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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

1:200 Tanks and Vehicles - Pack 2

by m_bergman Apr 25, 2014
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Hey just wondering can these be printed in PLA and also do you offer a license im a commercial printer

quick question. Went to print the kv-2. noticed no turret. looked and saw the same thing with the kv-1 and kv-85. Is it located somewhere else and i missed it?

I cannot find the turret either. Sorry.


Just downloaded the pack to check, and the turrets and hulls are in the correct sub-folders.

gonna re-download it. should take care of it. not sure what happened

Thank you so much! New to 3-d printing, but an old player of flames of war. Again thank you so much.

Hi, thanks for good job. But i am missing THE MAUS. Can you add it please :)

Thank you for sharing your work.
I'm sure this has been asked a few times, what brands of 3-D printers do you recommend for printing your models?

       Thank you,


Hi, i use repetier. I cant configurate the supports and other configs like the author describe. How can i do it? Pls help.

Thx a lot

Awesome packs thank you!

But where can I find the BM Rocket Launcher? Katjuscha?

It would be great if you add more stuff, like modern AntiAir and Artillery (like Wargame Red Dragon), prefer in 1:100 - i need this stuff :-P


A Studebaker Katyusha is in this pack

The rest of the IS series coming? IS4, 5, 6, 7, 10?
Amazing job, btw. LOVE it.

When printing the turrets for the Tiger II, the hole in the tank is round, but the turret's pole (or whatever) is elliptical in shape. I printed a couple just to make sure. Should I print supports under it to keep it from sagging?

Thanks and these are awesome!

Do you need support for the Hetzer?

Could you try your hand at making 1:200 WW2 Aircraft and/or ships? I think it would be awesome to have a huge military battalion of Land Vehicles, Airplanes and Ships.

There are some landing craft in Pack 3. Anything beyond a LCT-6 is totally unfeasable, in my opinion. For example, a Liberty Ship is 441 feet long - that scales to 672mm in 1:200. Even a Flower class corvette is 312mm long.
Not really interested in making a ship in 7 or 8 large pieces. There are enough tanks to keep me going for a long while to come, especially if I delve into post-war items.

in the movie 'Kellys heros' a US halftrack has a large stubby cannon, mortar or rocket launcher mounted on top center looks like a 6 or 8 inch bore. I dont see this version in the packs.

105mm HMC T19 - only 324 built in 1942, very few left by 1944 to fight in France.
But, as always, I'll include it at some point.

Great work really !

I tried to print the Hetzer model at original 1:200 scale with a Markerbot Replicator 2X but I came across a few issues :

  • details (parts of tracks, wheels) are sometimes missing
  • the barrel seems to thin too get printed

Please can someone share printing settings to get the best of these stunning models ? Many thanks :-)

I print them sitting on their tracks, which ensures that the gun barrel prints nicely and strong. (That's why the gun barrels are drawn with a flat underside - too small to be obtrusive, but gives a lot more surface area during printing.)
Support is required. This is automatic in the UP software, so I'm afraid I can't help with that.
0.15mm or 0.2mm z axis layers should work fine.
If printed in the suggested-above orientation, all features are designed to be big enough to print.

There should be my mistake : I printed it standing on its back, barrel up as this is how it appears when loaded in Makerbot desktop software.

Thank you for the quick help. I really appreciate it :-)

just a small request I would like to make.

can you make a stl file of just the wheels laid flat in sets of 4 each;
duel rears off 6x6 trucks, single front wheels off 6x6 trucks, and single wheels off car/jeep?
I have a few failed prints where just a wheel or 2 got messed up printing.. thanks!

your first pack was awesome and now i find out you have a second pack AND WW1 pack... you sir just got a new follower.

Excellent modeling sir. The detail on these is great!

If only these could be made in 1/32 scale, I'd be able to make the best old fashioned Marx battleground playset ever! How hard would that be?

Just scale the model up by 6.25 when you go to slice it. Most slicers have the option to scale like that... The math works out so that a 1/32nd scale model is 6.25 times larger than a 1/200th scale model. After that the question is whether the model fits on your printer or not.

can you make a cargo/troop tarp cover (like other trucks have) for the GMC 6x6 open so we can make a closed version for short and long wb? also this truck came in 2 more versions 1 recovery crane service, and 1 maint repair shop with large box with fold out ext roofs each side for in field vehicle mechanics providing shelter from sun/rain while repairing vehicles

Thank you so much!

Can you make it an stl file?

In the "Thing Files" tab above is a file called bergman-tanks-pack2-stl.zip, which contains all of the .stl files in one zip archive.
All you need to do is download and unzip that file.
There's no way I'm going to upload 50+ .stl and 50+ .x_t one by one...

Thanks for all of your hard work. Could you please include a US Stuart light tank and a Priest? Keep up the good work.

A flippin mazing. many thanks