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SpecStand Vertical Desktop Eyeglass Holder

by Steve-J Oct 15, 2018
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Guys, you do realize that the hook will never sit flat, that is why it was mentioned a few times that supports were required for the hook. Those supports allow you to print the slanted part on your flat bed.
The reason 2 hooks were recommended to print is to allow the short duration layers of the small part to cool while it prints the second hook, to prevent warped wavy layers. The second hook can be discarded when finished, or saved, or just print one it's up to you.

Hi, neat model, heads up, your prusa is a bit fucked if it can print this. The hook isn't flat to the print bed, only the angular notch touches the bed and the hook is at layer angles in excess of 45 degrees so the bottom of the hook that prints above the bed never sticks to the print bed. You are mistaken when the printer needs the two hooks, really, a single hook would be fine for most print speeds if the actual model were touching the bed (I diagnoise your bed level is far too low or your first layer height is .3 to .4mm to compensate for the bed adhesion as well as your acceleration/jerk settings might be far too high, some note should also be made to remove any limitations to minimum layer print time if you have it as well as it is a common error with a lot of models). The tip of the stand is very flat/flimsy it bends as the printer prints it leading to under extrusions at the tip. I'd really recommend a more of a horizontal curve to the tip similar to the base to give more structural rigidity to the model when it is printing or recommend to those printing the model to add support to it otherwise slowing their print speed to 30mm/s at least and their acceleration/jerk as well for all xyz and extruder motor. Sorry to be so frank but I am annoyed over 4000 people liked this model without realizing the flaws in the model that require a complete reconfiguration of their printer to print it. Again, neat model, how the heck you got so many likes is terribly impressive.

After opening the model in CURA I identified some issues and decided to check the comments. Yours explained brilliantly all that I had observed and more. 5576 are a lot of likes!
Can you buy likes like you do in social media??

came by this persons collection of different models from different creators, that he is selling.

and thought i would alert you to this behaviour, he has included your model into his collection

build support work so try that and it will work.

I tried printing the hooks flat on both a brim and raft, but I'll try adding build support and see if that helps. Thanks!

My hooks can out really bad How can I fix this

Did you use supports?
The main stand body does not need supports, but the hook does require supports.

Why do I need 2 hooks?

Only one hook is needed, but printing two gives each one a little more cooling time between layers for a better quality/ less warped part, so it's up to you, but yes only one is needed for one stand.

How about a version without any wording on it?

Mr_Tantrum, I made a quick mod and filled in the words of the stand. All other design aspects and credit go to Steve-J. Cheers!

Sorry, I had already done this along with a couple of other changes: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3305138

SpecStand (Short) Eyeglasses/Sunglasses Stand

Hook apparently need supports to print, only by adding a brim will reveal this.

Yes, the hook requires supports as the v-tabs are wider than the main part of the hook. I did mention in the summary that the stand does not need supports but they are needed for the hook.

Yep, crazy glue is drying as I type! :-) I just thought I'd post the warning for noobs like me that have anti-RTFM tendencies. Cheers and thanks for this great design!

Thanks for the comments and posting your make!

How tall is the stand?

The overall dimensions are:
Width: 2.5" (63mm)
Depth: 3" (76mm)
Height: 7.5" (190mm)
Weight: 0.75oz (21g)

I think you mean 190mm for the Height. Cool model, thanks!

Oops, thanks! Changed it

Is it posable to make one that fits Australian coins? I would be willing to provide sizes.

Sure, I could give it a go!