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Geetech A10 Part Cooling

by NevG Sep 22, 2018
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Unfortunately I don't have any experience with 3dtouch however if you look at the 'Make' tab I think combat1 has already done what you want.
If, for any reason, that isn't suitable then email (nevgreen@gmail.com) the exact size and requirements for the sensor and I will see what can be done.
Cheers Nev

Great design. Would it be possible to add 3dtouch support somehow? Thanks

Someone has the CAD model of this? STEP or IGES would be fine.

The model was developed using Onshape.
Onshape is a professional quality web based design tool and is free as long as models are public.
See https://cad.onshape.com/documents/40fc0553f4b6b559475cd1ac/w/09076330ce3847468558a307/e/5f4f2a491f633f2fe09f74f9.
Anyone can create an Onshape account and copy this design to their own workspace.
From there one can download model parts in many different formats - I believe STEP and IGES are available but I have not used them.

With regard to problems with the body and S3D.
I can only suggest that there will be a simple solution as many people have successfully downloaded the body, sliced it and printed it.
Personally I use Ideamaker as my slicer as I find that overall it produces better results.

Cheers Nev

I have problem with S3D and this body, i can import it but when genarating gcode 0 minute and nothing display!

beautiful project, congratulations I solved many printing problems thanks to your model, thanks.

Glad it helped. Look at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3179561 for further improvement.
Cheers Nev

Geeetech A10 Belt Drive Extruder
by NevG

Can you explain about the Led Bar?
what led have you bought? how you attached it?

thanks a lot

I bought a 24V LED strip and used one section stuck into the curved LED Bar.
The curved LED Bar is super glued to the body.
I bought two 12V part cooling fans and connected them in series; it certainly works but is probably not the best, two 24V fans in series would be better.
See attached.
Cheers Nev

I need to install light on my dark a10
how have you connected the light? over little board behind the extruder or externally?
can you share me the link of led strip?
many thanks !

My A10 may be a different version to yours; mine does not have the little board that you mention..
I pulled back the protective braid above the hot end, found the wires going the the heat sink cooling fan and joined the LED's to those wires.
Take care to get the polarity right - multi meter.

yes, probably it's different, my a10 hotend is inside this cage
and behind I've this little board

so, you peeled the wires and added, right?

Exactly, but it is probable that you could connect to the appropriate points on the PCB.

is your hotend like this?
I have that metal plate...

Not like that. Mine is round.

Hi can you point me were to buy the fans and a new extruder. Thanks.

ok thanks. And what extruder are you using? is it posible to use any E3d V6 extruder with this mount?

It's the Geeetech A10 original part.

Could the nozzles be modified to have screw brackets like the original design or this one https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2943689? Screws would be more convenient than adhesive for replacing fans

Had another go at fixing nozzles with M2 fan screws (see update). Note I have not test printed these items !
Cheers Nev

Thanks for that, I'll give it a try and let you know.
Also, for the body, did you need also supports in places other than the semi-circle of the heatsink top mount? I haven't tried printing it yet, but I can't imagine the screw holes on the sides, and the indentations (wire guides?) on the back and along the right side would print without supports.

I printed with supports under the semi-circle only. Everything else worked without supports.
Cheers Nev

One of my first attempts at nozzles was exactly like that however it required supports and the supports were particularly difficult to remove without damaging the part. In comparison my published nozzles are very easy to print with NO supports.
As an alternative to glue you could consider tape around the nozzle part that enters the fan to make it a tight fit OR scaling the stl in either the X or Y direction to make it a tight fit.
But to be honest an adhesive such as Bostik All Purpose works well and it is fairly easy to separate the nozzle from the fan should you need to replace a fan.
Cheers Nev

Hallo, thx for your work.
I like this design.
my litle mod for M12 senzor

Pleased to hear that you found it useful.
Can thoroughly recommend the belt drive extruder if you want to improve extruder resolution.