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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Glock Carbine kit (Airsoft)

by simonvez Sep 25, 2018
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Hey, first let me say thank you for very cool model, just prepping for my first print, and I have few questions.

1) any recommended print settings? (nozzle diameter, layer height, infill etc...) with PETG
2) is the model compatible with Glock 17 gen 5?
3) that's all, thanks again for a great model, cant wait to post a make! finally, I don't have to change the spring in my M4 just to go CQB, its annoying do it every week.

does anybody knows how long does it take to print? i know it depends on the 3d printer, but would like to know your experience. thanks.

Hi can you please make a stock for the wonderful elite force revolver?
I think a dragunov stock will be perfect and my 3D printer can only print 15by 15 so small pieces

Hey man, great work.
Is there any chance that you could modify the 2 part sliced version so that the non-abs users can stack the two pieces together so that they fit snuggly and tight? PETG is not that easy to bring together.

Hi I really like your model I am beginer in the modeling and printing but some conversions for airsoft pistols I had in my hands .
I wont print your model but I have some improvements:

  1. Make access to control elements (slide stop lever , fire mode selector , and most important slide Lock )
  2. At the end make a square instead of a circle for slide realase pull ahead .
    The reason is that I don't have to pull out the whole gun when setting up the hop-up. I just unscrew the charging lever and pull out slide .
    I have a oportunity print this on the laser printer but I really wont these upgrades and I'm trying to adjust it in the DesignSpark Mechanical but it's challenging for me just now.
    Can you make upgrade for my fully upgraded WE Glock 18C ?

normally.. I select the fire mode before putting it in. we only use semi here. What is the slide stop lever? And you dont need the slide release... when the mag empties up, just reload and just pull on the charging handle and it will release the slide.Also, im not too sure what you mean for #2.... Slide release pull ahead ? what is that

Just now when you want set up hop-up you must unscrew buffer tube mount and unscrew bolt wich is holding Glock by a ris rail and take out glock.
I want take out only slide , frame stay still in the conversion (Just take out slide by front of conversion) . It means front of conversion cant be circle but square for the slide.
(It is hard to explain to me with my English language level :) )
And Im not limited by semi only but I dont want fire still full auto in the game.
(slide stop lever is on the picture number 27.)
And I also want use longer barell I mean Maple Leaf Crazy jet 230mm can fit in these conversion and it will be litle bit tricky with pulling out complet glock.

normally you should adjust hop-up before putting it in the kit.

I want have from conversion primary gun when I go to the event I dont want dissasemly gun only for adjust hopup ( and that is necessary because is diferent weather , temperature , conditions ). I regularly fail to attend the event in time as each minute is good and also it's much less annoying than disassembling complet gun.
In my opinion my modifications are easy (but my modelig program dont lisen to me :) beginers issue ) . I made sketch of the cuts what I want made it is picture 1 and 2. (in the picture 1 I forgot make space for the charging handle mount)
Conversion in the picture 3 have my friend and they have setup hopup in the same time like me but it is not only about hop up it si cleaning , lubrication , tunning , repairing . When I dont find or make my own for 3D printing i buy these.

Just completed and tested a slightly remixed version.
No supports, mix of petg and pla 0.2 and 0.25 layers, infill varying from 0 to 15%, 2.6mm wall thickness.

please share some pics :)

on which printer did the model print?

Could this be made to fit a GBB 1911 with a little tweaking of the design?

On the Internet you can rarely find such work!
How long have you been designing the product?
What program was used? Inventor?
Is it suitable for PC printing?

And the most important question. I also tried to do something similar, but got stuck on the fact that after scanning the gun I could not convert the version of the Stl to the version of the ipt.
My laptop just does not pull such a volume of graphics.

How did you solve this problem? Didn't you measure the whole gun with a ruler in your hand? )

I used a mixed of Thinkercad and Fusion360

It fits mine well enough, tho you may have to mess with it a bit!

will this fit my g19 blowback airsoft?

Didn't know Glock made an "airsoft" gun, just so people know putting a stock on a real glock would make it an unregistered sbr meaning jail time without the papers.

also this stock would not work more than 1 round due to it not having an ejection port

unless your Canadian then your just still stuck at a range lol and glock doesn't make and airsoft but many companies do make glock branded airsoft pistols

could you possibly make one for the g19?

Will this work with a real GLOCK?

How does it work with a Cyma Glock 18 c? I don't know how I Assembly this kit with a Cyma Glock 18,or Cyma 030.

May I ask, can we use suppressor for this kit? and if yes, what is the diameter for the supressor? thanks

Any chance of you making a version for a G19? Should be fairly minor mods, I would think.

I would need to have a g19 in hand

That's understandable. I was hoping maybe you had one, or could use the dimensional differences listed online to make the edits. From what I've read, they seem to be fairly minor, but I realize there's no such thing as a 'minor difference' in modeling. ;)
What software did you do the original work in? I wonder if it's something I could tackle?

i like the look . but it don,t fit my tm g17 and also not fit mij we g17

your printer must not be dimensionnally ok. We have tested TM glocks with no issue.

It should. Maybe your printer is not dimensionally acurate

hi the glock g32c from kj works too

what % infill would you recommend when printing in ABS and is there a certain infill pattern I should use.

will this work for the tokyo marui glock 18c aep or no BTW this looks amazing.

Have you or anyone tryed printing this in pla+?

PLA is not really impact friendly...in case you drop it. I personnaly use PETG carbon.

Hey, can you contact me at /u/mdigibou on reddit?

I want to talk about remixes to this file, and possible future distribution licensing.

I've made a number of improvements to the split design and a few changes to make it universal (not just for glocks, also works for CZ models, Hicapas, SW40F, etc) and would like the ability to share that file as well as potentially sell prints of the improved design (not the file itself, which would remain open source and public as yours is).

I am not on reddit.. i think.
we can chat with private message here

So we can! I didn't realize this platform had a messaging app or I would have done that already. Sorry about that lol

Thx 4 sharing!!!

I just got a big problem that is how to reset the gun after it's hung up?

Drop the empty mag, and cock the charging handle back. The slide lock should disengage by itself. If it doesn't there's something wrong with the glock.


What do you mean hung up?

Heya, great design! Many thanks for publishing :)

I am making one for my KSC G18C (same as KWA) and there are three problems:

1 - You cannot access the selector switch while the pistol is in the kit (and I need to be able to switch fire mode as my site has semi-only areas). This could be fixed by putting a hole just under the bolt slot to access the selector.

2 - The selector switch hits a section on the inside of the body. This could be fixed by putting a hole just under the bolt slot to access the selector, and by removing a couple of mm from the inside bit that gets hit by the selector.

3 - The rear sight mount is different, it's a dovetail sight that friction fits, so the one with your kit does not fit. I'll see if I can make one and will send you the file if I do! But it's more likely I will mill one from aluminium or steel.

Pics attached...

Kit is great! I've printed it in carbon fibre PLA, 0.3mm nozzle at 0.08mm layer height. Maybe overkill and takes ages to print, but it looks awesome :)

I want to print this SO bad but I have a 180mm printer, anyway to shorten the two pieces up a bit?

Any chance of a version that would fit a Glock 19 (compact)...or does it already perhaps fit that model?
Beautiful work by the way!

Any info on that?, looking to buy a TM G19 and I've been wondering if this would work with it.

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Do yo have a tutorial of construction plis

there should be a doc file in the zip

May I remix this model?
Not commercial, personally!

Yeah if you dont publish it anywhere. Though you can share your mod with me and I may add them here :)

Thanks~I'll try it

Where can i get a printable stock to fit this carbine ?

Gotta say, the pictures are stunning. Still can't really tell if any of them are renders or not :P

Testing on Elite force G17 co2, so far the lower body fits snug, the stock mount might need a little sanding. Upper rear fits and aligns with lower, finishing the upper front today will confirm all parts. So far looks good!! Elite force G17 c02 fit confirmed, need to file a little for stock mount to be flush. Primer/filler/sanding with carbon fiber hydro dip coming soon!

Bruh. You updated your buttstock clamp, and 4x40mm screws are too short now. You need something around 50-60 mm, i dunno, i workes around that. But pls fix your description. Other than that, solid design, 10/10, thx!

Correct, pick up 40mm they were too short.

Noted. I think you need 50mm. Ill change description

Awesome. Shared my make, but photos are crap

Just got my printer at Christmas and this is definately a must print. So the front "mag" which is a holder, is that a 3d designed part or an aftermarket addon you can buy? I love the design but without it, the package feels incomplete. Thank you!

What's your printer ? It prints so smooth and nice

Modded Tronxy X5S

Hola esta arma es funcional? es para aire comprimido puede ser? o solo es adorno, saludos

no es un arma, es un kit para convertir una pistola de aire comprimido en carabina, imagino que tambien podes usar una pistla real,

how did you get it without layer lines?! it looks so SMOOTH

Well tuned printer :)

This is pretty cool! i wonder if i can make an adapter to fit my metal 1911 ("airsoft") gun.

This is pretty cool! i wonder if i can make an adapter to fit my metal 1911 ("airsoft") gun.

what infill is the best to use for these parts?

hmmm i wonder if this would fit a Glock 23

I have not tested

Can you modify the drawing so I can fit a large frame Glock 20 please or send me the solidworks files so I can modify them plz?

No solidwork sorry.

Comments deleted.

Is the front magazine just for looks? It could also be a holder for an extra mag.

it is a mag holder

Could you please have a look at the fittment between the Glock-Carbine-Rear_Buffer_tube_mount_marked.stl and Glock-Carbine-Buffer_tube_marked.stl, the buffer tube is up to specs. but the hole in the buffer mount is about 1-2mm to big for it to mount with good fitting.

I have re-uoloaded the buffer tube mount with tighter tolerance. The hole is now 29.60mm and the buffer tube is 29mm. That gives a 0.3mm of clearance all arround so you can insert it and glue it in place. Let me know how it works now

I didnt have issues.. but i might know what happened. Ill take a look and let you know

Could you please add holes in the body for the lower rail
and please make all of them m3 both top and lower

You were totally right. Holes were missing. I have fixed it and re-uploaded the body files. The full one and the splitted version. Thanks for spotting it

wait what ? there should be holes ?!?! let me know.. it might have been forgotten when I exported the file... 2 sec


This works with CYMA CM.127 AEP

br. Janos

How did you do this? I have a Cyma 030, or Cyma G18c. The CM 127 and the CM030 are similar.

I dont know. Not tested. If you find that it works..pleae let me know i will add it to the list

im sorry I have no idea. Its meant for a G17 or G18C

Works with m92 Beretta?

Not tested but i dont think so

Could you make a variation for the Mk23?

the sholder thing, is not 3d printable? the translator says is called "butt"

It's called a stock and you can get them for £10 from airsoft shops

10?? Ishh that is a PTS EPS stock... its worth more than 10. If you find them at 10 i would buy a couple ones and resell them :p

Coolest looking carabine conversion kit, if only it would work with a real Glock 17...

I dont see why it would not work. Just print it with a material can take heat... polycarbonate carbon fiber from priline. Or maybe abs or petg would work

Would this fit a WE ISSC M22?

Hey, great project. I am printing it right now and will make a "Makes" post here about it. May i ask what Stack you used for your Buffertube?
I think yours fits great but i didn't found it in the files. I printed the version for the 200mm printer and if critic is allowed i would recommend to add 2 little joints on the sides so it won't fall appart.

Could you do me a favor and spilt the toprail in 2 for 200mm printers?

the top rail has been splitted in 2. files are uploaded now. enjoy

I will split the rails for you. If you use win10 you could use 3d builder to split it.. or even tinkercad. But i can do it for you. Ill add it today

Thanks for the fast answer, appreciate it! I am printing the Lower Body right now, figuring out how to solve my problem haha had a problem with the grip last day, i added more support,... lets see how it will turn out now. If you are interested i can show you the progress so far, i printed it wirth a Prusa i3 MK3 and 1.75mm Black Galaxy Prusa Filament

looking good mate ! Is that PLA ? Also .. for the support.. here is a video of my settings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPpIqGRypZ8

Yes PLA, Prusa 1.75 Black Galaxy https://shop.prusa3d.com/en/prusament/711-prusament-pla-prusa-galaxy-black-1kg.html

Thanks! I am printing the Lower Body part right now, i saw you video 5 min after i started, turned out to get the same settings as you haha.
I will update soon if i suceed ;) Thanks for splitting the rails!

The stock is a PTS EPS. For the rigity if you print 2 parts..you need the little block that you will insert in the 2 bodies.

dang bro, good design, very fresh concept and best glock conversion so far

Comments deleted.

Hi friend, need make a hole to fit a slide release when magazine is empty, fit 100% on my APS Dragonfly

Not needed . When the mag empties out, just put a new mag in and pull the charging handle. It will release

Nice job, im printing with the fuzzy skin feature of Ultimaker Cura, my GBB is a APS Dragonfly, maybe fit perfect.

Cool. Let me know the fit. And make sure to share picture in the make

Good ideia, um printing the last part, but fit perfect, i Will post a make picture soon.

I'm more worried about high gas pressure, the heat part is a concern but not an immediate, injury threatning, explode in your face and spread shards of plastic all over the place kind of risk. (I might be a little paranoid...)

This is so amazing, and EXATLY what I've been looking for, but can you split it down the center/middel so that it can be printed on printers that can only do 200x200x200? (just the "main_body_marked")

bro can u share the split files to me too. thnx

Thank you SO much, I will get it printed ASAP and upload som pictures!

Let me know if it is still too tall. I have another idea on how to split and join it

Finally got the stock home, now it just neets a better paintjob :)

Btw, I used an ASG Glock 18 (Electric non-blowback) and it works pretty well, tho I had to sand and cut some parts of my G18, I have some improvements for you if you're interested?

Hey, got the two parts printed and most of the other parts should be done tonight :)

Just a heads up, the little "square" dents just in-front of the shell-ejection hole are slightly further back than on the other side, so it's not completely symetrical :)

thanks I have corrected the symetry

Did you tested with GBB model? it works with the blowback?

It works with blow back airsoft gbb

Comments deleted.


Actually you are wrong. the only way it will make a sbr (short barrel rifle) is if you put a rifle stock and or a vertical grip on, but a pistol brace would not create a sbr nor would a triangle grip. Please Know your laws ;) and yes I am talking about U.S laws as defined by the ATF.

also.. im not in USA so I dont care about ATF :P

Im not responsible for what people do with it. It is designed for airsoft only. It will probably fit a real glock but i take no responsability if people try that. This is for airsoft only :)

Great design mate ;)

Hello, I am from China Airsoft enthusiasts, I hope we can chat or make friends, my QQ email number is: 203739186@qq.com