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Oculus Touch Wall Mount

by boopidoo Sep 17, 2018
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Any chance that you'll have a version of this for the new Rift-S/Quest controllers? I really like this one-screw design and all others require two mounts be printed. Thanks!

I would love to but I only make these designs for equipment I already have. So I will probably make designs for the Rift S but probably not until I get my hands on it myself.

Partly this is because I mostly design what I need myself but also because designing good designs takes a lot of effort and testing with several prototypes until I'm satisfied.

Dang it. I understand though. Thanks!

Dang it. I understand though. Thanks!

Is it possible to add a 2nd hole for a screw at the bottom or two screws each on one side?
Are you willing to share the original file?

Hi, I can add another hole but the design is not open for redesign by others. Give me a few days to upload the design with added hole.

Hello, have you found time to do the mount with the second hole?

Hi, now I've added a second version with two holes.

No problem, appreciate it.

Great design, thank you!

How is the day to day use? Thinking about printing it but also that maybe it's too finicky to place the Touch Controller there every time ;)

Any printing suggestions? 0.2 mm and 20 % infill?

The design is very sturdy and definitely handles day to day use. It should last as long as the controllers. I've printed mine in 0.15 @ 25% but just increase the infill if you're worried.

Excellent Design. Thank you!

Cool design. Added a small tip for you.

Thanks, it's appreciated.

This is a great design , but I printed one and put it on Ebay (try and earn some filament £) and oculus had Ebay take the listing down for infringement on intellectual property?? I was going to try again but does anybody know if oculus have a similar product??

Wow, eBay did the right thing. You need to read up on which license applies because you are not allowed to sell it since it's listed as non-commercial. As a designer who puts many many hours into designing great designs I also share many of my designs for others, like you, to enjoy for free. But I do not spend all these hours designing so others can make a profit.

Instead of trying to earn money for yourself why not leave tips more often for designers putting in so much effort and time making designs for you to enjoy? In all years on thingiverse I think I've only ever gotten one tip which wad immensely appreciated. I myself tip quite often for designs I enjoy because I know it often takes a lot and many prototypes to make a good design.

But I'm glad you like it. :)

Sry eBay didn't remove it because of license, they removed it because of complaint directly from oculus! Just out of interest I could understand if you designed something and then someone put it into mass production and made a fortune, how that would make you feel taken advantage of, but what would be you reason for not wanting the hobbyist to try sell a few models to support the hobby? the alternative being your designs will only ever be used by people with enough money to buy a printer, or enough money to just give prints away, which is kind of a waste. Tipping is a great idea! or maybe a bit of a shareware type scenario where by the design is downloaded and if it works and is useful then your encouraged to pay, However I been using this site for a few days why do I not see a tip button????? it should be up there with the others! if I were you, as a designer I would be asking thingiverse to rectify this because you will not be getting many tips if people don't know they can tip, if it's in the small print somewhere then it's useless.

Hi, the tip button is shown when you download the model. An encouragement appears to "show some love" and tip the designer, see attached file. ;)

As a designer I am free to chose which licence I want for my design unless I base it directly upon another design, then I need to use the same open source license. Which license each design has is shown for each model on thingiverse, a nice and descriptive instruction on what the license means is shown if you click on it. Kudos to thingiverse for making it so easy to use.

Some designs I do choose to let go totally free for others to manipulate and sell but others I want to keep as my own. The reasons for what license I choose differs but that is actually totally up to me. The alternative would for me to keep all designs for myself. Having free designs available makes it easy for other to take advantage of and it happens every week that I see my designs being sold for commercial purposes which in fact is taking advantage of my hard work without anything in return, not even a credit which ALL licences demand.

Did you leave credits to me when you tried to sell it?

Found tip button, crap place to put it, I like most people are that accustomed to click through the myriad of offers that are thrown at us that soon as I seen "Dropbox 20gig free" or what ever it was I closed the window and that's what most people will do. I did message my tuppence worth to thingiverse and suggest a spot for the button on the front page of the design, so maybe you never know, maybe get more designers to ask for this.

No I didn't leave credit, but maybe encourage people to leave credit and a source! so that potential business opportunity's can find there way back to you.

So back to original question, if you designed this yourself why has oculus managed to get it taken of ebay? do you think because I used the name oculus in the title?

Yes, I agree that the tip button could be placed a lot better.

I don't know what reasons Oculus had but yet, maybe it was the name. My design is made from scratch.

Beautiful design. Works great.

Amazing, printed wonderfully! And very elegant design. Thank you!

I'm glad you like it! :)

This is the one I was looking for, thanks for your work :-).