' instantly but allows you to move it around and adjust it for 3, 4, 5 minutes. (But you need to give it an hour to completely bond.)

I will watch for more projects from you ...!! This one was fun to build and interesting to show to others.

I am waiting for balls. I will 'Post a Make' when they arrive.


that is quite small :)
What dimension marbles are you buying?

And yes, do post a make!

Comments deleted.

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Very nice. Shaft is being printed now. Do I need to print multiple of any part or just one each?

A motorized version would be nice, with a proximity sensor that turns it on automatically. ;-)

Another idea is to have replaceable shafts so we can try different cam patterns.

Yes, piston cams are multiple of 5 :)

For the shaft, make sure you have enough free Z movements for motors... I had failed print because of that. Cables were snagging against other cables so Z axis didn't have free motion past like 10cm in height... I have anet a8 though, so it is what you pay for :D

If you think of a way on how shaft can be replaceable, without destroying it, i am all ears :) I'm sure it can be done, I just don't know how.
one idea is, that two legs would be cut in half where the holes for the shaft is...

Motorized version is coming, but for proximity sensor you can tinker with that part ;) that becomes very niche thing then.

Shaft printed came out well. Printed one cam. It seems to be more loose than yours (different printer) but glue will take care of it.

For exchangeable shafts, maybe two slots from the side such that when you turn the handle it causes it to stay in place rather than rolling out. (I am not a mechanical genious, somebody else may have a better idea). I was thinking experiment with a few cam patterns, e.g. the one that move the marbles faster to the top or the one that move them slowest to the top.

Just thinking loud, another option would be having a shaft that allows to change the cam pattern in place. E.g. some spring or nut that keep them in place it whatever pattern you set them.

Glad to hear :)
It's my first design of a model for other people, so I'm not sure how big tolerances should I put in.
I've enlarged piston cam hole by 0.1mm since mine needed so much sanding, My printer is not really spot on calibrated right now (in the middle of changing the timing belt, etc...) so if other people will report same things, I will make tolerances smaller. Its meant to be superglued anyways, so not that big of a deal I suppose.

for shaft idea, your first one would not work, since you have piston cams glued to the shaft, in between the legs, so you cant slide the shaft out.
the second one would work, but introduces quite a few more 3d printed parts, or metal parts which people don't really have at home. And with metal parts, you cant scale the model seamlessly up for different marbles anymore.

Are you sure about the 0.1mm difference? Measuring on the stl, the shaft is ~5.4mm and the cam hole ~6mm.

no, what I meant is that I enlarged it by extra 0.1mm or was it by extra 0.05mm I think

pistons cam holes are 6.25mm and shaft is 5.5mm... so difference modeled is 0.75mm. Recommended for parts like this is atleast 0.5mm, so i suppose i can change it to 0.65 for a start...

Let me know what you guys think, or if you find any problems etc... :)