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Core XY Laser - 2040 Frame

by xxalxx Oct 14, 2018
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I just finished printing all the parts and need some help assembling the belt, not sure how to route it? Do you have some more pictures displaying the belt and pulleys?

Best regards

I have added a few photos. They are basically straight runs, there are no crossing belts, no twisting etc. As long as the pulleys are in the correct location there is only one way it can be put together - the pictures show this a lot more :)

I have just taken a load of photos, i'll upload things in the morning and give a good description.

Let me know how you get on and any comments on how things work or could change :)

Super, I have just finished the assembly. And it is working great. Thank you so much. Will upload some photos when all is ready. Great work with the design :)

hi I did your project you show me the layout of the straps as they are mounted with photos.

hi Valema66

Do you mean the GT2 Timing Belt?

I'll dig it out when I get home from work, its packed away as I am re-organising my workshop.

However in the meantime, its pretty simple. Both Timing Belts (Top and Bottom) and straight runs, there is NO crossover of the belts, both run from one side of the X-Carriage around to the opposite side of the X-carriage.

Salve ho fatto il tuo progetto mi fai vedere con foto lo schema delle cinghie grazie.

If people are interested I will see if I can export all the part files from Fusion360 to allow anyone to make any changes they feel appropriate.

Zip file now included for the designs

How does your homing work ?

Same as with most other these type of devices - move the head to where you want to start from and zero the coordinates in whichever grbl controller you are using.

I do actually have a draft version that has mounting spaces for endstops, however I never took it further as I dont have any use for them!

If I get time I will replicate these to the finished current models and upload - however I'm not sure people will use them though.


Can you provide detail picture of assembly rail , carriage ?

It seems mine dont fit wel


hmm , seems it are not V-slot profiles but T-slot
Need to order new ones

What problem are you having with it? I found that some of my eccentric Mac spacers dragged on the frame but others didn’t.

I just added another spacer to move things further out.

Let me know so I can see if the design needs changing, I have v-wheels on my TEVO tarantula and that has t-slots and it seems to work fine.

If you look at the pictures i provide you see that the bolt down is not straight , thats because the distance between upper en bottom hole is to perfect. If the bottom hole is a few mm moved then normally it will be good. Will measure it today , but the vslots are already ordered

Ahhh I think I see the problem, it looks like you are using a basic spacer, not an eccentric spacer for the bottom one, the eccentric spacer allows you to rotate the spacer and in turn fix the wheel against the frame.


Added some pics of my carriages.

if i log at your pics , i see your wheels go into the rail , the wheels from me don't go into the rail from me ( T slot).
At this stage it doesn't matter if i use a eccentric spacer or a normal one

i received my V-slot rails now , and everything fits perfect now

Good stuff! I finally got around to getting most of the outstanding work completed, wasted half a day diagnosing a movement issue (was editing the wrong GRBL file - it even specifically tells you to make sure you locate the correct config.h file) which stopped CoreXY working, got that working and then got the laser setup and working.

Now have hit a snag were either my Good Laser A-11 driver board for the laser has failed, or I have a problem with the diode itself, very frustrating, however I am happy to report that until that moment, everything works, design works as well :) Ignore stuttery motor drivers in the vid, I just hadnt got around to setting the correct microstepping for my GRBL settings.

Added pics and vid to main page

Great , i finished yesterdat my assembly and connected to the cnc shield. everything runs smooth. Already printed a housing for shield. This evening endstopholders and later (hopely this weekend) the laser head and driver. But at the momen everythings look good

Looks fantastic helmuteke, looks good in blue and especially with the cable chain added.

mine works fantastic now , finished powersupply holder and cable managment.
Thank you for the design

Well done mate :) Can you stick a picture up on the Post a Made button.

Waiting for a new laser to arrive, but I think its safe to now finalise this design and just update the bom,

Comments deleted.

Finally got my updated CNC Shield, will get to finishing off this project over the coming days.

Alright , past perfectly now. Now looking for cnc shield shell to fit on frame also endstop holder . . . Easy to find here. My laser driver fits also on the profile

Happy christmas and thank you

hi ,

doy you have already a idea to fix the laser module ???

Saw something on thingiverse to also change the distance of the head with Z axis like : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2687477 or https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2626145

Acro system adjustable z axis laser mount
Z Carriage for Eleksmaker laser A3/A5
Comments deleted.

I haven't finalsed the design for that bit yet, was thinking of something quite simple to start off with as the laser module I have is focusable.

I will export the X-Carriage front as a step file so it can easily be edited in a suitable program - I use Fusion360.

Like the idea of the first one, simple and effective.

I wish my CNC Shield v3.51 would hurry up and arrive so I can finish off the main part of the project.

EDIT ... Just printing out a test of a simple clamp mount.

i have also a focus laser , but it is always difficul to focus with that little wheel
Otherwhise good idea


possible to redesign for me the basic clamp ??
i 'm new to fusion 360 ;-)

My Laserhead is 40mm x 40mm. possible to arrange for me ??



Here you go :)

You will have this finished before me the way you are going, I am still waiting for my CNC shield to arrive, so frustrating as that is all that is stopping me finishing this project off.

thank you verry much.

i'm still waiting for some pulleys and the belt , so you are also in the race ;-)
where you come from ?? here in belgium there is a problem at the moment at the Post company and customs.
Packages are more then a month in customs before release

From the UK, but live in Australia now. I think my CNC Shield is stuck at customs as well :(

hmmm ,inner of design was 43 x 43 . will try to change

Give me a min, will correct

Edit - Corrected, new one attached.

Hi , what is the diameter of the wheels you use ??

Believe in this design , started today to print the pieces

It works, however I have put it on hold whilst I am awaiting delivery of my new cnc shield v 3.51.

Note : I am just uploading a new version of the Y-Carriages to the newest ones with staggered idler mounts.

alright, still printing the corner mounts , later the Y carriages

Nice and good design

I would be interest on how people are coming across this project of mine, just random thing on Thingiverse or linked in a group or something?

I can't speak for others, but I searched for "Hypercube laser" and it was in the first couple of pages of results. :)