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iPhone XR Flexible Case

by MatthiasChristiaens Sep 29, 2018
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Hello, thank you for your work ! I just finished printing it (the whole case not the bumper) with some neon ninja flex, it looks pretty cool and it fits my phone perfectly. I added something around the hole for the camera in order to protect it a bit more (see file, I just glued it on the case) :)

Will try with water ninja flex also.

Thanks for printing! I thought about making the case thicker around the camera but that would be unprintable. Printing it separately and gluing it on seems like a good idea! This summer I will update all my cases and I will check if they protect the camera enough but I think your idea is good so I might also make thin versions with the extra camera protector :)

Hello ! :) the cool thing with printing separetly is that you can change the color and even the material if you want (it doesn’t need to be flexible). I think the phone still needs a thick backplate since it’s made of glass. Thank you again for your work, I love my case !

not sure what is going on with my print but it keeps printing in quarters. the first quarter looks great but the subsequent sections are all messed up. Anyone else have this?

Hi, I only saw your comment just now. Are you talking about the corners? Can you check in your slicer if everything looks fine, I'll take a look at my model but it shouldn't be a problem

I too will try to print again today, scaling down by 1% or 2%... I'll update when able.

Tried the bumper case today. Used Ninjaflex. Needs some work, too loose to be used...

Hmm that's weird, other people said they scaled it up 1-2% because it was too tight... Maybe not having the back makes the bumper more flexible... I haven't tried it myself, but I will put in the description that the bumper case should be scaled down 1-2%

I have an ended 3 printer and regular standard filament will it work. I am not familiar with flexible filament and not sure if that would work on ender 3

Unfortunately this will not work, you'll have to buy a roll of flexible filament like Ninjaflex or TPU. The Ender 3 has a Bowden extruder so I would recommend TPU because it is a bit stiffer (but still very flexible) and therefore easier to print.

Printed with PRILINE TPU and it was a very tight fit. After some work, I was able to make it fit and I doubt I will be able to get it out. :) It looks very nice. Thanks for the design.

Thanks for printing! I have also heard from someone else that the case is a bit too tight. As I don't have this phone myself (and don't know anyone who does), it's a bit hard to get right but I think scaling it 1-2% might do the job. Nice print btw, what printer are you using?

Thanks! Good idea for increasing 1%. I used Fusion 360 to add my initials but importing an STL is not the best experience in Fusion 360 since size is not defined and number of vertices goes insane so it takes more time and effort to take care of that.

The print was done with a Prusa MK3 using the PRILINE TPU filament. I never used TPU before but it was very straightforward. I reused a PETG profile, adjusted temps and extrusion multiplier and adjusted bondtech tension screws and it was a matter of waiting 2 hours to get the case.

Everyone that saw the case loves it. Great job! When I tell them that you designed it by dimensions only and that it was a perfect fit .... they cannot believe it. :)

Nice, I love the reactions I get when people notice my phone case is 3D printed, especially because it's flexible ;) I've printed my S8 case only once now and I think I'll have to increase the size here as well. I have a feeling my TPU filament kind of shrinks (that might be why it's lifting from the printbed) so that might play a role (I might be wrong here though). Fusion 360 is very bad for importing STL files, I know the struggle. I don't have windows but I'm pretty confident 3D builder can cut STLs using other STLs. Otherwise I think Meshmixer would be the way to go.

Mac here. Will give meshmixer a go. Thanks

Hey, I've updated the design. It's now a little bigger but I didn't want to make it too big because I was afraid it would be too loose then. I've also added 2 bumper cases :) Did it work with meshmixer?

That sounds great. I will download the new version and make a "hole" on the back where the Apple logo appears and add my initials. Planning on doing that with Mishmixer as you recommended. Will post an update once done.


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This case looks very good. I just ordered TPU to print it. Would you mind sharing the original design (Fusion 360 would be great if you used that) so we can customize it? I'm trying to add my initials to the case. :)

Thanks for this great work!

I'm sorry but I can't do that :/ You can however create your initials or logo in Fusion 360 and cut them out of the case with software like Meshmixer and I think even Microsoft 3D Builder. Be sure to scale the phone case 1-2% because it might fit a bit too tight as others have told me.

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