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SpaceX Starship / Super Heavy (BFR 2018)

by AliShug Sep 28, 2018
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Do you have any plans to update this for Starship's new model? It would be nice to have to two-finned design that we can see in Boca Chica. Great model by the way!

Thanks :) Yes I'll make an update (probably a new Thing) as soon as I can. In the middle of graduating rn haha

Spacex has release quite a nice view of the whole rocket
Take inspiration from here, and good luck with your graduation :-D

Time to update the design? New specifications on Raptor engines, apparently there will be 6 on the Starship and 35 for the Superheavy! XD

I'll need to make a 2019 version at some point! It sounds like there'll be lots of changes, including vacuum engine bells on Starship. I'll hold off until there are images of the new design available. Hopefully they'll get that first untethered hop soon, and Musk will do his updated presentation...

Great model! I've made a 42 cm Starship and 54 cm Superheavy.

I also made a video about it for my youtube channel:

Can you tell me how to set grid fin to print? This is my first print :)

I answer here as well, hope to help others too:

Personally (due to the scale factor that I chose) I used the grid fins remix by Coopstercoop https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3646509
I printed it at 0.1 layer height, letting Cura generate the support. Mind the support roof.

Space X - BFB - Grind fins with thicker beams

Hey that's a superb model, very good job :) also, my first attempt at a slightly big print project, I am ecstatic
Right now my printer is finishing with the SuperHeavy motors, I will be uploading my photos real soon, but in the meantime... Have you thought of designing a stand for the rocket? This way it would not rest on its motors (they are quite fragile at 1:144 scale)

EDIT: oh well, I designed my version of the stand and uploaded as remix. Hope you people like it and find it useful \o/

Thanks for designing a stand, it looks great! You happy if I link it from the model's description?

Oh yeah sure, go ahead! I am pleased that you like it :-)

i would like to print this at HO scale (1/87) to match my other rocket prints. can someone tell me how i should scale the STL's for the proper size? thanks in advance!

This is 1/100 so for 1/n scale you just print at (100/n)*100%, which in this case is 114.94%. I hope you've got a big printer!

Started printing the smaller parts at 1/144 (69.44%) as a test and so far so good. Think the inter-stage core will be next and if all good, will start printing in bulk.

Awesome! Make sure you have the latest files - I made a fix to the interstage outer ring in the latest upload. I haven't actually printed any booster bits yet (aside from the grid fin) so please let me know if there's any problems. Might be worth printing the very end of the starship body_rear_black part to check the pieces mesh together.

Only thing I found was that top angled bar on the side of the grid fin is rather narrow and I couldn't get a consistent extrusion across it so I made it a bit thicker. Though if I printed at a larger scale it wouldn't have been an issue.

Beautiful, you should add it as a remix

Got some filament on the way and looking to print the whole stack (Original 2018 black and white style).
Are there plans to still release as a multi material/separate parts? As I'll probably print the parts individually in different colours and assemble.
Thanks again :)

Ya still thinking about the best way to do it. I've got a solution for the windows where they're inserted from the inside, but it makes the geometry a bit dodgy for printing. I can put up files for the booster sooner, that's a lot simpler.

Was actually wondering how that was going to be done.

One thought I had was maybe printing the body & the window insert the same way as in the original model. Then print the frame separately, placing it on top of the window insert? Not sure if the frame by it's self would be too delicate? Not sure if that helps :\

Oh yeah so the frame on the big window will be separate from the body. It'll be an extruded piece that slots into the window, then they get dropped into the body together. Totally printable, just needs a slicer that can do single-line extrusion. The portholes I'm connecting internally into strips so they can be printed and assembled easily.

Sounds great, really appreciate the work you're putting in on this :)

I've added files for multicolor assembly, let me know how it goes!

Looks great, got some white filament in the mail so will probably start printing the grey & black parts soon. Will post photos as I progress. Also got to decide on the scale :/

1/144 (69.44%) is what I'm printing, it's apparently a standard scale for these things and I think it works out around 300-400g for Starship, full stack should be 80cm (115cm @100%). Haven't checked plastic use yet for the booster.

Just letting you know that I finally got around to printing the booster and ship. Awesome model, looks amazing, just got find somewhere to display it.

Yeah I saw on Reddit! It looks awesome, well done. Someone made a vertical stand that might be helpful for you: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3620427

Super Heavy STAND

It’s a brilliant model however I tried printing the super heavy in 1/400 scale but the model was too thin which caused it to fail .. could you possibly make the super heavy a solid model or with thicker walls because they are too thin to print

1/400 is a little small, but I'm surprised it failed completely. Can you show me the output of your slicer? Upload the .gcode as an attachment if you can! The model isn't hollow so seeing how it got sliced will help me understand what went wrong.

here , I hope this helps :)

the model printed however, it was so thin when curing the model deformed due to being so delicate.

Ah are you using an SLA printer? Form 2 or similar? I don't know much about those, but it's possible the software struggled with the internal voids left in the model. I've attached a completely solid model, try that.

could you possibly make the super heavy slightly hollow , just so I can save a lot of resin, ive tried editing the thickness of the model however its having the same issue as before, the model only works on preform but it doesn't allow you to hollow it :)

thanks, the model is solid on preform but hollow on mesh mixer for some reason, ill post some images once it has printed

Hey! I hate to be that guy....but I was wondering how the booster was coming! I just printed & painted your model, and I love it!

Thanks for commenting, gave me some motivation to work on it! It's always great to hear people are actually printing this. The booster is almost there; grid fins, 31 engines and all; but I don't know if I'll be able to make it slot together with the original BFS model... had to change the BFS rear to get some overlap.

Quick Q, what scale did you print at? And if you could post a make, that would be awesome! I'd love to see how it came out painted.

Same here & fingers crossed, but knowing that SpaceX have redesigned it again, so who knows :)

Aiming to complete this version of the BFR stack, then I'll look at doing the 2019 chrome edition :) Heard talk of leg-fins for the booster, so maybe I'll slap those on too. I've got a half finished articulated version of BFS that would be a good base to work from. Splitting the current model for the heatshield was a pain, so the new edition is actually a bit easier.

The WIP image looks awesome

Check out the new image :) Couple more things to change before it's all printable.

That looks amazing

Yea, you're right. One of the times Elon talked about super heavy, he actually replied to me ;)

Hi, I would like use your model to test air flow of the rocket, I want to be that for a school Test. I studie the BFR and I want open the file with SolidWorks so if your are OK can you send me the original modeling file at my mail Pi300@live.fr?

Is this model printable in multiple colors if I change the colors on a single extruder? I can't figure this out from the files (black windows floating for example). Help appreciated :)

The new version is made to be color-printable in pieces on a single extruder, and there are parts for the booster too!

Cool! Thanks for letting me/us know! :)

I'd like to adapt it to make that work (my personal printer is single-extrusion) but I'll be modeling the booster before I work on that!

Great model, planning my print now, not sure what scale to use.
Any thoughts on building the booster?

I'd really like to build a booster, I'm just swamped at the moment. Hopefully in December!

For scale, if you're downsizing just watch the engine nozzles, they might not print at small scales. You can tell if they'll print by previewing in your slicer.

It's December, time to get excited folks! ; )

Great work!
Would you be able to split the engines, windows, & cargo into separate STLs? I've the Prusa MM and would love to print this in 3 or 4 colors!

Hey awesome! Always wanted to play with one of those. I've updated the design and added a .zip containing further separated parts. Please post a make when you've printed it, I'd love to see how it comes out!

It took awhile, but I've got a "make" uploaded. Thanks again for the model. Let me know if you decide to make the booster!

Looks great! I'll see if I can find time to finish working on the booster