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by KerberosFI Sep 15, 2018
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Very cool model. Thank you very much. I printed all the pieces at double the size on an MK3S

Made the complete version supports at 40 took awhile but it came out great!!

This is absolutely gorgeous, congrats! Just trying to decide which PLA colour should I print it on (white or grey probably) and what settings etc...Any comments whether one should print it whole with supports or bit by bit?

I have an error slicing the flat model on Cura, can anyone help me?

It looks like the item is just not "centered" on the build plate, but I may be wrong. That is what mine look like when one of the objects is off the build area in Cura. Perhaps pull in the model fresh to Cura, and if necessary move it or rotate it to fit the active area of the plate. Hope that helped and that is all it is. Big Dragon! And lovely! Good Luck!

Thx so much but the error is that the darker area on the build plate marks the area of the model but it´s bigger than the model, that´s what I talk about, I tried to center it but nothing. Thank you anyways :3

Oh, gosh, that is strange. It almost looks like you have a component/ part of the drogon that is seperate from the main body (and way out in left field!) One lonely vertex could do that. I'm sorry I couldn't help. I hope you solve it- I'm very interested in what your solution or fix is for this issue. Good luck!

Hello! After a few days of investigating the error I realized that in Cura I had selected the option to print models one by one so Cura generated that extra area in case you put another model! I just selected the other option and the model fits perfectly :)

Excellent- glad it's sorted. Happy printing!

What settings would you recommend? Infill percentage and support percentage?

Printed beautifully amazing detail

I cant figure out why my printer will only print a small piece then set doing nothing for 30 seconds then move a little bit more then set for 30 seconds again... I have waited over 4 hours now and its only done 2 layers of the model. I use cura and have left everything default other than add supports, what could be causing this?

Awesome model. You mentioned other poses ... you you think you could post one with wings spread out, flying down so that we could make it into a lamp with the fire breath?

I'm having trouble with the two large spines on the head. I've printed twice withthe default orientation and both of them are coming out messed up. Using Cura with supports. Is there a better orientation to print the head with?

The flat surface model has worked very well for me so far. Printed twice, once at the given size and another @ 150%.

Hi all. Beginner here, my first attempt at support enabled prints. I have this problem encountered at the left wing for overhangs. Any suggestions what I need to tweak? I use premium pla and have set 195 degrees temperature, 0.1 mm layer height.
Any help is appreciated.

I generally recommend 200-210 depending on what you are printing. e.g. if you want better overhang then lower and if you want better layer adhesion the higher.

Increase Z distance for supports. I use 0.3 mm when printing at a 0.2 mm layer height with a 0.4 mm nozzle.

With S3D, there is a problem on right wing. I fixed it.

Thank you so much! I will put note on the details so other S3D users can use it :)

You're welcome :)

Love this model, I did the flat surface. Im pretty new to printing and haven’t mastered Cura settings yet. Any suggestions for supports and infill? The tail and one of the feet broke off easily while removing supports. I believe I have small dip in the center of my bed. Waiting for my glass bed to come in. Anyway any suggestions for slicing profile would be really appreciated. Thanks

Very impressive! Thank you for making this :)
May i ask what software you are using to produce these?

Hi. I'm using Blender.

There is definitely something wrong with the right wing. I had someone else slice it on a different computer and play the simulation and you can see the exact place where mine had holes in the wing. We a few different options and if it fixed the wing it screwed up other parts. I may try repairing in meshmixer as 3D builder did not identify anything wrong.

Hi. First I'm sorry for not having any answer to give for you about this problem you are having. I Took a look in meshmizer and didn't find any error in inspector. Also viewing in Blender doesn't give any hints of it being nonmanifold, having impossible geometry etc. Finally, after being sliced in Cura I didn't see any problems or layers behaving strangely with wings.

This was in S3D. We resolved it by selecting “apply bridging settings to perimeter” and “merge all outlines into a single solid model”. I brought it into a couple of different software myself and never saw an issue. It’s very odd. If have similar issues with S3D but they were very minor. But at least now I know how to fix them lol. Thanks!

No problem. Nice to hear you got it solved! :)

Ok Simplify 3D did identify "self intersecting surfaces" and that is where I had the issues. I'm printing again to see if the settings I posted above worked, but the attached images are what I found. The red lines are the self intersecting surfaces and those are where the holes were in my first print.

Just curious, has anyone else had an issue with the right wing when printing the whole thing at once? I've got several gaps but the right wing is the only one that happened to. It has nothing to do with my extruder because the gaps are at angles, not just one layer. The rest of the model is beautiful!

I had the exact same problem. Thought it was my printer till I saw this. Still looks beautiful to me though.

il est superbe !!! quelle taille fait-il ?

x:13,69 cm

can you just print the entire dragon instead of the individual pieces

Sorry for taking so long to answer,yes, there are 3 variants of whole drogon on the download list:75 Mbit which is pretty much the end result after sculpting with very minor tweak in reducing vertices, 45 Mbit variant which has further reduced amount of vertices and finally the just added flat version, which has wings adjusted for better surface contact.

Impressive work, incredibly detailed. May i modify the shape? I wish to make the body hollow to hold the disks of the series.

Sure, go ahead :)

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EXCELENTE DISEÑO!. Como imprimir la cola? . Otros archivos terminan sin problema, puede ser que este mal el archivo?

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Nice work! Very detailed. I added LEDs to my print and it came out great. Thanks.

Can you post a picture of it in the dark?

Nice, came out great. Thanks for the file.

Can i buy the rights to print these and sell them? :) any price

I'm sorry,currently I'm not selling rights for commercial use.

Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention ^^

Right.I think I need to do something about that...

It looks like that guy wasn't selling the model or 3D design but instead charged people for the time and material as specified in the item details. That is legal sadly.

I have no legal education whatsoever and as such these are my opinions but:
The person was using the work or different format of the work(3d print and images of the said print) for marketing(commercial use) of the said service.
I'm completely fine if people are using 3D-printing services to print my models, the problem is if the seller of the said service uses my models or different format of them to advertise their services or is selling already printed versions of my models.

Since the listing is removed I can't check but I read the description before and he was charging not for the physical model but for the material and time to print. Just like a printing service would do. If they are made to order items then he is also not selling pre-made models. I agree that this shouldn't work that way but after some research on my own it seems that as long as he isn't selling the 3D model itself or your pre-made 3D models then it is legal. Here is a link to the "Useful Article" act. In the US, the model itself (or knitting pattern, woodworking pattern, recipe, etc) might be protected by copyright law, but the object that is created from it is not. Hope this helps with resolving this issue!


The whole body prints beautifully with supports. However, both times i've printed this the dragon's right foot broke off trying to remove the supports. Not sure if there is any way to strengthen it? Beautiful work!

Have a look here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmEaNAwFSfI
After seeing this, I always increase the number of walls if I need to increase the strength of a part. Maybe that'd also be a solution for your problem.

please can u help me with the setting of this print

Yes,supports are necessary. I myself printed in parts and clued afterwards. Especially in body the scales came out much nicer this way. If I recall correctly used 0.20 mm layer height.Print speed around 50 mm/s and 15% infill.

but plaese do it need support

Very nice model, thank you. If you post it in another position let me know. Congratulations!

Thank you and sure will let you know! ^^ Currently I'm quite busy with studies so I'll have to see when can I actually get it out.

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