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Ram Skull Mask

by MajorOCD Sep 29, 2018
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this looks nice.... i printed the skull and i reduced the size 20%.. still its big enough.. I aint gonna wear it like a mask. I gonna build a demon with a body and use UV light on the skull . Now i gonna start to print the horns.. Did you use support?.

Halloween is also comming up here in holland. Last year i had around 2000 people comming by my house in a parade. It was even in the newspaper. I won the second price with it. So i hope this year to win the first price :))... grz from holland..... ps. the other guy that won the first price had a pirateship in his garden....

Thanks. Yes, you absolutely need supports.

This thing looks huge! How come you say it is unlikely to fit an adult?

Because it is a little too small for me and I'm not a big person.

It is very large on the outside, but the inside where your face fits is much smaller. This was necessary to maintain the dimensions of the ram skull.

Good Job! That is a very long print. I print masks every Halloween for my son also. Don't let any of these bad comments bother you. This is a solid job and you obviously have a lot of experience to pull this off. Again, good job!

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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can i get away with just a 120120120 print area? :\

No, sorry. I printed it with my Prusa i3 MK 2.5, which has a 250 x 210 x 210 mm print area. Some of the parts didn't have a lot of room to spare.

Love your design. If it weren't for the weight on my son's neck, I would go ahead and print it right away!
Just a thought: According to the density table from rigid ink https://rigid.ink/blogs/news/how-many-meters-of-filament-on-a-spool you could save almost 20% in weight if you had used ABS instead of PLA (and make the parts stick with acetone instead of glue). I suspect that you have used wood or copperfill for the horn?! If so, then you could save 75% (!!) in weight and spray paint it, then seal it with ABS slurry or epoxy (e.g. XTC-3D). The latter would have the added benefit to render the mask a) waterproof and b) resistant to UV radiation.

Question: what filament have you used for the horns? Regular or some specialty PLA?

I didn't print with ABS because I don't have a heated enclosure (yet). Without an enclosure, taller prints will split when cooling even with a heated bed.

It weighs 7 pounds.

The horns are simply light brown PLA. Not painted.

Also UV radiation is not an issue when trick or treating at night. :) jk

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huzza !

i think i will need a shield to mount it over my front door......

Amazing! How long did it take you to print it?
And really adult cannot use it?

I didn't keep track of all the print times, but based on the few that I remember, I would guess around 275 hours.

As far as your 2nd question, scroll all the way to the bottom of the comments. Look at the first comment from mattbesquare. Your answer is there.

Thanks a lot for quick reply! Wow 10days printing! I’m out for this year Halloween lol
Will try to scale up for adult

Yeah I posted it on Sep 29, 2018 before I was finished printing it so people would have time to print it for Halloween. Unfortunately most people didn't see it until it was featured a few days ago. Oh well, I tried. :)

I think you win Dad of the year...

The surface finish looks very good, it's almost impossible to see layers and the seams from where you put the parts together. Did you do any post surface treatment to the skull and horns?

I used a 3D pen with the same filament to fill the seams and then sand them. I didn't do anything to the layer lines (not even sanded). You can clearly see the layer lines up close, but not really from a short distance.

Dang 5kg with only 5% infill

WOW! just amazing.

Very very cool. What software did you use to reshape the eyes?
Also, you bought strap adjusters instead of printing them? :-( (kidding)

I used Meshmixer to shape the eyes, smooth things, etc. and OpenSCAD to cut it up and various other things.

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Nice, but what is the idea from? Is this from a movie, or was it just something random?

It's a remix. Not random and not from a movie. My daughter liked it and wanted a mask made from it.

I saw this design a day before it was featured. I personally think this mask is a little scary, though

Aren't Halloween masks supposed to be scary?

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That's a good thing, right?

It's awesome, well designed, huge, scary, all at the same time =)

I love the thought of your daughter at a school Halloween party and a teacher shaking her head, thinking, "There's always that one kid..."

I keep telling my kids it's so much more fun to be "that kid."

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I love this. Any idea of percent increase for adult size?

You should measure the width of your head at the temple and add maybe 20 mm. You should also allow space for any padding you might want to put in it. Notice I just added a pic with the padding I used and added it to the summary. Keep in mind that if you scale it too much, the parts may not fit together properly.

The inside width (where your head goes, at the temple) is ~160 mm. The height is ~215 mm. You should be able to calculate the percentage based on that. The height is not as important as the width because there is nothing under your jaw. I just included it for reference.

Thanks for reply, and again, awesome work!

How much did you scaled up?