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Ender 3 Adjustable Feet (2")

by FedorSosnin Sep 19, 2018
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Comments deleted.

Overall happy with how they came out but I obviously had bridging issues. We’ll see if they work/hold up.

Did you use supports on that? If so, what kind of supports/settings?

Woa. Interesting pattern! Let me know how it goes. :) Thanks for sharing.

I think the rail anchors really need to be tweaked. Its more than just a tight fit, they really don't fit in the rails at all. I spend 30 minutes trying to file one down to get it to fit and it just doesn't work. Its really disappointing because i love the design of these otherwise

Hi my friend, you can check this link: https://www.3dv.com/3dv-3d-Printing-Blog/How-to-increase-print-accuracy-on-the-Ultimaker-2-and-3-using-Cura
You can set this option "Shell-> Horizontal Expansion= -0.01" and that is all. it will fix it.

Thank you for the link!

That's unfortunate and I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. I wonder if some minor setting or calibration with your printer has them coming out large. It is a snug fit, by design, to keep the feet from moving.

Which way did you orient them when you printed and which supports did you use?

Everything else about them seems to fit perfectly. The feet screw into the base with no issue. I'm not sure what setting would cause just the rail anchors to be too large. I printed them with the rail anchors down and with support to build plate only

I took someone’s advice on using olive oil. I used a little rubber mallet to help it along and it worked fine. Thank you.

Nice to hear it worked out. :)

Hi i like your adjustable feet for the ender3 i have some on mine too thx but got a question i have a ender5 but no adjustable feet for it an the one on here has the wrong way screw on feet im not very good at making this stuff like you do i see so could someone put a file up or put your own stl file up so i can build it up off the ground thx


Just a small issue here that I might need some help.

I got them printed as per your settings, unfortunately they all shear off when trying to slide them ON the rails. (the rail anchors I mean)

Filling them...that's quite an after process task, and I would explore gladly other means before going to do that to all 4 of them.
Greasing them....that did not work. Dimensional wise...are ok. Just a very tight fit.
I am thinking along the lines of extra infill in the bottom areas for greater strength.

Please would you mind sharing the infill type you used? And other suggestions you might think?


Hmm. What do you mean shear off? Is it splitting between layer lines? Usually that means you need more heat at the nozzle so the layers melt together a little better. Or you have some under extrusion possibly. I always use grid for my infil personally. It the most predictable in my opinion. Other than that, id use a sharp blade or a small file a bit to get the printed one's on.

I mean shear off at the intersection with the foot body. And yes, It is splitting exactly on the layer lines. I think is due to stress induced when inserting into the rails grooves.
Yeah, I agree about the extra heat at the nozzle (running at 190 degC now). I have noticed issues with layer adhesion with this PLA I am using.
I have to say I have tried up to 215 degC with no noticeable improvement in layer adhesion.
I will reprint with higher temp and let you know.


Do you have the link for that green belt tensioner please.
The one just above and the same side as the control box.

You can find the link in the Remixed From section of: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3329210

Ender 3 Tensioner Camera / LED Mount

FYI, I sprayed some Olive Oil in a paper towel and wiped the outside of the Feet threads and the inside of the base threads. A lot easier to adjust

so, i printed this out feet first and then the bases. all four together so it made for a long print. when i got the bases done i tried to put them together but the feet were way too small to fit the bases. any idea on why this is? could i scale the feet up a bit and have that work?

Hmm. That’s strange. So the “feet” ended up too small to screw into the bodies? Hmm, not sure why unless an accidental scale happened. You can always try to

Great design! However when mounting, I had to hammer them in with a piece of wood. They all cracked in the same place as one of "makes". I think I used 30% infill. Do you think 20% will be a better fit? Hope I didn't mess the printer up when squeezing them on...

I would even go down to 10-15%. Also, you could try going down on the extrusion multiplier for a hair. That might reduce the scaling issue, plus they will print faster. ;)

Printed at 20% infill and they fit, tight fit. My printer fell off the table and sheered all of them right off. Then went to print at 100%, and it does not fit at all. I may try shrinking by 1-2%.

Oh no! Your printer fell off the table! I'm sorry to hear that. Yes, these things are quite robust and have a tight fit as is so I can imagine if they are 100% filled, they won't shrink at all and will not fit. Before you do a re-print, have you tried sanding it a bit with a file to get them to fit?

Comments deleted.

I'm sorry to hear that! Can you elaborate a bit so I can try to help? Are you using Cura? Are you using supports?

I'll take User012's place instead :)

I have just started printing these (an hour in on a 6 hour, 2 per session), and realise I forgot to add supports. What do you suggest I do in Cura? Could we not simply turn the bracket end over and do away with supports altogether?

EDIT: Just had another look at your desgin and realised no, supports are needed. Better learn how to add supports in Cura

I prefer these legs to the flexible type and used a similar bracket on my old CTC (Makerbot clone). In that one though, the designer incorporated bolts in the feet (which I glued in with 2-part resin) and corresponding nut which could be pushed into the bracket itself (See https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:466923). I thought this was an elegant solution and works really well.

Your design for the Ender 3 is the closet to that so far, so thank you very much, and I hope to get it printed ASAP

Regards, Ian

Leveling feet for Replicator clones

I have printed these twice now both in the orientation you see in the attached photo with supports on. This way, there are minimal supports to print. I guess you could print it with the threads downward but you'd still need supports for the body itself to print properly and 90 degree angles on the mounts themselves. I don't think on the side is a good idea because it would cause the threads to print very poorly and you need those for adjustability.

I use supports from the bed only at 70 degrees set to "lines". They pop off real easy by pulling them off with needle nose pliers. So, clean up is minimal. Also, you can't see any of those areas when these are on the printer. :)

Thanks for trying these out! Post your make when you are done. ;)

PS - Cura won't let me do a Support Infill Layer Thickness of 0.15mm stating the value has to be a multiple of the layer height - Mine's set at 0.2 so I left SILT at default 0.2mm. Thanks mate

Makes sense, that should be ok.

Thank you for that. On my way......

Whaauw, you really pimped your ender.
What belt tensioners are you using. And what of that fan shroud? Look mighty cool mate!

Haha. Yea...I went a little nuts with the green PLA. That's not even all of it. ;)

The belt tensioners are: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2986144
The fan shroud is: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2879538

The fan shroud is great. Simple, one piece print with a super easy install via 2 stock screws.

Thanks Jakiebus.

ENDER 3 Belt tensioner
CR-10 / Ender Hotend Cover For Stock Fans

You mounted the RPi3 under the display, could you provide us with the case for it? Thanks :)

Ender 3/Cr-10 Raspberry Pi Case with PiCam Slot

How did you route your wires connecting to the Raspberry Pi, do you mind showing that?

Must of the access wiring I hid in here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3169653 so its hard to see. But for power, I used this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3164882 and a buck down converter going straight from the bottom of the power supply. Plenty of how to's out there. :)

Hide your wires! 4040 snap-on box / wire management - Ender, CR-20
LM2596 and LM2596S Buck converter tool-less snap-fit enclosure - Ender, CR-10, 2020