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Filament guide with roller - Ender 3

by Tomaskom_cz Sep 11, 2018
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Am i being blind? wheres the axis for the roller?

Have you checked Axis-FilamentGuide_Roller.stl?

Hi, sorry yes its there but its massive what do i need to scale it down to?

Thanks, this works well, used a bit of thicker 3m adhesive on the flat spot and it fits perfectly. I did however use a piece of aluminum tube for the axil.

love this!! thanks!! printing more of the upgrades as well per your recomendations

Nice design, thanks!

I thought the clips on the base weren't as snug as I'd like to, so I drilled a hole to accommodate a (M4) bolt and t-nut. Much better now!
Because the horizontal extrusion is 20x20, the hole is exactly 10mm below the ledge. Maybe you can add the hole in the design for others :)

p.s. I printed and used https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3417864 first, but I found the filament was getting off the roller pretty often as it's too narrow to adapt to the width of filament rolls.

Filament Guide Ender 3 or any 2020

Excellent contribution!!!
My modification for MAGNA I (Ender 3 smiliar)

Thanks Bro!!!


you also have a roller fillerment below (near the engine). Could you give a link to the model

That's someone else's guide that I eventually ditched for one I designed, also with a roller. I have a link to the one I made in the description. There's a downside to it though, the combination of the two will collide when too far up (some 1cm before the official E3 25 cm vertical). I made a shorter variant that doesn't suffer from it that I will upload eventually.

Right! Thanks for asking. I will wait for that model to print the whole guiding system :)

Tady mám taky problém (tiskl jsem rovnou remix od alessi71). Ty zobáčky do ALU profilu v něm droží hodně mizerně, Přitom jednou jsem tisk nějaký držák karty - taky zacvakávací do profilu a ten tam drží mnohem pevněji. Sám to předělat neodkážu, ale je to třeba upravit.

Jinak je to celkově dobře vymyšlené.

Could you remix this to mount on the front?

This is just what i need but like most people i assume they have the top bearing block installed for the z axis threaded rod meaning your top piece will not fit,having said that please could you supply a top piece which then fits to the front of the vertical upright so it will then fit.

Thanks very much & waiting to print your item.

I disagree, most people don't have the threaded rod top in a bearing. Anyway, doing so is a very bad idea as it can easily introduce binding when the rod is either not absolutely perfect and straight (and it never is) or it is even slightly misaligned.
I strongly suggest ditching it as it helps with nothing but is a potential source of problems. Even printers like the Prusa i3 don't have the lead screw top fixed, and for a very good reason.

What colors and manufacturer of filament did you use on the parts in your pictures? Both the grey and blue look really nice!

This was a Gembird PLA, silver and blue. My favourite colors to be honest, with a visually very nice surface.

Hello guys. I had the same problem with simplify3d... and corrected the model myself, adding the 45 degree end clips as suggested.


Please, feel free to place it here, Mr Tomaskom... and tell me if you do so to delete my thing (a pity... my first upload, but oh well...)

Filament guide with roller V2- Ender 3

Thanks for the remix! I included it here and also rotated it to optimal print orientation for convenience.
A note was added to the description referencing your remix.

Too bad about the base file being messed up. Easily the neatest Ender 3 filament guide. Even after processing through Netfabb Basic it's messed up.

Sorry for the trouble, I made a few beginner mistakes when building the model.
alessi71 remixed the part remedying the issues: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3218716 (I also included it here).

Filament guide with roller V2- Ender 3

Theres a failure in the STL. If I slice it there is no connection between the clips and the Base

YUP, Same here. Almost ruinned a large overnight build plate of stuff.

Sorry for the trouble, I made a few beginner mistakes when building the model.
alessi71 remixed the part remedying the issues: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3218716 (I also included it here).
Just a hint: Always examine the generated gcode in viewer (all slicers I know have this feature) before printing to discover malformed models before printing ;)

Filament guide with roller V2- Ender 3

Nice design! A suggestion, when printing the base you need to use supports for the vertical mounting points. If you terminate those vertical mounting clips at a 45 degrees you wouldn't need to use supports to print it.

MakManifest, how did you possibly slice this and print it? I sliced with Simplify3D and all of the parts have gaps between them. Between the base, the center web piece, etc.

I used Cura 3.4.1 and it printed fine.
I had a look at the base STL in Blender and the object has about 80 intersecting faces which is why it won't slice properly in Simplify3D.
It could be fixed but its quicker to just use Cura.

YEah, I sliced in cura and it sliced fine, too. I use Simplify3D and frankly, i'm really appalled that Simplify had so many problems with slicing this regardless of the plethora of modeling issues in the file.

Hi, I made a few beginner mistakes when building the model, namely it includes multiple intersecting manifolds instead of a single one. Most slicers will make the intersecting parts hollow.
Cura will handle it well thanks to it's feature "union overlapping volumes" (on by default) in mesh fixes menu.

alessi71 remixed the part remedying the issues: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3218716 (I also included it here).

Filament guide with roller V2- Ender 3

Good idea, I was thinking about it at one point but forgot to implement it. Update coming soon, thanks!

Great idea - you can make a version to fit it at 2020 on the top ?

What do you mean by 2020? Please explain in more detail. Anyway, I'm away now and would get time for it in about 2 weeks.
Also, the source Blender file is included, so feel free to remix!