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Ender-3 Y Axis Stepper Mount for Damper

by keithluneau Oct 8, 2018
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Thanks for the models. Its working perfect and printer is not loud like before. I have some problems with screws and I need to use glue to match two printed models. Some holes were too small and I need to enlarge it.
Good job and thanks!!

Of all the models here this seems to me the best option, since as you said it is well taken hold.

Great design thanks! Only one note .. I had to raise my z stop switch as the underside of the bed was just rubbing on the bracket

I've just purchased some dampeners and I am having the same issue. The difference is that the aluminium extrusion is 2 by 2 rather that 1 by 2, so this won't fit and I can't find any other method to attached the dampers (so they are aligned). Has anyone got any ideas? designs? or remixes?

It sounds like you have an Ender 3 Pro, so you'll need to get the appropriate mount.


Ender 3 Pro dampened Y axis motor holder v3.1
by KrisHo1

I printed this, lined it up beautifully.
Mid way through first print realised stepper was hot as all hell, put a fan directly on it to run it cool but it was too late.. after the first 9hr print the heat from the stepper had warped it terribly.

You should double check the current limit set on your stepper drivers. The stock board in the Ender-3 has pots to adjust each driver. Do a quick search on setting motor current with A4988 stepper drivers. I've been using this for a few months now without issue, and I know at least a handful of others that are too. Not to mention years worth of printer running NEMA17 motors mounted to acrylic frames and the like. ;)

Some of the new Ender 3's don't have grub screws on the pulley heads. Meaning dampers can't be added without offsetting the belt. Has anyone else found out if this mod resolves this issue?

This mod means you don't have to move the pulley at all, so yes.

The pulley heads are actually removable with a gear puller, but that's quite awkward.

Good work brother. Much rather do this...

Hello. Tell me, what prevents to make the whole piece and not to use the four M3 screws?

Just so it's easy to print without a ton of support.

This saved my printer, I had the hammer over it, but this fixed my problem, thank you so much!

lol Glad it helped!

Hello, I noticed the motor is not any more bound to the printer body and seems to get hot. Mine is really very hot after few minutes of print
Do you have the same problem?

how tight are your pulleys..?

No, my motors run barely warm to the touch even with longs prints (several hours). I usually print PLA at 60mm/s and PETG a bit slower.

Waoh what a design, my way: Le GüeroLoco (tribute to) => comment saying it was a shame losing 1cm of bed due to silent blocs => this design => printed => mounted (hard work finding screws and so one) => worked !!! Yeah thanks a lot for the work

Des this work if the bed is set quite low (otherwise my bltouch and nozzle hit the bed) ? I tried another design but it only worked if the bed was set high otherwise it still catches with the frame.

I run my bed pretty low (no springs, using spacers). The top of the printed mount sits 4.33 higher than the top of the stepper motor.

How difficult would it be to adjust the file to allow mounting to the larger squared aluminum extrusions on the newer ender 3 pro models?

It shouldn't be too difficult, but I don't have the Pro to work off of.

Pro edition would be a great help, I'm prepped with calipers to give you any dimensions you need lol

Me too on the pro.. I don't suppose you did this in 360? ;)

Nope, Tinkercad, all I have is the STLs. I never could wrap my brain around Fusion 360 or any of the other CAD software I attempted to learn... lol

Have you tried solidworks? I learned that one in about 10min

Comments deleted.

I just printed in ABS - not installed yet. What size screws you need? I suppose you attach the damper with two screws (supplied) and then attach the motor to the damper with two (supplied screws). From the picture it looks like the y-limit switch attaches to this.

It will use all the stock hardware, except 4 screws to attach the two halves of the printed mount together. For that you'll need either M3 screws with nuts (approximately 35mm long if I recall) or some self tapping screws that will thread into the printed part. I had some that threaded into the part nicely, so I ran a small drill through the thinner half (motor side) so the slipped through freely, then threaded them into the other half. The limit switch will attach to this piece in place of the original part, using the hardware from the stock parts.

Does this give enough allowance for a heatsink as well?

It should, though I have not needed then. I've also ran an A8 with steppers mounted to the acrylic frame and printed mounts for a while now with no heating issues. That said, there should be ample room to mount a heatsink on the bottom or rear of the motor (as it sits in the printer).

i have printed and tested this setup.it works very well.
nozzle still homes infront of the bed,factory limit switch location, and the bed plate no longer hits the steeper motor once damper is installed.i printed 100% petg.......thanx for the design.