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Halloween Pumpkin Spider Transformer

by Megawillbot Oct 1, 2018
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The legs to body seem to be a bit off, I'm going to sand mine And see if that helps, but they are VERY stiff and hard to pop in

normally i don;t like spiders but these look kind of cute.

no! get that white pumpkin model off that dirty ground! :O

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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Just letting people know, I printed the main body and leg connectors. When I tried putting them together, the knob on the base snapped, and the head cracked when I put the neck on.

did you put superglue/acetone around the knob?

No. I decided to not finish the print, after two pieces snapped.

But I could have if I wanted to

I did say in the instructions to do that

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Can someone remix the legs to look more natural?

Great concept, not easily printed with white PLA, and hot bed. Tried 3 times, finally pinned the joints and able to put legs in socket when fresh off the heat bed. Intermediate project.

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im having a problem with printing the legs and the slices(i print them seperatly because i want each print to be around 2.5 hours tops).
the slices just go bad because they need more support and i have no idea why the legs wont stick to the bed(other prints work very good).
any tips?

I use basic glue stick for extra adhesion, and then I modified the slices, having them face each other.

Try printing at a slower speed and also check out this remix. It helped me out a lot. You can also use a raft or a skirt.


Halloween Pumpkin Spider more easy printing

Try heating your bed further with a hair dryer, it's fixed all curling on my printer

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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Any chance you can post just the bottom half (the orange part) of the chest? I already printed out the 10 slices and don't want to print 'orange-parts" just for that one piece. I tried splitting them in Fusion, but its giving me a headache.

I've uploaded them, they should be on the individual parts list now

Sweet. Thanks! This is an awesome model.

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Thank you for making and posting this. Some feedback/improvements:

1/ The default slt files are too big for my MPSM at 120mm x 120mm. I had to print all import all the parts individually into my slicer ( Cura 3.5 ). In doing so I found it hard to figure our parts required. I believe the parts required are ( please correct if I'm off ):

10 pumpkin slices ( 8 legs + 2 for back abdomen? )
10 leg bones ( 8 legs + 2 back abdomen again? )
1 chest piece or 2-piece chest piece
2 neck pieces
1 head

2/ I'm unclear how the back/abdomen connects to the chest? I printed legs for it but I can't get them to connect or align as shown in the photo. Is there a piece I'm missing that is not isolated from the big SLT files? It looks from the photo like these are using a shorter leg or something to connect.

3/ I found the default alignment of the chest, head and 2 piece chest not ideal If I print with the pumpkin side down I get a lot of support that I have remove post print, which reduces smoothness of my pumpkin surfaces. Instead I think they should be flipped 180 degrees so that the interior parts get the support and are less smooth but maybe this is just my own preference to have the pumpkin side look as good as possible.

to make it transform like the photo, you turn the legs upside down at the back and fold them in

I took a picture of the underside here

Halloween Pumpkin Spider Transformer
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Hello, could you please upload the "Chest" part from the blackparts.stl file individually. Unfortunately, the file has an error, so that part is connected to other parts and now I have to reprint the part (chest) again. And in Fusion360 I can not extract it. I would like to finish the object.

If you look, all the individual pieces are available for download

What's so hard to upload this part ??? A little user support is one of them! Would you have uploaded this part, I would hardly write you, right? You do not have it individually to download! That's the problem. And for Fusion360, there are too many triangles that need to be converted.

as well as the head from the blackparts file.

I've got both chest.stl and chest-2parts.stl for individual download already

I think you do not know your own design^^ The Chest is in the blackparts.stl file a different design, just like the head. You can not download these two parts from you individually. Look at that, please! And then just upload these two parts individually. Either here in the commentary as an attachment or in the downloads. Thank you!

I can confirm that the individual pieces are there, and always have been. You're being rude SRCDcenter. Blackparts.stl was provided later to make it more convenient for people to print all black parts in one shot who don't want to take the time to place individual pieces on the buildplate.

Of course, the pieces are there. where should they go? what a stupid statement from you! Please open the file blackparts.stl and export the head and the chest and insert it here in the comment. That can not be that hard or what? THESE PARTS SEE DIFFERENT FROM THOSE THAT CAN ONLY BE LOADED FROM YOUR SIDE !!! Just do it !!!

I split the parts using TinkerCad. See if this is what you want. You might also do a search here, there are some remakes of this.

I've got a lot on right now, so I can't use my computer, try using 3d builder to separate the parts

Wow, on attempt 10 now, my Wanhao D9 just doesn’t want to print any variation of this at all...lots of lifting, :-( I tho k I have it licked now!

What I do to stop lifting, is heat the print bed to 90 degrees with a hairdryer before the print starts

Yeah, definitely don't print this is PLA. It is far too brittle to get everything to snap in. So many broken pieces! :-/

Mine was printed in 100% PLA. I did have to dremmel the sockets a bit, but works like a charm.

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What type of CA glue should I use?

I used dollar store superglue an it worked fine. Acetone should work too, if you're using ABS

Has anyone been able to make the alternate chest actually work? I had to sand down the top part because it wouldn't fit over the square, and now when I try to pop the legs in it just forces the two chest pieces apart. Laying the rods into the two halves and then pushing them together doesn't work either, most of them fall out before you can get the top on, and if you do manage to get them in and the top on you can't push them together fully. I managed to get a few in without the center pieces splitting back apart, but there's no way it's going to transform in this shape.

Did you glue them together?

Got it to work! I ended up gluing the two pieces together without any of the joints inserted, kinda backwards but I don't care it works :) Waited a good while for it to fully cure and then inserted the leg joints. So far it's holding up. Thanks for your reply!

Yup. Even with a good layer of glue all around when the ball joints are inserted it forces the two pieces apart again.

Really nicely made! Perfect for Halloween parties.

Update: I've modeled a "stencil" to help with painting the inside of the slices. Enjoy!

Hello, Could you please publish the "cross" from the file Blackparts.stl and the head from the same file individually or send me please?

Which piece is the "cross"?

Well, the thing where all the bars are infected and the head. The Chest

If you open it in 3d builder you should be able to press "ungroup"

I would be very happy if you would please me. Since I can not export the required stuff in Fusion360 and it would be fair if you do my request please.

I use Fusion260 but it's alright, I'll see that out somehow.

Is there any way in Cura to select individual models from an uploaded group? For example in the blackparts I want to give a bit more distance between the pieces, change the orientation on some of the models in there, and to specify the infill percentage on specific ones, but whenever I click on the dang thing it selects all of them and only seems to allow changes to all of them. And I don't want to add each to a buildplate, as for example he has the head already separated from the orange top here unlike in the normal head model itself, ditto for the chest. Any advice?

If you open it in 3d builder, you should be able to press "ungroup"

Thanks I'll give that a try :)

Don't try to print the legs vertically- If you get them to print without tipping over (with lots of supports) they will be too weak in PLA to withstand snapping in to the sockets.

Don't print the slices horizontally. Looks great, but the sockets are too weak, snapping when you try to put the legs in.

24h of printing and I have a useful head and body, reprinting the legs and slices tonight.

I wanted a print at 100% scale and not 80% like the posted one was, but anyways using pla...

I got the leg to print fine vertically and sans supports or rafts at the usual 20% infill and it slots in fine pushing the head into the socket; the problem is if you want to remove it for whatever reason, then it snaps since it's too weak at the connection between rod and ball parts, and you risk damaging the socket if you try to introduce pliers into the equation.

I tried the slice horizontally and the socket was too weak and snapped in the middle when I pushed the leg into it.

So yeah kinda debating what to do, I'm sure if I scaled the slices up or the legs down by a percent or two it'd work ok if I wanted to print the slices horizontally, but at the same time kinda worried about the chest (haven't printed it yet). Seems like it'd be best to scale the legs down a touch, but not sure how that would mess with the overall transforming it into a pumpkin part since if they're scaled down too much then it won't turn into one properly. Either that or the sockets need to be remixed and thickened in the source itself by someone so it won't snap I suppose.

Printing slices vertically sucks for aesthetic reasons though as that means support material removal, which is always a headache for quality if you have no desire to sand and repaint scars from removal like I do. I mean I guess pumpkins naturally have spots and lumps and scars, but the other part of me hates that with 3d prints lol.

Comments deleted.

Added note, the combined files (Black Parts STL file) are mashed into each other, so a few parts are not usable. May want to move them apart a little bit. Otherwise no issues printing everything in ABS. I ended up doing 100% infill on the bones and centre core fore strength and the orange parts were 50%. Assembled pics once orange finishes.

Thanks for letting me know, blackparts should be good now

what paint do you use?

Enamel model paint

thanks! you did an amazing job by the way :)

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Great looking model; unfortunately not very successful from my perspective
I printed the model as per instructions at 80% plus 30% infill but managed to get nine of the ten legs inserted but was unable to get the tenth leg in eventually the socket broke on the final segment; then the head pin broke off the chest.
I printed all parts in PLA on a Prusa i3 Mk3.
My suggestion for a successful model would be to reduce the size of the connectors to 98% and print the chest to 60% infill

Try printing the alternate chest that's split in half, so it doesn't crack. If you coat the center pint with superglue or acetone it shouldn't snap off

Use PETG or ABS... PLA is a hit and miss with some models. Too brittle for my liking. PETG seems to have the best of both worlds especially on an MK3. Mine is almost done printing, doing 2 sets, one in orange and one in grey and will paint the inside of the outer shell.

50% is more than enough infill with ABS

I've tried PETG a couple of time; tend to only use it for structural stuff rather than models; I wouldn't use ABS it stinks and is terrible for the environment

How is everyone getting the legs/slices to remain stable in current orientation? I used Simplify3D with raft/supports and the print completed, but I could see it wobbling near the end of the print and the layers were not near as clean there as well.

I found that the slices were a smidge above the build plate if I was facing the inside down, so I adjusted the Z offset down .2mm so the very tips are actually below the build plate, then I added an overkill amount of support (auto generate at 0%), and printed it all on top of a brim.

A bit much, but when printing 10x at a time, the last thing I want is for something to dislodge or string.

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this is just plain awsome

I am in the middle of printing this, all in silver ABS. I have the head printed and painted, all the leg pieces printed, and one neck piece. Love how it looks, It seems that a lot of the problems people are having with strength and the PLA are not a problem with the ABS.

0.1758mm (Monoprice Mini Select)
using brim on some pieces (leg pieces, neck pieces), supports on all.
30% infill

So far, the strength has not been a problem (assuming that has more to do with the material... ABS seems to be a bit tougher than PLA), and it is looking great! When don, will definitely post a pic. Love this model!

Great design , Printed in grey PLA , used raft (won't do that again, was a pain to take off the center piece) ,supports , 0.2mm layer height, 30% infill

Tolerance is really tight and was difficult to get all the legs in the center but will likely last as a result.
Center body pin broke immediately after mounting the head and moving it slightly. Without 100% infill or sanding, it's not strong enough.
Solved it easily by drilling out the infill on the body and pin and inserting a length of roofing nail with super glue. Works fantastic and if I print another, I will just lop off the pin with my bandsaw and repeat the metal pin insert

Yes, as one print for the head piece

I printed it in white and then painted it, but there's a remix with the head split into its different colours https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3140658

3 parts head for the Halloween Pumpkin Spider Transformer
by ndupont

How do you print the head as is? Is there a trick? (or treat) ;)

Try printing it upside down with supports. The fangs print better going up, in my experience.

If you put the head upside down, the layers show up on the top of the pumpkin more

By “as is” do you mean in one print?

Any chance you can upload a "full" version i would love to use this as a 28mm scale mini for table top

What do you mean by “full” version?

With the parts exported as one solid part in spider mode

This model is awesome! It will take me a little while to print on my printer but it will definitely be worth it! Keep up the good work!

Demented ... I like it. ")

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i don't like spiders but i will be printing this.

This will be our Thing of the Week for the show to be released right before Halloween... 3D Printing Today Podcast. Good stuff. Thank you for posting.

This is awesome! What's the best orientation to print the slices and legs? I plan on printing the slices using semi-translucent orange PETG. :)

the horizontal lines are the strongest, so for best results leave as is

if only if it was motorized... you could scare lotsa people

A friend and I were discussing this... We were thinking motors and springs on the legs... Motors to push them out, and the springs to bring them back, so you would only need one way actuation... There is probably room within the body too... Make the body taller, only use one neck piece... If I had the time, I would at least love to make it open up automatically...

Great Job. At first glance I thought it was motorized, haha. Looks great.
Excellent job on the stop motion video, too.


this would be an awesome "skin" for the morphex :)

You're right, it would be!

I wonder how big it can be scaled up and still work?
Right now I'm going for a transparent orange from a transition roll I have laying around.

If you make it big, you'd probably end up using a hammer to put it together lol

I printed this at 175% scale and it turned out pretty good

lol maybe for a few parts. I'm pretty sure a heat gun will help more than a hammer.

Which way do you think it is best to print the leg parts? In the picture it looks like you printed them straight up.

They don't look as good at the top due to the curve when upwards, but on its side the sockets are weakened

I thought about that as well, when I first saw this, wondering if it would be easier on the printer to print it sideways... and then I also noticed that your orientation on ALL the sockets was the same, making the layers all go the same way on the sockets... and got thinking about it... The sockets have to have the layers running the way they do, or the tips of the sockets could break easier... As much as it might be more difficult to print them upright, it definitely makes much better sense from a strength standpoint...

Only possible exception could be (but it WOULD make for more parts) print balls on the slices instead of sockets, and add sockets to the end of the leg pieces... that would allow the slices to be printed sideways as well.. and I don't THINK it would change the structural integrity of anything... If I had a better CAD software, I would try the modification and see if it worked...

Am I the only one who wants to see this motorized so that it could be a robot?

Nope. It could probably be like "Max the Megapod," but with pumpkin plating.


Max The Megapod
by vorpal

Using PLA the ball on the chest will easily break off at 10% fill in. Trying a 30% now.

Do you have any superglue? If you put it around the ball's stick, it should reinforce it a lot.

I find that the neck joints keep disconnecting and the head falls off. Also, what did you use to paint it? Spray paint?

I've just updated the neck files to be slightly more roomy on the sockets, try printing one out and let me know how it goes

I airbrushed it with orange on the outside, and silver on the inside. How do they "pop off"? do they shoot off with force, fall off, or push the socket out?

I've been using Acrylic craft paint to good effect. It looks nice, and I can get in there with tiny brushes to add as much (or as little) detail as I would like.

If I'm doing this in PLA, is 10% going to be enough for the joints or should I bump it up?

Those joints don't have much space for infill, so it shouldn't matter. To check if it works, print the chest + 1 leg, and if it works out make the whole thing!

I had to print the leg (barbell) pieces at 98% scale since they were breaking when when I tried to snap them into the body.

I've added an alternate chest that's 2 vertical halves, so it's less likely to break the legs

Can you send me a picture?

If you push on the ball instead of the rod, it shouldn't break

why is there two neck parts? do they connect together or something?

The 2 neck parts join the head to the ball joint on the chest

Do you have to print 2 more slices in the pic the spider has ten but in the pumpkinspider.stl there is only 8 like its missing the 2 on its back

I've updated the files, you should see all 10 legs now

oh dang, I forgot, yes I guess so! I’ll update pumpkinspider.stl tomorrow to have the other 2 legs

is pumpkinspider.stl the whole spider ..?

What kind of tolerances are there on the joints?

They go in easily on the outer legs, but you might need a small hammer or something to tap them on to the chest joints, due to the cyclic shape reinforcing the sockets

Comments deleted.

Daaaaaam, Best design so far this Halloween.
Well done, Thanks for sharing :)

That is pretty creative ! Good job.

Aww... hell, that is creepy cool!