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Deckbox (Keyforge)

by CosuCreate Sep 2, 2018
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This is by far the most difficult STL to print I've found so far. I managed to get it printed once, by using a raft, but postprocessing it was too cumbersome, and required a lot of filing to make it fit, and ended up looking bad. Besides that, I might have tried to print it well over 10 times so far, using 2 different slicers, over 5 different profiles, and 2 different orientations. All of them fail, each slicer/profile/orientation in a different part, but if I print twice on the same exact settings, the failures are consistent, happening on the same part. For all of the settings combination I've printed pristine calibration cubes, so I'm sure my printer is well calibrated.

Besides the fact that I can't get it to print, thank you so much for the design, it is by far the best Keyforge deckbox I've seen. Looking forward to future iterations of the STL, to try again.

I printed it scaled at 59%, 94% and 94% for unsleeved cards and the result fits and looks great. BUT!!! I won't use this box because it doesn't latch well : it won't keep closed if thrown in a backpack.

Great design! Could you make the cad file public? I'd like to switch out the tab for a recessed area for a magnet. Printed at 102% to fit KMC hypermat sleeves. It was a hair too narrow stock.

Could make a version to accomodate 70x95x5.5mm hard sleeves?

Got this thing to print out after one failure. I printed the bottom half at school on a really old Flashforge creator pro (The wooden one) and the top half at home on an Anet A8. Both prints were done in PLA and all I can say is the slower the better. No, like really slow. I think I had the Flashforge going at about 10mm/s for the first half of the print, since the first walls are so thin.

All in all, its a great print and a wonderful design! Although the little clip on the side was so thin it snapped off very easily, which is fine because it friction fits nicely.

If you are trying to print this and you think that your printer is screwed up or that your bed isn't level...it's fine. It's just the orientation of these files. I finally tried printing them upright with tree supports and for the first time in 7 attempts, the print is sticking properly. I didn't change anything on my printer or setup. It is just the orientation.

I apologize for not also saying Thank You for the design. I do think it's a very nice setup and I look forward to the completed print!

Anyone tried printing top part with TPU (flexibile)?

Oriented on the edge like that seems like a recipe for plastic spaghetti, anyone had any success printing it in different orientations?

Also curious if anyone has an unsleeved, double-sleeved, and/or tabless version.

Unsleeved, double-sided, and tabless stuff is in the works, but they'll be pushed out together in one mass update. Stay tuned!

Printed the main body on my Ultimaker 2+, however, having trouble fitting my deck in due to the fact that I've double sleeved the cards. This adds about 1.5 to 2 mm of extra thickness on the deck portion.

Is there any way you could factor this in for a redesign?

Actually, my initial measurements are wrong.. the stack depth would be near enough 30.5mm.. I'm trying to design my own in Fusion360 now, but it's a bit of a pain :)

Thanks for bringing this up! This box was not designed for double-sleeved decks, but I can work on an iteration for the inevitable multi-file update that's coming.

Not a problem at all :), since I was too excited to wait for an update on this model I made my own inspired by yours.

On the top piece I eventually ran into issues printing the latch as reported by other people. Due to the poor support, I had layer shifting in the middle of the latch piece.

I'm now printing my revised edition that includes in-place support material that should be easy to remove. I came across this video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=154MEkvSkVI ) and found it very helpful. The same idea should translate to other design software as well :)

Thank you very much for sharing your design and letting others be inspired to create :D

I am having a bear of a time printing these on my Prusa mk3, are people printing these at a snails pace?

Latch keeps breaking off mid-print and causing issues, or the walls warp. The only way I got a decent print was with a raft but cleanup to make it open and close is smoothly is a pain.

Have you considered an iteration that doesn't have the tab and maybe slightly thicker walls?

I'm in the midst of designing a few alternate versions taking into account community feedback - the tab is definitely the first thing to go, as well as different dimensions for unsleeved decks.

As for printing difficulties, I am having no trouble printing at 210C, 60m/s (50% speed for first layer), 60C heated bed. How different are your settings from this?

Any advice on infill %?

I usually use %15

What orientation are these meant to be printed in? Simplify3D imports them on their tip.

They are meant to be printed in the same orientation as the render in Thingiverse.

So I'm having trouble getting this to print correctly. it keeps messing up halfway, sometimes hopping off the bed. Any idea what might be going wrong?

What speed are you printing at? Are you printing with a heated bed?

Not sure on speed because I didn't mess with it., but it does have a heated bed. I've gotten one top to print when I changed the orientation, at least, in HIPS (with plenty of glue on the bed). ABS became a noodley mess most times and hopped off more than once.

Using Lulzbot TAZ6 and Lulzbot Mini aerostruder. The latter made the top finally.

Weeeeird. These are designed for printing with PLA, so perhaps the hotter-temp materials don't like the design so much? It might need that original orientation you had, but with supports. Keep me posted if anything happens, I'd like to know about any possible fixes I can implement.

Comments deleted.

Not sure what kind of sleeves I will get, so what would be the best way to shorten it by 3mm for some one who has only the basics in 3d modelling?

I wouldn't bother. Changing the mesh the way it has been laid out is almost impossible. I've used both Dragon Shield and FFG grey in this and the smaller sleeves fit inside just fine anyway - you can still read the name through the window it just has a tiny amount of room to slide inside.

Edit: If you really want to, you could do a couple of plane cut operations in meshmixer to slice 3mm out of the lid, then recombine before printing. Really not worth the effort IMO.

My FFG sleeves fit super tight in this. How much room do you have in there for them? I wonder if my printer isn't giving an accurate result.

My printer is pretty near perfect for dimensional accuracy, if anything I'm finding sleeves vary in the way they fit by a few mm even within the same brand. It's normally a snug fit in width, with a couple of mm spare in the longer dimension for FFG sleeves. Dragon Shields are a perfect fit, but I just got a new box that's a little too tight.

This looks awesome! Will be printing these soon :D

Awesome! I bought you some coffee. :D Also, I'd love a version for unsleeved cards. Pretty please!

This looks great, but would it be possible to make it so that it holds two decks, with a divider in between? Then you could show each decks Archon card on opposite sides of the box.

Printed well, but the latch broke almost immediately. I would love a version made for unsleeved cards.

I had the same issue, great print, fits snug, but the latch tab broke off the first time I used the box.

I printed 2 of those, the design is phenomenal, but is not closing well, maybe we can try to use magnets instead?

+1 on making a slight wider/longer version - I'm sure upscaling would "work" - but it'd be cool to get the most out of your design with the holes lining up. Great work!

i love this design ! it looks awesome with the cards

i print with support's, simplify3d slicer (used pruse slic3r before but it messes up the supports and it's hard to get them off the model)
i print the body standing upright (keyforge logo visible)
and i printed the top with the long side to the bottom

Hi, very nice design. :)
could you add the 3mm larger version to fit ultra pro sleeves, please?
That would be great, thx.

maybe try and increase the scaling a little bit ?

Hmm upscaling will deform the round holes and the arc hole at the top. I could ad 3mm if you provide the 3d model files. ;)

Is it possible to split the two pieces into two separate files?

It's not too tough to split them in Meshmixer. Use the selection tool, highlight one of the halves. Use G to extend the selection to the whole piece, then Edit and Discard. Export the new STL. Repeat for the other side

THAT SAID, I'm having a heck of a time getting this to print. Even with supports the cutouts cause issues. Anyone had better luck?

I have, although the second file is the one I would use if you're trying to go without supports. I changed a few angles so everything should print fine... what kinds of issues are you having? Just... regular failures?

Yes, "regular failures" probably covers it well. I noticed that, for the arc cutout on the top piece, the print seemed to have a "bump" at one end which eventually turned into a tangle. Of the two failures that I had, one was with regular supports and the other with supports + a raft.

I'll try the second file, one piece at a time still. Do you suggest no supports on that one, or were you saying that it's possible to print it without supports? Thanks!

I suggest no supports on file 2. I was able to print it without issue.

Yes, the Top needs supports for the cutout or it will fail and foul up most printers.