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Prusa Mk3 Drawer, Tool box, Easy print

by Jaypirnts Sep 28, 2018
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Great design! Thanks. Is one supposed to dismantle the frame, to slide these into the extrusion grooves, or are they supposed to "snap" in? I have a MK3S but they seem too tight to snap in. I hope I won't need to dismantle anything to slip this in....

Thank you for this design. can you upload the original file so that i can mod it in Fusion 360? I'm new to this and trying to learn Fusion360. I don't know how to covert files yet. I would like to use the tabs so that i can make a camera mount that attaches in the same spot as the boxes. Its for a Wyze cam. Thank you


Thanks a lot for making this design, I like it very much and printed it. After using it for a few months I decided to change the legs of my Prusa i3 mk3 for better stability, then realizing the drawers are not straight and sagging down. After looking it closely from another person who designed a similar storage but not as good as yours, his latches perfectly to the metal beam without sagging. Comparing the two designs, I saw some minor differences and hope you can make the change on yours to make it a better design. Here it is the attached image. The one on the left is what works, and the right is your design

Here it is a link to the other reference storage box, notice his is hanging straight while yours is sitting on a surface of the table ?

Original Prusa MK3 - SideBoxes for some Tools

Yeah that's the original design that I remix from. I made it intentionally loose fit because when I tried to print the original one that you linked it was too hard to snug in extrusion, guess my printer setting is messed up since no one complaint about it.
so here's the new design file with different dimentions (I just copied and paste original latches). I haven't tested yet, and even I do same problem will happen so I don't really know if the design is good to go or not..
I'll be appreciated if you print the files that I attached and some feedback?

So I printed the right side only to check and it fits great. I am not sure why but perhaps the shape of the latch might make a difference. I notice the original goes in very easily and this new version that you modified for me is a tiny bit to push in but after moving it a little bit, it goes in fine. I am happy with the new setup. I did try to put the drawers on this model and to my surprise the height is slightly off so it does not fit. Maybe you forgot to adjust this change on this new version you modified for me. If you can change that, it would be great so I don't have to reprint everything again.

Here it is a picture of my setup, notice I have at least 1/2 gap from the table ? this is the new print you provided. Look forward to the height change

Thank you

Im happy that latches fits for you, think I should adopt these on my models permenantly.
and you mean the DRAWER PART doesnt fit in holder because its height is taller? I assume that we have two different dimensions for drawer and holder parts which is 5mm height difference(there were requests comments about this and I had to upload both models..), the height of the new holder part that I given you is 46.5mm but for drawer parts there are 45.5mm and 50.5mm version.
Please check if you printed the file named -Drawer_style_old-5mm_taller.stl- if you did then it should not fit on holder that I newly designed, you should print 45.5mm version file named -Drawer_style.stl-. because I didn't change height when apply new latches no my model.

I will make the files simple no brain, just 1 model to print after on. it even confuses me now :)

I think I just need your "holder_left_old-5mm_taller.stl" and "holder_right_old-5mm_taller.stl" but with the original latch from the picture on my first request "2019-01-09_7-08-10.png" the latch from the left picture. Let me know when you re-upload your files so it is one version with the latch modification and I'll download it again. Thank you again

I measured the drawer and it is 50mm the one I printed before. I just downloaded the file again and see the difference. Looks like I downloaded a really old version. I am going to try again and let you know. Thanks again for being responsive and making the necessary changes

I decided make it reference of 45.5mm height for every parts for no more misunderstandings. Just uploaded the newest version please recheck the files attached.
thanks for the feedback!

Thank you, let me try and let you know

Awesome, let me try it and I'll repot

This is exactly what I've been looking for to fit my new MK3. Just started printing my set using Prusa orange for the drawers and Prusa Galaxy black for the casings. Going to take a couple of days, but looking great so far.

Well, just printed drawers (old style) and realized that it didn't fit in holders...
But, fail is probably on my side - I set print with 0,6 mm nozzle and 0,3 mm resolution to accelerate print :-/

By the way, I bought Prusa MK3 i3 two weeks ago (as complete set) and it also need something under the feets

Hey Jaypirnts,
Great design. I printed the smaller model and it fits perfectly on my Mk3 (purchased late-November 18).
It makes a great use of otherwise wasted space. Thanks for posting this for us Mk3 Prusa owners.

Nice to hear that!
You have a great day.

Dont know if the profile out of the factory has changed but it is slightly to tall for my printer. the heat bed catches on the top when it slides forward. suggest lowering the top by 5mm. I can prob sand off the corner to make it work, so not a complete fail for me.

Did you check rubber feet underneath MK3? Rubber feet should be inserted in 4 corners.
I'll reduce the height like .. 5mm? for those who have diffrent dimensions underneath the machine.

I no longer can find the original files I was intended to print out (was waiting for a roll of CF to get in) and sucks if someone was mid print (ie printed out half of the drawer set). Can you please repost the original files? I found out the harder way by printing the new files unaware there was a nerf and there is plenty of clearance >5mm.

So, Jay kindly reposted, and then removed the files again. I'm reposting it here in case people want the old files that optimizes drawer height, not the shorter design that was created (and replaced the old one) upon one outlier report, and want it bad enough to dig into comments.

Comments deleted.

i think ur right about the feet. I do have them installed but if i lift up the printer a little there is enough clearance. the factory feet are just to small. I will print some more supportive ones. But I think if u just cut a few mm off the top it will be more compatible with the factory feet. Thanks by the way, u saved me having to design one :)

Thanks for the kind feedback.:)

Comments deleted.

I printed this out and the extra 5mm would have fit easily.

Can you please re-post the original files you had? I'd like to reprint with your original design dimensions without the 5mm haircut which reduces drawer space.

Thank you for uploading the original files. I noticed in the original height drawer file you re-uploaded there seems to be some errors - see attached pictures:

Thanks for error report.
Fixed it.

This drawer set appears very integrated. Thank you.

thanks for the comment. cheers

hello i thing thist is awesome idea but its to clouse to printing bed. the bed rideing on top of box. EDIT ...MY BAD fits great :D

thanks for the feed back.

Hi Jay, would you recommend PETG or PLA for this print? I'm thinking of two factors
1) Small risk of warpage due to being close to print bed? I'm not using an enclosure and don't intend to, and PETG is my hottest Item that I anticipate printing
2) brittleness(bad) and stiffness(good) of PLA vs PETG flexibility? PETG could be bad if the drawer flexes too much for the opening mechanism

Hello there, if you worry about surface warping then use 2~3mm brim will help, or you can just print one by one to reduce the time take on each part.
I printed it with PLA and pretty sure the other material like PETG or ABS works but dont really have better reason than using PLA.
Hope it helps.

Hi, Sorry maybe I can be more clear - I am not concerned about the process of printing, but rather, after part is printed and finished. Since on the MK3 the drawer top is close to the heatbed of the MK3, while printing other things, does the top of the drawer warp from being so close to the heatbed?

but I think you already answered my question, since you told me you only use PLA and probably have not seen any problems :) . Thanks!

Oh, I understand it now :)
yeah the heat bed doesnt really affect the drawer. so far.

Very nice design, thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the comment.

Prints well, it is very sturdy ;-) Maybe even too much. Thanks again.

Interesting use of space. I will try it for sure. Thanks for sharing!

Let me know if there's any difficult. thanks.

Personally I avoid bridges, they never look as good as rest of the print. So you maybe add different design for mini-tray handle?

oh yeah, it is easyjob. check it tommorow.