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tabletop terrain - fallout

by BREXIT Oct 15, 2018
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how hard would it be to add the rack that the door slides onto and rolls along in the game?

These look great, but I'm having some issues with them in Simplify3D (why it has issues when Cura doesn't still annoys me). Ran what I've tried through netfabb and so far so good.

Rock 1 and Rock 2 failed to load mesh in netfabb :(

Sorry to hear. Unfortunately I don't have time to revisit the files anytime soon as I am very busy. Perhaps try putting them into 3d builder and seeing if they need repairs? If it is just the rocks you are after, at some point in the future I will be making rock only 3d files in the same art style.

Also I don't own an fdm printer myself myself so related errors can occur ocasionly with me :( maybe Xmas I'll treat myself so I can test print my stuff.

It's all good, I was able to repair and get netfabb to run on rock 1 using windows 3d builder, still trying to get rock 2 fixed for me. I just wish Simplify3D (since it's a paid for slicer) would repair SLT issues like Cura did. I still prefer S3D for the easy to remove supports though

Did you, or will you, have any plans on a version where the door can fit beside the entrance?

i have some other projects to do, but if demand is high then i might.

Sounds good. I already took a look at doing a remix for it, but nothing jumped out as to how to do it clean/simply. But maybe I'll get inspired and take a crack at it.

originally i was going to do a fully functioning mechanical door. but it would have taken 5 times as long to make. i'd rather put that time into making more different models then spend ages on one niche one. especially since i don't get anything except internet points for doing what i do :/

Okay, last update for a little while. Here is everything printed and posed. I'll go ahead and post the remix with the base and hinge.

EDIT. And now I realize I should make a remix of your pieces with space to run LEDs. But that will be later, lol.

Looks great. Btw idk if you are interested but there is a big discord full of warhammer makers and fallout makers if you are interested. Most of the models in those genres are from that discord. It is a nice community:)

Sure, I'll take a look. :D Now I feel old. My kids use Discord, but I haven't before.

Here's a teaser of the main diorama build.

wow that was really fast dude. those LEDS turned out really well. love the the base with switch you made for it too. i bet a lot of people would love a remix for it

I have lots of freetime. ;) I failed to save a copy of the base without the switch hole, but I knocked out a new one to share. Here are the hinges I made. Not my best work, but they 'work' and good enough for display. Doing a final print of it and moving forward.

wow. that is incredible. wanna give me some of your free time D:

I totally get it. I'm all about chasing what inspires me rather than what suits others when it comes to art. I'm actually working on a mechanism that will be a bit more like a bank vault. Not at all canon for the Fallout universe but will still allow for the door to be open in the scene. Might even be movable, but at least it will have a static open and closed version.Only roughed out currently. Oh yeah, my model has working LEDs. Wish I had that idea before printing where I could have made the channels in 3D rather than with drill and cutters, lol. I'll be sure to post the build pics once I get a little further on the build.

Pretty cool stuff! Thanks for these BREXIT, perfect for a pre vault cave set up, look out for the rats!.. Also take a look at this one:

You could print this one then chop and glue some of BREXITs rocks around/in/on it.. But these are really cool looking and cant wait to give them a print, thanks again.

Fallout 1,2 - Vault 13 doors
by PB2000

From the versions I have played, the door should pull back and roll on a track inside the vault to open.