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by MG-dream-technology Sep 12, 2018
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Can someone help with link, where to get 4x40 Optic axe and 8x4x10 Copper sleeve ?!?

Hi! I have buyed in a hardware store 4mm x 1m aluminium Bar. Easy to cut with a metal saw. I'm waiting for the linear bearing LM4UU. (I think this is perfect)

Hi! Nice Robot. Now I´m printing the PLA parts, and waiting for the vitamins and electronic componets. I have made a few machines, and I think that this one is perfect to complete my collection.
I have been reading all the coments and the tutorial files and I have a question.
When I have mounted the hardware, and the firmware will be uploaded to the ATMega, and I have done the calibration, I only have to load a gcode file generated in inkscape or lasergrab to pronterface? I don´t need to do anything in pronterface? It´s not necesary to configure anything in pronterface? Thanks!

yes only do auto calibration you can use,if you want to draw faster,you should change some settings.


this is for GRBL but on STM32,You can refer to modify your normal GRBL firmware on UNO


I can´t upload the .hex file. I don´t have a programmer. It´s that´s the problem or Where??
I need SOLUTIONS, please

Can anybody put all the files from baidu to another file share site, so the rest of the world can download.

Can`t upload .hex into Arduino DUE MEGA 2560

Run as administrator the program.

Can anybody upload a working test gcode file for this robot. All tools I use generate gcode like this:

G1 X0.667 M3
G0 X1 Y0 M5
G1 X1.667 M3
G0 X2.333 Y0 M5
G1 X2.667 M3

But the firmware seems to ignore the M3/M5 command.

M3 M5 put to another row

Almost 4000 downloads and no one answers questions, no way to get the source, I made the request 5 months ago, so it would be easier for someone to share it once and for all. also have the same problem, the commands M3 and M5 do not work, besides, which software generates these commands?

Good day! Assembled the device according to the instructions. Pronterface connects to the device, executes commands. But using Pronterface nothing to print. Any other gcode-senders programs do not connect Drawbot((( Tried all laid out firmwares - both 5 and 6 and even version 5 in Chinese. I guess it's because of the wrong characters that the firmware sends to the port of the computer. Namely, when initializing "servo angle ⸮ ⸮ L pen down T pen up⸮⸮:
M4 L10.00 T90.00" Pronterface connecting swears on the wrong symbols, but it recommends to test connection speed. Please either fix this error or send me the source code to the firmware to address surinme@gmail.com thanks in Advance.

your softwire can not recieve chinese,ni can try proterface for windows

This is really cool! Do you think you can come up with a way to make a 3d printer out of this? Maybe Put another Nema below it and screw it upwards to get height

somebody have source code firrmware?


Looks nice, do you have the modified GRBL for this scara bot?


Hello to all of you, we're a group of makers from Braunschweig, Germany.
While trying to get this machine working, we wrote our own Code for an Arduino Mega attached to a Ramps 1.4 board.
It's not finished yet, but if you want to have some inspiration take a look at out GitHub:


Any feedback is welcome!

Pins are not defined correctly. Because of this incorrect procedure home_all. Correctly write:
pinMode(X_MIN_PIN, INPUT_PULLUP); //to be pulled to +5
pinMode(X_MAX_PIN, INPUT);
pinMode(Y_MIN_PIN, INPUT_PULLUP); //to be pulled to +5
pinMode(Y_MAX_PIN, INPUT);

Thanks for your contribution!


That´s the best news about this drawbot project, in months so far!

Great news.

I´m following the github...


I am using an old Anet A8 board to control this drawbot. I am trying to get the mechanics working with the forward and reverse kinematics you mentioned in the chinese forum you pointed to. But I am having trouble getting homing working, since Marlin SCARA homing is not quite working.
Since you are unwilling to share the source code, can you at least compile your source for the Anet A8 or Melzi board and provide the firmware?

Hi, I am green and I don't get what stepper should I exactly
buy, there is a lot of version of 42 stepper motor, also what charger do you use?


Can you please send me the firmware code at adi32k@gmail.com


MG-dream-technology: I think the aluminum tubes you used must have had an undersized <13mm ID, that's why the parts joint1-joint4 are only 12.5mm instead of 13mm in diameter.
A lot of users are using carbon fiber tubes with an exactly 13mm ID, which makes the joints loose. Could you upload versions of those 4 joints with 13mm diameter? Or share the original design files so others can modify it?

for those who ask for the firmware (including me) I point out that you find it inside the zip, with an HEX extension

So cool design... congratulation !!!!

I just finished to build mine... but i have a printrboard for controling.
Can you publish firmware source ?

Thanks a lot

Hi, can you show me a picture how to pull down the pen using a rubber band? (pen holder v2)

Interesting design!
Can you send me the firmware or source code to me?
I want to test it!
Thank you!


magnifique travail, pouvez-vous s'il vous plaît m'envoyer le code source / firmware?


Merci d'avance!

It's a very different project, I'm done putting it together, could you send the firmware to my email? Thank you mauricio.rodriguezcarvajal@gmail.com

I almost finished this masterpiece, you can send me the firmware at sbardelatti@libero.it thanks

I liked the project. I have finished printing and assembling the parts. ¿Can you please send me the source code/firmware?
Best regards from Spain and thank you in advance!

Hi, I read that your system can not run G2 and G3, do you think you can do it? would be really complete in this way, hello and I congratulate you for the project !!

Perfect job, can you please send me the source code/firmware? I finished printing parts, thanks very much !


magnifique travail, pourriez-vous s'il vous plaît m'envoyer le code source / firmware?


peut on utiliser carte arduino uno

Merci d'avance!

Can you please share the link to the firmware

great design, could you please send me the source code/firmware? thank you in advance!

I already assembled the drawbot, could you send me the firmware aswell?
Would be glad to test it! dehmel-martin@web.de
Regards Martin


Could you send me the firmware?


Could you share with me firmware? My email is lelamanhphi@gmail.com. In my country, I can't find 2GT-232mm belt, so I can change by 230mm or 240mm (use GT2 20 teeth timing pulley ?) ? Thank you!!!

Hello MG-dream-technology,

thank you for that great drawing machine. I print it. I assamble it. I transfer the HEX-Code on it. I play with Pronterface a couple of hours. And now i sitting here an don't know why the Printer doesn't work.
I can control the x and y arms. But if i try to start a printing-job. The arm twist 180 degrees to the other end of the Drawing Area. Only a emergency-stop provides the machine from damage.
It's my first expirience with things like CNC Machines. Can You give me a simple step by step to do list for the first drawing. I Dont know what is to do to make a drawing. A very nice machine, but i am not able to print something. Please help me.

Best regards from Germany,


PS: I tried to print a gcode-file (castle) on the Printer. It looks like the Printer try to Print it (The Arms moving). But after a time he comes to the ends of the printing area. Only a emergenca-Stop provides me from damage.

I also played with the CNC-Commands. First of all i reduce the moving speed. But here are some questions i have.

  1. What ist rectangular coordinate System? What is angle Coordinat System? What did the Printer need?
  2. What default settings are the right for the perfect gcode-file?
  3. Uses the printer Inch or Millimeter? Could this solve my problem?
  4. Can somebody give me the neessary Commands for preparing the Print?

Is there somebody who can help me?

Update :-(
First Damage on the Printer. The Y-End-Stop-Holder is broken.
Is there somebody who have a working machine at home who is able to help me?

I've printed all parts and build it together, but I'am not sure were/what structure the end stop switches will trigger... Can anybody publish a picture, because I believe the small metal sheets of my switches are to short!?
Additional new problem: I've printed "Slider.stl" 2nd time and on one side metal pins don't fit save in snap contur, what should be done to fix it??

One side is clearance fit and the other side is interference fit,If it's too loose, you can use glue

Thanks! Understood! Could you give me an answer to first part of my question please: I still not have any idea where my problem with endstops is: Where is the opposite for switches? It seems that my switches have to short metal "arms"?!?!
I've placed two additional pictures to show problem.

Comments deleted.

How much would it cost to make this?

after finish mechanic and electriccomponent, i try to upload hex v5/v6 with XLoader (succesfully)

try to connect with pronterface is succesfully too, try to send G28 and work fine.

But i try make gcode witih inkscape, and import file gcode with pronterface, prontface can't work fine

The print goes:

  • from 0.00 mm to 0.00 mm in X and is 0.00 mm wide
  • from 0.00 mm to 0.00 mm in Y and is 0.00 mm deep
  • from 0.00 mm to 0.00 mm in Z and is 0.00 mm high
    Estimated duration: 0 layers, 0:00:00

Any other setting may be i am incorrect

Use laserGRBL , always failed in connection

Nice Bot, but there are some errors in some of the parts.
the bearing is loose in the driving wheel, and the hex is too small for the M4 nut in joint 4.

Could you share the step files so I can do my own corrections?

It is M3 nut, you can use magics to change STL

nice tool!
is it customizable fo A3 or A2 format?

Hello, i also have a problem with homing, when i send G28 Y motor homes ok but X motor doesnt move at all and no more commands go through. If i press the x end stop by hand motor moves in opposite direction a little (away from endstop). Any idea what the problem might be caused by?

Limit switches should be normally closed,The X motor plug is in reverse

Endstops triggering confirmed with M119, they both work fine. Reversing the motor plug didnt't help, if i plug y motor and endstop into x pins the problem shifts to that motor and endstop, swapping drivers didnt help either. I've also tried different ramps boards and same thing happens. Is the firmware available on the Chinese Arduino website link? Im unable to register as i dont have a Chinese phone number. Id like to try changing the pins to use the z driver and endstop to see if that makes it work.

Hi. I have a problem that when I send the: G28 instruction (Pronterface) - motors starts to move in opposite direction (no home - but out of the home). Changing of the X and Y motor does not change it. Could you please help me? Thank you.

By reversing the motor plug, you can change the direction of motor

I have managed to put it together eventually :)
But I don't have endstops. I always do this manually. Could you please send the source config so I can disable endstops?

short circuit the endstop,you can forbidden.

no need endstop. disassembled everything. closed source = uncool.

you could just buy endstops they're dirt cheap or write your own software genius, not that hard either with all the resources online

Did you mean "[...]software genius" oder "[...]software. Genius."?
I guess you have no clue about modifying Marlin to run exactly with this mechanial setup aka Scara. Let alone disassembling this compiled firmware posted here to code-in endstops functionality. Even with all the resources online. Smarta-genius.

Anyways the author violates the license under which Marlin is published by not publishing the source code. Not to mention showing the changes he has made to the code. Which of course would also make the lives of everyone interested in this thing here much easier.

Yep... I really agree with you. Despite the author did a good job, he used an open source software: made modifications and closed it.

That´s violate the Marlin license

Hello brother
Can u send Arduino code ? Already I print hardcopy of drawbot

Is there the slightest possibility that the assembly instructions are a matter of interpretation?

What is Optic axis please ?
A Aliexpress link to buy Φ4X40mm Optic axis 2 and 8X4X10mm Copper sleeve 2 ?
Thank you.

LM4UU linear bearing (4mmX8mmX12mm) can be used instead of copper sleeve?

Can you please share the link to the firmware

Assuming you published a modified Marlin firmware meshup you should refrain from releasing this with your project under a different license than GPLv3. Hence your CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license is obsolete. Or does the GPLv3 allows to release modifications under a different license? Please correct me if I am wrong.

COuld be a great feature release LCD with SD card option in the firmware and generate two hex file: for 12864 LCD and 2004 LCD options.

AWESOME, Im impressed I would like to try one, do you have the firmware christino01@gmail.com

Comments deleted.

Hi, thank You for great work!

How to calculate right motor resolution? I change Y pulley to 20 teeth and want to compensate this change.

I can not upload hex file by Xloader
"Upload failed" port, baud rate is good, someone have this problem ?

You choosed the wrong model of board or your board is broken.

It iwas problem with Xloader, I download another version of thi program and it worked

Which microstep is used ? I plan to choose 1/16
If I change it on ramps board MS1,MS2,MS3, should I change something in hex file or not ?

1/16 use default settings, you dont need change anything

Does the calibration process (M700) start from HOME position or from X0 Y0 position?

I upload a new pdf for calibration

I´m asking about the check list, the gcode sequence for calibration,for example:
b) Go to X0 Y0 (G1 X0 Y0)
c) Check and Adjust angles (does using pronterface or just manual arm moviment?)
d) M700

Something like that could make our live easy! :)

  1. send M84 remove motor lock
    2.Put the drawbotr at a special angle. See the tutorial.
    3.send M700 automatic completion calibration

Please send me a copy of the firmware for the drawbot. Thanks! arzlanman@gmail.com

Comments deleted.

Please send me the firmware of Drawbot. Tks!

I had the hardware. Please send me hex file

The hex file is on the Thing Files tab. Instructions in the tutorial .pdf


I have my drawbot powered but i,m having issues with where the arm travels to. The two images show position after homing and then after a G1 X100 Y100 command. The arm is definitely not at 100,100. M114 reports the position I sent i.e X100, Y100. Any ideas?

black arm and red pull rod is not parallel,it a problem


I've assembled my drawbot now. I've gone with the V2 pen holder with the bronze bushes and 4mm rods. What is the hook for on the slider? I assume some sort of spring to pull the pen down but how, exactly, does this component go together?


Pull down by rubber band.I will and picture later

Many thanks. That makes sense now. I'll try the new .hex tonight to see it the calibration routine sorts my scaling issue out.

Thank you. That all works perfectly now.

you can show your robot one Thingiverse

Comments deleted.

Source code is temporarily private, to the hex file, I will open more functions, can modify arm length, motor resolution, limit switch position, etc.your can use for any scara robot


Great design. The parts are printing as we speak and I have all the hardware on order. Could you send me the Arduino source code?

Many thanks


Source code is temporarily private, to the hex file, I will open more functions, can modify arm length, motor resolution, limit switch position, etc.your can use for any scara robot

Thanks for the reply. I understand and thanks for making your great design available to us all. I presume you are planning to add gcode functions to change parameters?

is there any vibration during writing??
watched the video it seems lines are bit wobbly.

I used handwritten font generated gcode。

Hi! Could you send me the firmware?

Could you send me the firmware

Great project!
What is the model of the motors being used? was not able to find this info...

As I see there is a closed GT2 belt used, what length/ what number of teeth should we take?

What size and length is the tube? Are they both 183 mm?

different pen holder use different length,see the updated BOM

Which file is the BOM?

Also what is under the first Driving_wheel that creates that space?

See here:


what is the part as marked on the attached photo. not seeing in your BOM.

Φ4X40mm Optic axis 2
8X4X10mm Copper sleeve 2
See Summary

Please share the full marlin source code to us. That´s the best way to learn about scara configs...


Such a good drawbot but is missing the source code ?
Is it compatible with linux ? All I can see are some rar/exe stuff !?
Please please ... If your firmware is based on marlin please share config and or modified source files
Thanks !

Comments deleted.

Hi! Could you send me the firmware?


Comments deleted.

Thanks for the design and posting the firmware. That makes it complete. :)

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Comments deleted.

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Comments deleted.

Will I be able to draw my waifu???

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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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2GT-232 belt from taobao.com

What are the specifications on the two belts?

Could you send or point me to the firmware? Thanks.

Good day to you MG-dream-technology Sir/Madam !

Congratulations on making a BEAUTIFUL writing and drawing machine !!! its GORGEOUS !

Please could you kindly send me the firmware for the MEGA 2560 to my email address (sent you PM)

Excellent Family of Designs !

Thank you so much in advance for sharing :)

HI - its look nice. Can you send me link to arduino code or firmware ? For those link in "pan.baidu" - it dont wokr for me.
Thank you

already upload in Thingiverse

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Hey. Why is one of the stands not as long as the other ? And the hole is not as big as it should be :/

you should use 16 teeth wheel.

one stand is shorter 'cause there is a detail that you forgot to place, look for it on pictures between this short stand and m8 axle
what about the pulley - may be you have wrong size pulley, that's why it doesnt fit the hole ( my one fits ok ). If the pulley is wrong size you've better replace it, cause there is a certain gear ratio hardcoded in firmware, other size of pulley = other ratio = wrong coordinates.
If pulley is ok (16 teeth), why not just increase the hole with some file

I've made this drawbot, can you send me the firmware to try? thanks. zhangzq71@hotmail.com

Did anyone to adapt the Grbl (+grbl shield) software to this drawbot?

I don't think it's possible for GRBL,
SCARA uses different kinetic, also MARLIN requires MEGA 2560, it won't fit in UNO.

Honestly I doubt a single person is going to get this working without the maker sharing the firmware. Trying to get Marlin working on a SCARA is an absolutely monumental task.

Also nice touch putting a random video in the materials needed section. It would take you like maybe 2 minutes to write a BOM.......

I don't know your meaning clear, marlin support scara, and there is a bom already.

Please post any files that you have modified.
Configuration.h and Configuration_adv.h for example.

Hello ! I'm currently assembling the drawbot ! What an amazing design !! Great Job!
Could you shear the firmware to this adress pls ?


Thank you so much !!

Can you just zip the firmware source and upload it already please?
I was eager to print one of these, but requiring people to get the firmware via email is ridiculous, and has essentially discouraged me from making one. You should have just uploaded the source in the first place.

Can you shear firmware pls! Want to try it!)

One of the coolest draw bots I have seen! Can you shear firmware pls! Want to try it!)


Thank You!)

show your assembled drawbot,thank you.

Great design, could you please post your firmware or share it on GitHub.


Hello! Really great job! Everything assembled. Can you help me for code? serapcann@hotmail.com

thanks for nice design!
will be glad to test your firmware

Nice design! Could you please send firmware. Thanks! igor.kovba@gmail.com

show your assembled drawbot,Thank you.

thanks!!!!. Please firmware.

thanks for nice design!
will be glad to test your firmware

email : mkchung22@hkbn.net

already send,Pls check

Hello! Really great job! Everything assembled. Can you help me for code? serapcann@hotmail.com

Everything assembled, can you email me the source code?

Really nice, clean design. Thanks for sharing.
Planning to build this robot using stainless straws (12mmx230mm). Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dgarden&field-keywords=B00SKQ40B6) has them for $12 set of 4.

Comments deleted.

I saw the new version 2 pen support uses some new components that I didn´t see at the BOM.

Can you help us with these specifications please?

I update in summary,Pls check.

Comments deleted.

You have not posted firmware source?

Wow! Great project!
Can anyone share the worked result and show the accuracy? :)
I was not mistaken, on shared video (square spiral) some line wobbling are are seen. It's true?

I don't have youtube jurisdiction,you can see viedo blow

What do you mean line wobbling are are seen ? Is the line not straight? Debugging related ,New pen holder is better.

...Is the line not straight? Yes. :)
Anyway, I like your design! Really cool end elegant!
I started to print one and found the rod holders for two 4x40mm optic axis on the slider are not same. One side 4mm and second side 5mm diameter. This is not a bug?

4mm for Interference fit 5mm for Gap coordination,to solve the problem of printing accuracy

This is a really elegant design, and I am looking forward to building one. I didn't see the belt information in the BOM. What size are the belts? I assume GT2, 6mm, but I don't know how many teeth.


please send me firmware.
is it available uno?

show your Installed machine,I will send you later

All ordered parts came in! I can finally assemble :)

I like the case for arduino you have, can you upload that as well?

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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it is my old shop, i don't update for a long time, I will update later.

really cool work . i will make one soon
your shop is not related to 3d printing though .

Wating now for the stepper motors to arrive from china. Maybe another week until delivery.
PM'ing my email address to you now.

I received your address,Pls show your Pics in comments first,Thank you!

Printed all the pieces, and ordered all the part :) Thank you for this design! Excited to build!

Did you use standard gcode sender?

Also small note on assembly: The endstops are both labeled for x-endstop. Which is for Y axis?

Control instruction is update

I see the update, thank you!

hey, think i can do a Laser engraver With it?

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yes you can use 12V 300mw laser,but result is not beautifui

Printer is running! Cant wait for the software to complete. Looks great

I'm writing a tutorial now. show your drawbot photos,and leave your email,I will send you later

Comments deleted.

ah ha, the 2GT-232 means Black Rubber Timing Belt. As a guess this is 6mm width?

These parts are being made later today! Such a great idea. Looking forward to the code coming available. Thanks for sharing

I'm writing a tutorial now. show your drawbot photos,and leave your email,I will send you later

Looks really nice! thanks for sharing!!! Printing at at the moment :) what kind of program do you use? do you use grbl?

inkscape or other program to chang image to gcode

Is there the possibility to use CNC Shield instead ramps (there is just two motors)?

Waiting anxious for the software... :)

Code is a little big,UNO Memory is not enough, I will optimize it.

If the code could compile at UNO would be great but if not, I can use the MEGA2560 + ramps also.

Can you send the the firmware file to me too, please? mtmello2003 @ yahoo . com . br


Comments deleted.

How is the paper positioned?
Do you have a diagram of the arm limits?

Will it work with arduino uno?

Code is a little big,UNO Memory is not enough, I will optimize it.

Very nice...
Could you describe endstop switch that you use ? (maybe a picture from the opposite face will suffice)

very elegant and compact design,thank you for sharing it.

Can you republish the BOM in a format that isn't so broken please?

I changed, you can download again.

I changed, you can download again.

Great job!! I realy want to know how you configure that.

Thank you for your attention, control code and use tutorials to update later.