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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Modular castle kit - Lego compatible

by danielkschneider Sep 27, 2012
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This is by far our most favorite design on thingiverse. I have printed several of these with my son in glow in the dark PLA. We are using them to store our numerous lego dimensions characters. Even at the lowest of resolutions it prints perfect. Our oldest print is a tower and its almost 2 years old now and my 5 year old has not managed to break it. Very strong designs, I recommend these files to people regularly!

Thanx for your kind words ! I think they should encourage other total amateurs (I got no engineering/CAD training) to continue contributing relatively simple but somewhat purposeful objects :)

I made a new version that includes more standardized modules and that has better usability for assembly and inserting Lego persona.
The design remains simple. I cannot do much better :)

I printed the wizard tower on my stock davinci 1.0 in ABS and it came out fantastic, the best thing my printer has done. I used .2 layer height with low infill and normal shells and it looks awesome. The print lines are almost nonexistent. Great job on the models, what program did you use? Keep up the great work.

I have recently designed a Lego Modular Castle system. While demonstrating it at Brckcon. A few people suggested printing the modules instead of making them out of Legos. You might want to check out what my modules look like to give you more ideas on how to print more castle like models. You can find pictures of the modules


Let me know if you are interested in working together on something.

THAT IS SOOOOOO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Hey! I would really like to print this, could someone tell me how tall it is? I'm new to this...

Thank you Daniel for your great work. While bringing up my new Chaucer printer (see http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:33636)http://www.thingiverse.com/thi..., I was able to successfully print the 2x4 test block. I've not yet applied your recommended settings, as I'm still calibrating the basics, all at 30 mm/s.

I was able to fit the printed part to a factory part on both the pin and socket side. After a few snap in tests, I broke one of the socket cylinders on the printed part. I will switch to your recommended configuration settings, but in the meantime, have you broken parts before? Wondering if my parts are slightly undersized.

Also, has anyone heard anything from official from Lego about the 3d print community making Lego compatible parts?

Chaucer - A Vertical 3D Printer

Since the cylinders are just attached to the bottom they can indeed break off more easily. However, they shouldn't come off that easily. So far, it rarely happened to me but then I didn't test the bricks with real kids. I didn't want to embed the cylinders into the roof since the roof already is difficult to print. However, one might think adding some lateral stabilizers like Lego does for Duplos. Actually there already is something like this, but it only will show up on DUPLOS or Legos printed with 0.1 resolution. Certainly could be improved.

No idea what Lego thinks. However, I carefully avoid calling the bricks "Lego", since it's a trademark. The bricks are called "Lugo" and "Doblo" or "lego/duplo-compatible". Since Lego is loosing every court case against products that are Lego-compatible, there is nothing to be afraid of. Finally, so far, printing a piece is more expensive than buying one. In addition people who print a few weird Lego pieces may buy other pieces, i.e. 3D printing may be good for their business.

This being said, despite loosing court cases, they always can try to threaten places like sulpteo or shapeways since the word lego could appear in product descriptions a bit too prominently. http://www.shapeways.com/search?q=legohttp://www.shapeways.com/searc...

Please complain if you believe that I should revise a model. Some may be a bit difficult to print. Though so far, I managed to print most....- oct 10 2012
Oh, this also implies that I would like to know if anyone did print something and how it turned out ...a short post would be fine enough :)

I've printed the tower yesterday. Now I'm printing 3x thin walls, all legobase versions. Using white ABS, 0.4mm nozzle, Slic3r, 0.25 layer 15% honeycomb infill. Turned out great and my kids love it. I will post some picture when I have more parts. My son asked if you could make a gate with opening doors :-)

Cool, thanx for the good news. I suspected that ABS would warp a lot, even with a heated printbed and using the "legobase" version.

Also, so far I didn't get the chance to test with kids. Mine are too big now ;)

Mine is a FelixPrinter. Some description I made: http://edutechwiki.unige.ch/en/Felix_3D_printerhttp://edutechwiki.unige.ch/en...

Heated Printbed, 0.35mm nozzle, 0.1mm layer resolution, optimized for PLA printing. (but I don't print that precisely, it would take too long)

But I believe that any recent PLA printer could do these, i.e. a somewhat bigger nozzle can do too if the machine can more or less accurately print 0.25mm layers. Older ones (like my RapMan V3.1) can only print DUPLO size, but do that well.

Printing with ABS won't work I think, unless you got a heated chamber. The models with large walls could warp at upper levels. I didn't try.

This is very cool. However, I printed out  2x2 canonical and they don't eem to quite fit together (very loose) and they don't really fit to duplo / lego.

Are they a bit large? I appreciate it is WIP :)

1) Trouble is that sizes are very printer and slicing dependent. If you print with 0.1mm layers they certainly will not fit. 0.25 PLA layers (what I use) probably print too wide (0.38mm) and this is why mine fit. Same can be true if you print with large layers but also the opposite. If your slicer believes that a layer has 0.6 width, it will only generate two walls for a thickness of 1.5

The only solution are either

  • to edit the OpenScad file and adapt the parameters to your settings and then generated the STLs again.
  • Change width settings in the slicer (i.e. tell it to narow wall distances in one way or another)

2) Second trouble is that the 2x2 canonical was a DUPLO piece (uploaded by mistake) that was indeed a bit wider. I killed that and replaced by a better Lego piece (2-calibration.stl).... sorry for that. Btw. a Lego is 1/8 of a Duplo, but the walls, insets, etc. do not have the same proportions. In other words, printing a Duplo half size won't do.

 Ah ok that makes more sense. I just started with the first STL and worked my way down and then when it didnt fit.. i did wonder!

Got any other duplo pieces?

Thanks for a great kit - I'm now printing the 2-calibration.stl piece to see how that goes.

I am honored that this was featured :)

Though it may have been a bit premature. On the other hand, the whole OpenScad crowd now can pick up the idea and do better than me ....

I'd love to see these on 1-3 printable plates/sheets.

[Edited] Added more stackable objects. So you got a choice: either use these and put them on top of a base plate or use bricks that have an attached base plate.

I also added bigger 16x16 and 24x24 base plates, though I'd rather buy one ;)