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Serious business Bear MK2, MK2.5, MK3 y-axis replacement

by zbrozek Sep 27, 2018
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Hey, I am wondering, what is used as the Y endstop in this replacement?

Oh, yeah, the motor mount isn't intended for the MK2/2.5. :-/ I should make that more clear; it was a after-posting addition. I could probably also modify it to have a pedestal for the switch.

Hi Zbrozek,
Any more news on providing a motor mount with the holes for the limit switch for the mk2.5 full bear?

Comments deleted.

You seem to have overlooked the 625 bearing in the "Half Way" parts list. Saw it early enough to order before dissassembly, but you might wanna add it in.

Aside from that the mod looks awesome, cant wait to finally assemble it all.

Oops; that's because I added the motor support later and forgot all about it. Correcting now!

No Worries, just mentioned it for people that might overlooked it.

I am just in the middle of the build and found out that the idler mount MK3 is a bit picky when it comes to nylock nuts. Mine seem to require too much force to screw through so they started to turn within the part. I reprinted and went with normal M3 Nuts which seems to work fine so far during assembly. Just putting it out there so people might try how hard their nylock nut version bites before having to reprint as they are not coming out anymore.

Can't wait to have it finished!

Hi Zbrozek, I'm having some issues with the belt alignment using these parts: belt-holder_mk3, y-idler_mount_bear-mk3, y-idler_slide_e3d-20t, y-motor-holder. The belt path near the front is clearly angled downward. Meanwhile, at the back near the motor, the belt-holder seems to be touching the belt. Is this expected or am I using the wrong/incompatible parts?

Do you have some pictures? That would make it a lot easier to debug, I think. Regardless, I've seen folks install y-idler_mount_bear-mk3 upside-down, causing issues at the front. I'm not sure how to achieve what you're talking about at the back, and a photo would be immensely useful.

Hi Zbrozek. Thank you for all your Bear addons. I would like to remix this thing for 8x14x4 Flanged Metal bearings. Any chance for F3D files of MK3 Bear things, plase? (Half way. Just the idler end).
Thank you!

Check again!

Thank you very much!

I would like to try this on an MK2.5 full Bear. Will you be providing a motor mount with the holes for the limit switch? Is the Bear motor mount compatible with your other parts?

The bear motor mount is compatible; you don't have to replace it. So that's a great way of retaining the end stop mount. That said, building those in is on my to-do list, but I've paused development for a while as I work on getting married.

I am printing the parts for the "half way", and noticed that the y-idler_mount_bear-mk3.stl is rotated incorrectly for printing. Not a big deal to fix on my end, but you may want to update so others don't run into this.

You are correct - an oversight on my part. I'll update it soon.

What is the " 8 mm shaft" in Step #9 of the "Half Way"? This isn't in the list of supplies for Half Way.

It's one of the printed parts. Or you can hack off a bit of 8 mm rod as an even-better alternative.

Thanks! Sounds like a great use for those Prusa rods that I'm not using.