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small gear box v2 4 stage high reduction

by caj Sep 18, 2018
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It has no right to act. The gears do not match.

i do not see the picture upload i have posted it again how did you post the picture it is not working for me or do you see it and i do not on my end

i have just opened the project and as you see that the gears are meshed in the design not sure how i can make it better you can see in the image the spacing between gears i think putting the gears together with out that space is a false illusion that they do not match i think i also had the same false view when i did it myself

thanks for the picture i can see what you are saying i think i also noticed this when i printed them it has ben some time since i posted these boxes but the gear box did work when they was in the case i think because there is a little clearance between gears that they worked i will see if i can get a better match and i will work on this and re post when i figure it out i do not use any gear making program these gears are made using a lot of creative design work i do see that in the new net fab it has gears and also xyzmaker has gears i just kind of thought it was cheating to make them this way and and the prongs never printed properly using these the program that i use does not have gears i just loved the challenge of making gears manually

Przekładnia nie pasuje. Źle zaprojektowane koła zębate. szkoda że dopiero po wydrukowaniu to dostrzegłem.

thanks for the feedback unlike others who post hear i want to hear good and bad to improve or make changes

this is a excellent time to bring up this subject about fit and printer settings everything i post has ben printed using the default xyzware slicer settings at .3 mm with a 1mm spread

when you change the layer hight this does nothing in the quality of sides when they are straight up and down this realy only affects quality in things like figures where you have round faces ect so things like gears does not improve the quality at all but what it does affect is scale when you increase or decrease layer higth this does change the x and y scale of a object also slicer programs like S3D also complicates things by being able to change the feed rate and amount of filament coming out of the head this is a good thing as you can change the spread changing the x and y scale to more match the exact measurements of your design but it complicates things when posting things for other people to print that do not have these settings

and hear is the reason when i make a design i have to subtract 1mm from outside of a thing in the design so that it will print at the exact size that i want and i have to add 1mm to inside holes to make them the exact diminutions

some slicers are starting to now compensate for this spread but most do not as to date so posting things and thinking that it will print properly on somebody else's printer is a real craps shoot

this is why i say leave the settings alone and set them at default for just about everything except for figures

there is a theory that most fall into that layer high affects detail in things like gears it does not and do not fall for this you do not get any more detail on the prongs of a gear

also not sure if i mentioned this but these gears must be printed on a raft and the raft sanded down to the gear this prevents you from having to take a file to each tooth to remove the bottom ridge to make them work

also the reason there is a hole in the case is for you to help start the gears to get them turning then they will work them self in if you do not do this these small motors do not have the power to get them spinning if there is even the slightest imperfection in the gear it will stop

i have just uploaded a picture of the gear install order for you hope that helped

Thanks for this awesome project.

One question, how do you put gears in? what is the order?