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CFD Optimized Replicator2 Active Cooling Fan Duct

by Prot0typ1cal Oct 7, 2018
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Very nice remix of your remix. I coated the top of mine in JB-Weld then high temp silicone. Works like a champ.

Thanks, sounds like yours will be working for ever.

I remixed this, to allow fitting of the duct to an early Rep2 that does not have the spring on the X-axis end stop switch.

The remix now fits inside the carriage with interfering with the X-axis travel


I hope I did not muck up the airflow . I did push the width 'in by about 0.5mm and the external 'casing' is different, as are the stays that support it, but do not think I messed with your original duct design

MB Rep 2 Fan Duct Remixed for Springless X-axis stop

My final stl file is large (2mb) , probably due my import to skp for SketchUp and re export.
AS I say , maybe a better way to do it with more advanced 3-d drawing software.

Looks really good. Didn't even consider moving the clips to the inside. Clever.
Does it handle the heat from the block?

Comments deleted.

From what I can remember yes, just fine. but I never got around to final tweaking.

But for some reason it hung a bit low on BOTH sides, and used to hit the build plate clips at the front every print on the first nozzle cleaning pass.

With all the other problems this horrid machine created I eventually beat the machine to death with a large hammer. I now officially hate Makerbot machines..unreliable turds, and their Customer Support stinks too.

After a month of daily tweaking and attempted re prints while (daily 8 -10 h hour days, I was off work due a broken leg) my anger at using two big spools of PLA and not haven more than two small decent prints..I gave up...I'll buy a cheap Prusa clone for $300 like my mate has and have reliability and a heated bed

LOL. Yea most ppl I know call them "Make-Or-Nots"
Main problems are the nozzle, the stock one is garbage. Over-heating extruder motor for prints over an hour.
Warped beds, that have near zero adhesion anyways. Painters tape and purple Aussie hair spray help some.
The power cable to the gantry breaking. Poor adjustment for the X belt and POS idler. Sticky cantilevered Z bed (creates banding).
Yea, and the "recommended" print speeds are just to fast to be reliable. If you don't use the slicer that allows for custom settings, FAIL.
Bad cooling nozzle, flimsy fan mount and grabby spool holder, which are just three of my things here.

Anyways, you made my day. I've wanted to do that many times :D

I just looked at your pictures.
When looking at the front of the machine, my block holding the nozzle was sticking out to the left...yours is sticking out to the RHS.

So when looking from the front, my heat element was on the LEFT of the nozzle, with the small hex head screw holding the heat element pointing downwards. I had not caption tape around my cheat block either.

I wonder if this was my issue... why the machine was not reliable, no heat insulation around the lower heat block

Yea, cooling PLA also cools the heat block. Leading to failed prints as the controller is not sensitive enough not to over heat the filament (causing it to swell and jam in the transition zone), or cool off too much where the filament gets shredded by the toothed extruder gear.
Typically the heater cartridge burns out from the constant temperature swings.

Stock machine has Kapton tape, which by itself is barely adequate. Really needs a Silicon sock. I used ceramic gauze wrapped with PTFE pluming tape. The machine in the pics is not mine. It has ceramic gauze and Kapton tape.

Prints like these is why I eventually took the hammer to the MakerBots.

Does the left side (side that attaches to fan) sit slightly lower than the right side? Just did a 1hr print and seems to work fine, no fitting issues. Just the slight slant when attached. Printed with PLA at 0.2mm layer height.

Mine sat a little lower on the fan side. Loosening the fan screws and adjusting the fan height leveled it out.

Really looking forward to upgrading to this, thank you. What material is yours printed in? It doesn't look like it was printed on an FDM printer.

Printed in Black Resin, on a Form2 to match MakerBot stock parts.
Printed several in PLA as well, just didn't post the pics as only had white.

Would or could this fit on a A8 single nozzle set up back mount?

Not likely. Designed for a MakerBot Replicator 2 carriage with stock blower.
For an Anet A8, recommend Arjjck's Hesine M-505: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1620630

Hesine M-505, Anet A8 - Center Nozzle Fan
by Arjjck