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Matchbox Elevator

by kgyrtkirk Sep 5, 2018
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Trying to print this for kindergarten project of my son. And I like version with separate walls on the floors (I need to scale its height). But I can't find stl for walls of this version. Where I can get it?


Instead of scaling/postprocessing I would recommend to either adjust the latest design or change the earlier one's design - because almost everything is parameterized:
The last commit of v1 - the one with modular floor was somewhat around this commit (and you will also see in this commit my notes about the v1 design at first glance )
I think you should just hit make in that directory and it will generate all the stl-s.
If you would still give a try to my stl-s - I can upload them in the evening.

I would like to note that the first version had some other issues: like it didn't wanted to go down by itself; mostly because the friction between the wall element and lift was higher than the gravity ; and it needed direct help from the lift operator (2-3 year old in my case :) ) - eventually the fishingline from the main drum have came of a little and the rotations have created a knot under the drum - which was kinda undoable by me in a few minutes....

I wish you a big pot of luck with it :)



Finally I ajusted size in openscad for v2 . I printed all components and now trying to assemble it all together. I need some hints how to pass fishing line through whole model. Can you please do some more photos with fishing line? Or give some guide to me. I will be very grateful to you!


I'll probably do some photos; but it's probably more important to give you the base concept:

The main rod element has 4 drums; each of these drums will be handle 2 lines of rope; the drums near the center of the main shaft are the "up" places - the others are the down.

When this thing will be functioning; when the "car" will be at the top position the up drums will be "full" with the fishing line; in the mean time the down drums will be empty.

The circumfence of the main drums are such; that each Level of the building is one whole revolution.

I've used the following tools while assembling: a long nose pliers; and some tweezers - and sometimes a 1mm drillbit.

Before starting assembling; make sure that you can lace thru the top cage element's non horizontal holes - in my print those holes were I had to drill them a little bit - it's extremely important to do this - because you have to fully disassemble to come back to this; go thru the holes here and there.

  • take the 2 walls; and put the cage on top of it - and use fishing line to connect these pieces - tie it somewhere (I've to say that fishingling worked better in theory than in practice... :)
  • try to put in the floor elements; you should be able to put it on the outside of the wall; and they are kinda press fit....I think you may install them at a later time - but not after the car's lines have precisely shortened.
  • get 8 pieces of fishingline I guess around ~.5m you will be shrinking it later...actually the needed amount is: for UP lines: about the size of the lift and some extra 10-20 centimeters...I always used too much - which was kinda painfull when working with them - but it that also enabled me to tie knots more easily...
  • tie knots on all 8 lines end; I think I've used the double overhand
  • [I try to make it easier for you; I wasn't doing this step like this]: run 4 lines into the 2 DOWN drums (there is a small hole in the center of the posts) ; and run the line thru the cages first holes on the sides...I think it would be best if you could route all 4 lines down to the bottom....use duct tape or something to keep the lines from going back.
  • turn the main rod 2 or 2.5 revolutions right - this will load enough fishing line into the DOWN drums.
  • install the 4 UP lines as well.
  • connect the fishing lines to the careful which is UP and DOWN...this is really messy....8 fishing lines are going was hard to keep track; you may connect it right after running down the lines...
  • put the car into the main shaft...and start reducing the UP lines...crop them; and tie the it to the post
  • main rod 2 revolutions right (car will go up)
  • crop the lines of the DOWN pieces as well...

remaining parts assembly is just use fishing line thru them when they are aligned...the bottom piece is kinda hard to do - I should have left some space to get into that space with a tweezer or something......

Good luck with it!
I'll upload some shots in the evening :)