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Ender 3 Fan Cover

by makken104 Oct 15, 2018
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Just got my Ender 3, and I'm a complete 3D printing noob, so keep that in mind... haha!

My question is, would this be ok to print standing up without the support structure elements in the "wind tunnel"? Just wondering if the air flow would be better without those...?

Oops... just noticed that the front opening isn't a flat 90deg profile to the bottom. So, it wouldn't stand without tweaking it.

Thank you for the design! It was my first print and it came out perfect.

Printed great first time - thanks for posting the design! Went for the up/down option, and having that little visual reminder makes bed levelling surprisingly easier.

Printed first with support, no bed heat or adhesion - warped so it did not fit.

Second time, adhesion, bed heat (60C) an no support - came out perfect!

wont the fan fall when you take the screws out?

Fan is not attached with the screws :)

I went for the up/down model, i love the design but i have a problem with it, i have screwed it on as tight as i can but still makes a loud rattle sound when printing, any ideas on how to fix that??

It shouldn't be causing any sound at all. Your fan bearing might be going out if it's causing that amount of vibration, you could check the fan is not not loose and tighten it, add some dampening between the fan and the housing (washers, even a bit of foam or rubber tape) or you may just need to replace the fan.

Thanks for the design!

Thanks for the cover design! I went with the Up/Down screw arrows since my stupid brain can never keep it straight :)

are support's really not needed? it looks difficult to print the top layers

I printed mine without any supports. It was my very first print on the stock ender and came out great.
Would definitely suggest giving it a try.

my first "real" print on my first 3-printer, looks cool so cool in black, i guess i will buy some black screws too. thanx for the good job

Thanks for this cover. Excellent design and like other poster my first sizable print and looks great .

This is a pretty cool design and one of the first three things I have printed on my Ender 3 which I just received 2 days ago. As I am new to 3D printing I have one question regarding the print settings (I used Cura as slicer software). I have similar lines like "xadamxk" has in his (Makes picture) print out on the top level. They go across the top of the surface. Any idea what I need to change to avoid them? I am currently at work but this evening I could also add a picture in case it is necessary. Would be great if someone could make an suggestion how to improve it.

The lines are caused by the nozzle moving across the part after finishing the layer, I'm not sure where to find the setting in Cura but there should be a setting in the slicer to prefer movements around the part rather than over it. Look for 'vertical lift' or 'z-hopping'.

Ok thanks a lot. I will check this point and try a second print on the weekend

This was my second print. 1st one was another fan cover that didn't fit. This one rocked! You da man makken.

This was my first 'proper' print thanks. It's looks very stylish.

This is the nicest looking fan cover that I have seen for the Ender 3. It was also the first print that I did when I got my printer.

Agreed, I printed it in black and it looks very nice.

Thanks for your comment, I'm glad you like it, it also happens to be one of the first things I've designed.