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Tusks: The 3D-Printable Piano Transformer!

by Megawillbot Sep 8, 2018
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this decepticon look like Frenzy in robo mode

Comments deleted.

can you please give some instructions on how to build it?? im at a loss

What part are you stuck on?

big oof
hold on, I'll try and get a few more detailed shots

I've included an exploded 3d model, it should show you how it all goes together

Thank you soon much

am i allowed to sell this?

If i am i will give you 30% of all of the money

What's your store called?

Saw your pumpkin spider. Now I'm browsing your other designs.
Nice work. His head almost has an Elvis vibe. HAHA
The poses, here, are hilarious, too

"Hey Tusk I need you to go kill some AutoBots"..... "let me turn into a piano and destroy them!!!"

His secret weapon is jumping, turning into a piano, then crushing people

I tried printing the Legend size on a Sindoh printer. Unfortunately the tolerances were too tight to make the pieces fit together properly.

I've gone through and updated the male ends of the swivel joints to be a little looser, hope that helps.

Which joints, the swivel or balljoints? I'll fix it asap

Awesome work! Came here from your post in the Facebook group. What tolerances did you design into this? I have a Prusa i3 Mk3 with a slightly larger print volume, so I might be interested in making a Voyager or even Leader sized version.

I use the UP Mini 2 which also has very good tolerances, so you should be fine with the tolerances

well i tried to just load it in cura to crop off the rest, but it wont work.. you need to put this into 3 different files for each version.. and take the words out of there too.. i dont need to be wasting plastic on that... thanks! nice model!!

I updated the files so they're separate, and removed the 3d words, so hopefully there'll be no problems. If you want to remove parts to print them separately in future, Sketchup or Windows 3D Builder should be able to do the trick. Thanks for the feedback!

no problemo! cant wait to print it now! :) maybe next you might work on a little instructions sheet.. i havent really looked yet to see if its pretty obvious or not...

When I have more free time, I may do an animated instructional video, but I have a bit on at the moment

or you could just make it simple and take a screenshot of a view from the top, then just draw in lines as pointers with names of pieces like upper arm, or knee joint, etc.. simple pdf.. i will see tomorrow.. its printing now.. will be done when i wake up..

I included a picture of the back to help with assembly, you’ve done everything right, but the chest flaps go on the rods before the waist, if that makes sense.

oh it of course makes sense.. they just wont fit on the poles.. way way too tight.. will never get on there... you need to make the holes for those 2 rib pieces bigger so they just slide on the pole.. i dont think there is any reason to keep it so tight for those, no? i already had to pound the knobs into place with a hammer and a flathead drill bit.. if i try to force those on the poles, the poles will snap for sure...

They fit on my printer, I think it’s the tolerance difference. Which size are you printing?