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Lung Oriental Articulated Dragon

by 7Fish Oct 27, 2018
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Does this need supports???

Trying to print with Cura 4.1 and the body sections (1-6) just keep falling over without adhering at all to the custom supports.

I decided to print them all with added supports and a raft and theyre printing great. Im about 2 days in. Head + first 8 segments and front leg port + legs are done.

I was wondering about the supports too, but it looks like you need to add a brim or raft. I assume you don't have build plate adhesion turned on.

Hi, I'm an average level 3d print enthusiast about to undertake this amazing print; but before I get started, I was just wanting to make sure that this is printable (as in will it be functional, not just fit on build plate) when using a Monoprice Select Mini v2. I've had some issues with more complicated prints in the past, and just wanted to know if any other MPM v2 users have tried this before. Any tips to help it work better are welcome as well!

im having problems printing the body the files didnt have any supports and my ultimaker 2+ extended isnt printing right and im using cura 4.0 is there anyway to setup the files to print out without it falling apart while printing im new to this any info will help me. thank you

I'm need help, i'm in Simplify 3D

what diameter eyes are these?

does anyone know how to install the eyes? mine keep coming off too. does it snap into the eye socket?? is there a eye socket? or do I just glue it into place???

Hmm...putting mine together and come to realize, I don't know how to make the eyes stay in place. Am I missing something or do you just jimmy-rig it?

wooaw ! it's amazing ! nice job

I printed all the body parts. 6 Days of printing. I printed on an Mk3 which typically has a great tolerance. Unfortunately the pieces dont fit together at all. With a lot of sanding and force i got two pieces together but they wont turn. Any suggestions or can I just throw it away?

The tolerances are purposefully very tight to avoid being too loose (a lot easier to sand or lubricate than add plastic after printing). You're on the right track, most of the larger ball joints will need to be sanded and I'd recommend using some lubricant (I prefer a dry film lubricant such as Teflon spray), but don't over-do it...you want the joints to be movable without risking a break, but if they're too loose the dragon will be like a wet noodle. It's a lot of work, this print demands quite a lot of patience.

Agreed - I am just finishing mine now. But it (the design) was very well done. Like BiOGoly said, the tolerances are tight. This is a good thing. I did force too hard (using a spine as leverage) and snapped a piece (an 18)...in removing that piece, I snapped another...and then in frustration another. Thats 15 hours print time wiped. But I got over it. I print 18's when I sleep since they run just under 5 hours for me. And I wanted extra length.

With that said, Ggrunau, take a look at your circles in the ball joints. Are they perfectly circle?
If they are not, then I would suggest a tune up to your x and y belts. I ran into this and tightening the right belt made everything perfectly circle again. If any circles aren't close to perfect, then nothing will fit together on this model.

I've found that instead of killing my hands, or sanding at all, just heat the female end up with a lighter, be careful not to burn the plastic. and then the male pieces fit in with 0 effort, let it cool and it will expand back to the original size. at least that has worked for all the pieces i've worked on.

That's a great idea!

:0 what color of Filament on the picture?white or grey?

Does anyone have suggestions on the best way to put these parts together?
I'm having some troubles with it.

the way I'm currently doing it is by brute force which has gotten me to piece 17 and can't get 18 in.

Someone suggested lightly melting the female section of the joint. so you can push it in while soft and it stays when it cools.

Fair warning to people before they dig way deep down into comments, in the readme the author put "+102%", "+103%" etc,... this does NOT mean you scale it by this much as it would indicate. If you do this you will find yourself 15+ segments in and unable to attach to the foreleg parts.

Print as is apparently

Thank you. I was wondering about that.

difficult to print but nice

You model is excelent! I´m only having problems with legs and claws. Would you upload the single files for each part? I want to try printing some parts already jointed.

Thank you!!

Try using Tinkercad or another CAD. You should be able to bring the full finger (6 part) file in to Tinkercad, and then remove the parts or separate them, then save them back out as single files to print...or many copies of each if you need.

I ran into an issue with one of the hinge pieces..each time I tried to remove my support, i would crack the tiny little finger joint (the one with the slit in it, not the one with the hole). I broke maybe 6 of those. Eventually a little superglue fixed a few and an extra print...so I have some extra parts...no biggy.

Well worth the effort to make. The files do have issues but they can be overcome with effort and printer configuration.

bonjour, super dragon

Beautiful work. I'm really looking forward to print this piece of art!

this is really cool, i cant wait to print it

files I used Microsoft STL repair online then use Simpify3D to slice

impossible mounted any fixation broken even after puncturing

Comments deleted.

use my fixed version under remix.
could it be that the holes not really be circular? I only found one position where is move smoothly, but then they only moving with sound,

Awesome model. Unfortunately, the segments I loaded into Simplify have all kinds of holes/gaps when prepared for printing and when printed like that, they were fragile. Netfab fixes them, but it's far too many objects to load one at a time...
I also found that I couldn't actually fit the ball joints into the slots.
Any advice?


I don’t know part of repair but i know it’s joints require a lot of force to joint as the ball a bit larger than fhe soket so the ball squeezed within the soket to fulfill my requirements for joint hold strength.

If i get this soket larger to easy joint it will make loss joint strength to hold poses, I afraid i un-willing to fix but you always fix it yourself with shared 3ds max doc.


I love this design, so it might be worth taking the time to repair the parts and I'm hoping the repairs make it easier to put the parts together. When I pushed the pieces together the scales just broke off. I'll try schneck007's remix.

Hello! What piece connects the head with the body? I started printing it, but I can not find how to join it. Or do I have to do it on different scales?
thanks :)

It is Head To Neck Pin you asked, it supposed to insert at back of head then attach to Body segments.
Please do not add any scale at print as add scale at instruction already applyed in desgin.

Thank you, and sorry for confusion.

Hey 7fish, i just printed the head and the head to neck pin and the pin is almost exactly the same size as the connector cylinder at the back of the head, is this piece supposed to be glued or something? Both head and head to neck pin were printed as is so i didn't alter any of the scaling, help would be appreciated, Love your designs!

edit: or is the cylinder part of the support and supposed to be removed, i noticed in layer view that the inside of the head has a spot for the ball end of the pin.

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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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I 'm working on a fix.

have difference problems too.

I have max. If you need anything just pm.
Don't know how to export from max.

The claws are impossible to put together, and some segments are really fragile (back connection with legs for example)

Claws was pretty hard to put together to me, I thought i put 0.05 Tolerance as rest of same kind of joints but i have no idea why claws are so hard;

Back legs especially middle and lower soket area was easy to broken too. I guess it’s because front arm has reinforce part in them but back legs is not.

In the back segment I printed the piece at 1.6mm shell and 30% infill, seems to be working. Claws are really impossible to put in, I would make the tip of the claw a bit bigger, and add some glue to fix it with the joint, then I don't know how to get the joints together, I tried with lube and it kinda works, but then they don't fit in the claw tip. I'll try to make both bigger and just glue them together. All the rest is done, printed and assembled. Just need the arms

I rathet suggest apply Push modifier -0.05 ~ -0.1mm at claws Pins since you have access to original max work docs.

I am sorry that i can not more help than this.

The problem is that I don't have 3Dmax neither any 3d modeling skills...

But I have printed all the pieces, putted together most of them .

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Is there a five toe option? Nice work!

Awesome design. Thank you for the generous license!

Could you provide a zip with no-support parts as well, please? Not everyone is using FDM printers.

this is gonna be pricy with sla tho

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Do you Have a version without the supports? Thank You

Comments deleted.

OKOKKK i love this model , it looks super cool. I'm gonna print it as soon as i finish doing my calibrations for the filament i will use for this model. I'm gonna print it with WOOD, because its a bit harder to break and it will look super cool. maybe i will also do each segment at a different temperature to give it a pattern, one darker and one lighter.

Ok wood is too fragile for the joints, in pla it's pretty hard to move, I would have made the tolerances a bit less precise. I'll make it in this dark blue filament.

It was supposed to be thight joint. If you look in work 3ds doc, it actually the ball larger than the soket with turbo-smooth. If you want loose for easy attach but reduced joint tension, apply Cease 1.0 at edge elements in the soket to cease turbo smooth effects in the soket.

It is actually a pretty good fit but it's not consistent (in my case at least) in fact the first piece is stuck in the second, but the third moves pretty good. I maybe wrongly attached the pieces (like 1 instead of 3) or scaled only one piece. https://youtu.be/Z7-klSoCm_k <- joints test

I think i had described serious wrong instructions i guess.

103+ scales it’s mean was i add said scale from previous segment it is not mean you will have to add that scale yourself.
If you load segments at once, you can see segments already added scale in design

I am sorry if i described wrong instructions

how many extention segments have you printed in the dragon you made? looks like 10, just to make sure (i like the way you did it)

In my case was 10 extendable segment but i think it was a bit too long between fore and back legs.

I'm at 25 pieces printed :). I'll post the complete dragon when it's finished ^-^

So I just open the files and print them as they are?no scale no support nothing right? It's gonna be a long and fun project to do, just want to make sure I print it how it was meant to be printed (I only add just a bit of brim to make sure it doesn't get losen)

Once again, a beautiful articulated dragon! Thank you for sharing, will try to make one after I fix my current print quality issues :)

어떻게 저렇게....멋집니다...^^dgood~

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An excellent work again!
Thank you for sharing and may you a happy and successful career.

You are invaluable to our community. Please keep up this amazing work!

Its been pretty awesome learning from your spectacular design of assemblies.

Tail End? Coming soon?

It’s Mismatched description; sorry it Tail ends mean Tail Tips A and B which are already on list of files. In design, entire model is supposed complete but my case was unable to finish the build before i have to leave.

멋져요!!!!!! 어떻게 이렇게 잘 만들수가 있지요^^

Thank you, and good luck!