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Ender 3 - Filament holder DELUXE

by Skrutt84 Sep 22, 2018
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Great job, better than all the other :-)

Comments deleted.

But is it madness to print with nozzle to 0,8 and the layer height to 0,4?

Probably. I generally try to stay at 0.2 or under for threaded parts. You could always try a test part by printing a cm of each, to see if they will fit.

Waiting for a response, I tried to print with 0.4 as height. The thread was "hard"; to solve, I filed it.
Thanks anyway

Please upload the cad file.

Super der Filament Holder läuft Perfekt kein vergleich zum Originalen
Thank you

Hi @Skrutt84, very cool design. Could you add a shorter version of the filament_holder.stl file? (-25mm as example)
Or share the cad file so we can customize it depending the spool to be used. Thanks!

Maybe I make a 2.0 version.

Merci, très utile pour adapter n'importe quelle taille de bobine.

Please tell me I'm not alone when I say, this thing spins so freely, that it regularly spins on its own, causing filament to spiral outside of the spool and generally loosen up half a dozen wraps of filament waiting on the spool?

Is the solution to just make the bearings sit a little tight with the mechanism, so that it doesn't spin as freely, or is there a clever solution to this?

It's a great piece, but it's working a little too well for me... so much so that I may have to take drastic action and switch to something else if I can't fix the problem.

I too had the same issue. New to printing, I didn't understand the importance of a tightly wound filament spool. My filament was getting tangled and binding during print jobs due to being loose on the spool combined with the free spinning shaft. Did a bit of research and learned a few things. After tightening up my spools and putting more preload on the bearing, the problem is gone.

Thanks so much, Skrutt, for putting this make out there. It is VERY well done and now I have a wonderful and tidy spool holder.

Well, thank you!

Reduce extruder acceleration/jerk and or degrease bearing.

Works with CR-X (just print 2) as well; Best solution available. Thank you for sharing.
To have it perfect; get the Filament Guide (with Ball Guide) here:

Top Filament Guide with Ball Guide (No Hardware)

I print this upgrade with Ender 3.. i use pla+ with 3 layer external, resolution 0,15 infill 10%.... the result is wonderful!!! the best upgrade !!!

i use 608 abec 9 with normal M8 barrel and the 2 nut e 2 washer

Perfect couplings ... fluid and soft!
truly wonderful!

maybe I would have made the arm shorter. so as to screw and unscrew first more speedy.

thank you for sharing this fantastic project

I made the arm this lenght so it should fit all spools.
Some spools have small holes and that requires a long arm...

Some use 2.5 kilos rolls that are wider and so on.

How do I confine the support material to the center of the Filament_holder.stl? I'm using Cura 4 to generate the gcode, and it does not give me an option to specify where to place the support material; I can either use supports or not, and when I use supports, I get it along the outside screw which is a real pain to clean...

Hi, you can use:
support placement>
Touching buildplate

That should keep supports off the threads.

Beautiful; I found where to do that. THANK YOU! (In case you can't tell, I'm something of a novice.)

I'll post a picture once I get it all printed and assembled.

No problem, this is a really good spool holder BTW, I have been using it without issue for months on my Ender3 and my delta (using the remix bracket).

There are remixes of this version, but I don’t quite understand which coils of which width and with which diameter of the hole can be installed on this holder and, accordingly, on the remix version?

Very nice design, i'm in middle of printing waiting to test it. Could You tell me what's name of main bracket shown in attachment?

I don't know the name of that part, it comes with the Ender 3. Glad that you like it! Please post a make of it when you are finish. Always fun to see :)

Sure i will do, i do not have Ender 3, that's why i'm looking for that part to print out. I will rig up something else as bracket.

Maybe you can use this remix?

Ender 3 - Filament holder DELUXE - 2020 mounts (remix to use with 5/16" threaded bar)

im having issues with larger spools being heavy and my extruder not having enof strength pulling to spin the to feed the my material will this help spin all sizes and weights/widths of spools ?


Yes probably. This solution means that no matter how heavy the roll is, it is centered and rolls on ball bearings. The extruder attracts filament easily as pie!

I think i might have found a design flaw on this one. The hole that goes through the big piece(Filament_Holder) wich is 8mm. That hole should be chamferd or brought up to 12mm the first 3-4mm in each end.

If you assemble it as it is now, then you wont get much use of the bearings. Since all pressure on all sides are on the inner ring, and since the hole isnt tight enough for the bearing. That means that if you "tighten" this, it wont be able to turn.

I ended up using a deburr tool to create a large chamfer. That solved it for me. And theese bearing as so small so they cant handle that large of an axial force i noticed.

Otherwise this is a really good upgrade for your printer. Excellent idea! Thank you.

Indeed that is what I found. Both the outer and the inner race of the bearings touch the spool holder. That should not be. The bearings should have a little axial tension, but then the spool cannot spin smoothly.

I will open up the inner bore to free the inner race of the bearings.

Great design, deserves a small update!

I used some thin washers on both ends and tighten with a lock nut. It works perfectly for me, spins on the bearings.

Thank you nice it works even without bearings

Many thanks for your design!
Why is the thread so long? It would be very nice, if you could upload a shorter version (-25mm) with some mm threadless at the end. Or send me the CAD file to do it myself?

Best solution by far!
Excellent tolerances.

Best design for Creality Ender 3 update ever.

Glad you like it! :)

Works really fine on my Ender 3 pro, but needs some Adjustment for the Filament not run too free...

Lo he impreso con Ender 3 sin modificar nada solo en Cura, posicionar correctamente y poner soporte en hueco rodamiento. Montado y funcionando perfectamente.

Gracias por compartir

Yep, this filament holder is awesome, super smooth feed of filament. I printed this before I found out that there was a 5/16" remix, but a drill bit solved the problem and the nuts fit without modification (I only had to drill the mounting bracket.) I used some cheap bearings off of a $1 fidget spinner and had intended to get some decent bearings, but these are working fine. So if all you have is some cheap bearings, don't fret.

The mounting bracket works great! I ended up using a different model for the shaft and nut as the one provided has a diameter that is too large for some of the recently purchased filament spools.

I used the model here in conjunction with your mounting bracket.


Glad you like it :)

can you link the file for the 2020 mount? the one that connects the filament holder to the 2020 extrusion. thanks

Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but I made a remix of this which is a 2020 mount which I used for my Kossel printer. Included is an extension piece that helps in guiding the nut onto the spool holder:


Ender 3 - Filament holder DELUXE - 2020 mounts (remix to use with 5/16" threaded bar)

I sent along a coffee. Thanks for posting this!

Well, thank you!

Along with the 5/16 hardware remix, this is an excellent mod for the Ender. Works great.

Comments deleted.

You should add some mm of flat surface at the beginning of the screw inside the Filament nut to help position it in front of the filament holder.

I don't really understand what you mean?

I mean a 2-3 mm flat surface before the screw inside the nut so the female nut can be inserted by 2-3mm on the male screw to help align both part before screwing them.

I might have a better idea. Maybe I find some time this weekend to sketch a little on it :)

Hi, I went ahead and put this together, which I will print to today and test. If it works, it will not require re-printing anything, just adding this one part. It will go on the end of the filament holder and replace the washer (edit - actually I think the washer will stay, gonna update it slightly).

Updated version with a flat bottom. Will upload it, if it works.

I printed and tested an extension nut that works with a standard 5/16" nut (probably would work with an M8 also. It has a tight fit on the nut so it should probably be inserted before assembly. It is the file called "extension-nut-5-16in-2G.stl" in the remix.

That is exactly what I had in mind :) great minds think alike ;)
Maybe I put together one "original" to! :)

LOL, thanks! If you want to, it is perfectly cool with me to add it to the original files here (no credit needed on my end), since it is all derived from yours anyway. But I have to say that it may be too tight a fit for some folks, I pressed the nut in, so it is not a loose fit (not sure if the M8 nuts are bigger than 5/16"). I think it should be tested for M8 to be sure. I will upload a STEP files for it later today also if you want to mod them to fit which may be simpler.

STEP file for the nut is uploaded to both the remixes now.

Hi, I think I get what you mean, and it may help, but does not seem to be a problem on mine so far (I agree though it would be a minor improvement).

Comments deleted.

Yes, that's it, but on the nut so reprinting it to benefit this improvement will take less time.

Not sure I can remix that part since it is pretty complex (I need to covert them to a solid and my CAD program is limited in that regard). If I get some time this week I will see if I can do it though since I would like to print another for my Delta and maybe modify the mount to work with 2020 directly.

Comments deleted.

My last comment was flagged for some reason, probably because I went back and kept editing it for grammar. Anyway - Really cool model, thanks for posting it. I just wanted to ask if you can post the STEP file for the "Mounting_bracket" file? I want to mod it to use a 6" threaded rod (https://www.lowes.com/pd/Hillman-5-16-in-x-6-in-Standard-SAE-Threaded-Rod/3127747) which I can get locally. That will require moving the nut in by 8mm and modding the pocket to fit a 5/16" locknut. If it works out, I would of course post it as a remix. Thanks!

I think I figured out how to convert the file to STEP, if it works out I will post a remix so this can be made with 5/16" threadbar.

Remix is posted, and the part works with the 5/16 x 6" threaded bar from lowes (which is about $1). Also posted a make which works great. Thanks for posting this awesome design!

Remix is posted, and the part works with the 5/16 x 6" threaded bar from lowes (which is about $1). Also posted a make which works great. Thanks for posting this awesome design!

Hi, really cool design and thanks for posting this!

I want to use some 6" 5/16 threaded rod, which I can get locally, but that will require moving the nut on the "Mounting_bracket" file in by about 8mm and possibly modify the pocket for a 5/16 lock nut. Unfortunately my CAD app (ViaCAD) cannot convert the STL for that file into an object when it is as complex as that file is (it is limited to 3000 polygons or something like that). Would you upload the STEP file for that part so I can mod it for the 6" 5/16 threaded bar (https://www.lowes.com/pd/Hillman-5-16-in-x-6-in-Standard-SAE-Threaded-Rod/3127747)? If it works out, I would post the part as a remix (I think the only part that needs to be modded for it to work with 5/16 rod is the "Mounting_bracket"). Thanks!