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Prusa I3 MK3 Raspberry Pi Camera Mount

by lab27 Sep 26, 2018
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Is it possible that you can add a design for the camera case to support lenses like in the below link? If you can I appreciate it! Please let me know. I will gladly donate for your time!


Does anyone have a camera ball mount for this for a camera with IR LEDs and a lens?

I like your design and made a remix with added LEDs in the camera housing as well as extra cable channel and room for a switch. :)


Prusa MK3 RPi Camera Mount with LEDs

I really like the design but it is too low down and can't see anything at all for the first few layers and then just a side view for a while. I think the camera would be better sitting above the arm rather than hanging down below it. Are you able to make the mod or I can do a remix?

I made a remix with the camera mounted above.


Prusa MK3 RPi Camera Mount with LEDs

Any chance you can make just the basic mount, with the camera mounted above, but without all he other changes for the LED? Mounting the camera above is an absolute must, but I don't need the LED stuff :).


Great thank you!

Would you mind posing a picture? What camera version are you using?

Thanks for the quick reply. The camera is a v2. I have attached two files - one of the mount attached and the other of the view of a current print.

I want to use the octolapse plugin to record timelapses of the print. with the camera moving along the z axis I am not sure it will come out as good ?

Any thoughts on using this type of mount and doing timelapses?

I don't know if this is still relevant for you, but it works AWESOME! I just installed it today and it works flawlessly (minus some camera quality issues, but it's not bad), as long as you set OctoLapse to have a center-right extruder placement. Any other position will cause the camera to be blocked or the print bed to not be in view.

Here is a video to a test I did with a calibration cube: https://youtu.be/RMzHjgmAFI8

Happy Printing!

I like it but my enclosure is just a hair bit too narrow, and the camera brushes the side of the enclosure. Is it possible to have a remix where the arm goes straight out instead of curving to the side?

Yea my collar broke immediately also, but i managed to super glue it then sanded down the ball on the camera housing and now it fits perfectly.

Unfortunately, the "housing" for the round attachment broke clean off for me... Don't know if it only happened to me but I suppose it still holds the cam and so I'll continue to use it :)

My collar broke too when I try pushing the ball joint of the camera front case into it. I don't know if there is a trick to installing it without breaking.

What filament did you use?

One good practice is to clean the ball before connecting it, also I can make the wall thickness of the "housing" a bit wider.

PETG. I did clean the ball and the socket as much as I could. Perhaps I could try heating up the socket with a heat gun before inserting the ball. On a different topic, has the housing being tried with a V2 camera?

Ignore my question regarding the V2 cam. I just re read the details and it is already for V2.

Love it !
Could you share the Fusion 360 files ? I would like to make a version of the case for the Pi v2 cam. The cam is slightly lower now and I had to drill the hole, and also the vision angle is slightly too low because of that, compared to the bed.
Thx in advance

Love the design and I love the idea to hide the cable inside. I really wish that the camera mount would be on top, instead of the bottom. It even fits with my cable chains mod, just used a longer screw. The PiCam snaps into place perfectly.

Check out my remix with the camera mounted on top. :)

I like your design and made a remix with added LEDs in the camera housing as well as extra cable channel and room for a switch. :)


Prusa MK3 RPi Camera Mount with LEDs

Nice, thanks!

I also would love the original CAD file. I love the mount, but would like the camera a little higher. Thought maybe doing a remix and positioning the cup on the side of the arm, and moving the ball to the back of the case might get it where I would like. Any chance of getting the CAD file?

By the way, great design. I really wanted an x-axis mount for the camera and your design was the best.

Can you share the original CAD files? I like the mount design but I want to modify the arm to be joined to a pi case for a different outdoor camera application.

Recommendations on material? When I loaded the front into PrusaControl to generate gcode, it was with the open side down, I had to flip it 180 to print it, there was a small dot on the ball connector that was messing up the print with the open side down (this could also be my limited knowledge of printing things, very new).

I used PETG and it works great. I printed it with the cup towards the bed and no supports and it worked fine for me.

Recommended length for the camera cable? I'm guesstimating around 45cm minimum.

Looking at getting a zero camera adapter cable, Adafruit's CSI Cable Extender Thingy, and a 60cm black CSI cable from ebay.

The "Camera Cable Joiner/Extender for Raspberry Pi" someone is selling on ebay UK would be the least bulky option, but shipping to the US is about 5x the price of the cable.

If I am not mistaken it was around 65cm, I used a 1m cable that I got on amazon which is a bit too long. Will try to find the link.

I love this! It printed very well, and fits perfectly.

Glad you liked it, thanks for the make!