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Terrier Missile SM2-ER 1/4 Scale

by mrdav1e Sep 22, 2018
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There are 2 parts to a terrier bird, the booster and the sm2 missile.

I did see that. I was thinking I might want some stickers or something on it but I don't want it to look like crap. I thought a couple Raytheon's somewhere or one round decal between the booster fins, not sure if Raytheon is teamed up with anybody. Obviously it's not a HARM, just thinking out loud.

there are plenty of pictures of the sm2 online but i don't know if you can get a close up to see what decals should be on it, cool idea though.

I got the idea from this tomahawk and I can't find it but there was a Terrier that had a round sticker between it's booster fins.

Yes it takes a lot of PLA since it's such a big scale, over 7ft long total.

So it looks like I need 2 of these?


22 and 23?

Man, this sucker is going to head into 4 reels and I am printing at your recommendations. I actually thought I had this thing done until I started putting it together.

SuperSM2 section 2 and section 3 are the same, so yes, 2 of these.

Hey Rudy, SuperSM2Booster345 is printed 3x because it's section 3, 4 and 5.

Now I am getting the numbering scheme, I was thinking that, thanks.

I don't think I quite got your numbering scheme down. On the booster I have SuperSM2Booster1, SuperSM2Booster2, SuperSM2Booster6, SuperSM2Booster345 and it seems like it is still one section short. Do I print one of them 2 or 3 times?

rudy, i don't offer the files for sale, sorry, but check this out: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2946735

Terrier RIM-2 Missiles launcher mk10

I will play around with that model but I don't have the skills to do any modifications to the files and no time to gain the skills. It would be nice to have the launcher to fit the missile I am printing right now.

a 1/4 scale terrier launcher would be so awesome but very tough to do with my printer size.

I have a flashforge guider so I am thinking it would be near impossible for mine also.

i sell 1/22 and 1/44 mk-10 (terrier) launchers at wolfland.net. just a smidge smaller than this 1/4 scale. hihi.

The printed model or the file for printing? It looks like you just sell the "kit" for assembly. All the fun is to print it for me.

Sounds good to me. Back in business with the PLA. I am doing the fins and stabilizers this weekend however I have a couple jobs tomorrow. On the launcher, what is the story on that? Is it printable and also what size missiles are on it as compared to the one I am printing now?

ca glue with activator works well for securing parts.

can't wait to see it, i'll post on my fb wolfland computers and hobby page.

I am getting there. I ran out of PLA and then they sent me a 1/2 KG roll and I had to return it and then another roll I was supposed to get tomorrow now says Friday. I have printed everything but the fins and stabilizers then I will post.

Which parts are black? I do see a spacer and 3 areas on the missile that are black. Thanks for any help.

i changed color as it was printing.

I had a feeling you might have done that but I can't make out which part is which for some of them. I am also not sure about SuperSM2Booster6insert.

by the way, I am also a ham, de K0NYK, 73!

73, that's awesome.

also, you can paint the black stripes on instead of changing color.

I think I may do that. I actually have been printing in white more often and painting to save some $$ on buying all these colors.

The insert is glued to the inside of Booster6 so that the end part of the missile has a stop when inserted.

Where you in the Navy?

I was a military contractor for 9 years with FMC Corp, then they changed their name to United Defense, then BAE Systems.

I was too with Vitro, Tracor, Unidyne and Eldyne but that was for Sonar stuff. I was on board 2 ships in the Navy that had the Terrier Missiles.