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Kossel compact Filament Spool Holder

by B0rax Apr 27, 2014
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I love this design...

I have 3030 rails so it would be neat if there were slight larger pieces for that.
Also I went with the 608 bearings but could use some other hub sizes as well...like 48

I wonder if it would be possible to make a cone shaped part that would fit several hub sizes...a few general ones would cover most spools.


I'll happily adapt the design but I need to know what kind of screws a 3030 Kossel uses (do you mean 2020? never heard of a 3030 before).

I'll take a look and see if I can hack together a customizable hub with Openscad. I don't think a cone shaped hub would work with this particular design.

Do you have suggestions for general hub sizes? I only made the ones I need or I got requests for.

I did some measurements of my rails..they are indeed 3030 so 30mm square.
The t-slot is 13mm wide.
There is a thing file for the 3030 rail at: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:661760
I haven't tried printing it but it looks to be the same as my AL rails.

I also measured my spools. They seem to be 53mm in diameter. As I mentioned I started learning a new CAD app and so made up a spool holder that was 53mm...which turned out when printed on my machine to be 5.28....it would work but I''m going to bump it up .2mm to see if I can get a bit tighter fit. I did that on the bearing diameter, since I saw others doing it and it was a perfect press fit.

My spool is pretty plain compared to you 608 58mm...:)

Having the other parts sized for 3030 would be great.


Alu. Profil Slot 6. 3030

I have added them. They are designed for M3 screws. Let me know if it fits.

I'l try to get an exact measurement on the hub opening in my most common two spools.

Yes, I know 3030 is an odd size...I do recommend it as it just seems beefier and more rigid than the 15 or 20 especially on the larger Delta's like the one I am building.

Typically it uses bigger bolt sizes too like M4 or M5 but for attaching items to the rails I don't think it matter that much,
just another hex key and t-nut size to keep around.

I'm trying to learn to actually use some CAD tools, and am making a stab at my own hub...probably not as nice
as yours but hopefully compatible and scaleable so I don't have to re-design it for every spool size.

Speaking of which I was considering a slight ad-on to your design...by adding a bearing holder that locks to
a hub adapter...this way the hub adapters would not each need their own bearing, They become simple adapters
with an outer diameter that matches the spool and an inner diameter that mates to the bearing adapter. One more piece
to make but then the bearing stays on the machine and the hub adapter stays in the spool when you change it out for
a different one.

I'll also note, as someone else mentioned, I have issues with the upper bearing holder's ears breaking off...I might suggest a small ridge on a solid post would work better for the 608. The solid post on the lower holds the bearing really well for me I have to press it on pretty hard. The same sized or slightly smaller post with a thin lip that deforms as the bearing goes on would probably capture and hold the bearing without the ear breakage problem.

I'll try to post the dimensions and whatever I come up with as soon as possible...right now fighting a clogged hot end resulting from a failed thermistor.


Yes, I would need the parts for the 608 bearing.

Can you take a picture of the hub assembly taken apart? I'm having trouble visualizing how it goes together.

Appreciate the help!

added the files, let me know how it works

Thanks! I printed them this evening and they came out great. Works perfect with the 608 bearings and my 57mm spool. If you're ever bored I'd love to see the other hub adaptor sizes made for the 608 bearings as well as I'm sure I know I have a 48mm spool and I'm sure I'll run across the other size as well.

Thanks again!

Would it be possible for you to make a hub adapter for a 57mm spool hole?

Just to add another data point, I printed the 608 bearing clip piece and was able to mount the bearing without any issue.

thanks, do you need the hub adapter for a 608 bearing?

This is a really clever, minimal design. Love the integrated cable channels too.
I started to print it before realizing that it wouldn't fit my spools and I didn't have the right parts for the bearings. I use Ultimachine PLA spools that have a 52.5mm ID. It's easy enough for me to design my own to fit that.
I'd love to see an alternate version that changes the 10mm ID of the Rueckhalter and Filamentwelle pieces to 8mm so that standard, ubiquitous 608 bearings can be used.
B0rax, could you post that? Many thanks in advance.

Thanks for the kind words!
I've added the files for 608 bearings, I have not tested these!
Let me know how it went and if you need something else.

The flat piece with nearly-solid cylinder for the bearing worked fine for me with a 608, but both prints with the L-shaped piece broke the first time I tried to insert the bearing (and very gently the second time). PLA is just too rigid to get sufficient flex to print this part and get the bearing on without one of the tabs breaking, as designed. Probably would be fine in ABS or Nylon, but the real fix is to reduce the size of the flange. You really don't need much to hold the bearing on - even a small fraction of a millimeter should suffice. See http://designmakeshare.wordpress.com/2013/09/16/introducing-skydelta/http://designmakeshare.wordpre... for an example that worked for me.

Thanks for the info, i will take a look at it... I'm currently busy, so it can take two weeks to change it