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COS - the Container Ship

by vandragon_de Sep 1, 2018
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Thanks great work!

Great design. Prints ok.
Thanks for sharing.

Awesome design. How did you get the ship to print in multiple colors?

Multicolour was made possible by changing the filaments. As always with my Prusa and Slic3r, an M600 command was simply inserted in the appropriate places.

Dark red leaves layer - 0 - 9mm (Layer 0-45)
Green from - 9-19.8mm (Layer 45-99)
White from - 19.8mm - END (Layer 99-292)

thank you very much for getting to know this great feature in cura

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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Great thing!! thank you for share!

Would you please made a container with the top attached? I could take off the handle in TinkerCAD, but it wouldn't look as good. I want to give this to a young kid and the lid might be too small for them (not safe). Thanks!

I kind of got lost in the Cura settings. Once setup, do i just "save" both objects as if the block didn't exist? Just wanted to make sure before I printed a ship with a block attached to it :P (never used this feature before)

Is it possible in repetier host to create the different infill?

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I'm afraid I can't answer that.

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Nice boat! How many % should I shrink down the container's so that they will fit good to the smaller version of the boat?

The containers are standardized for all boats. Therefore they do not have to be reduced in size.

What a beautiful boat ! Thanks a lot for my students ... I saw that you made trucks for playing with them ... is it possible to print them ?

This is great! I think I may print a big one as a small desk organizer!

Wow! Thank you so much for this and for all your work, my kids are happy with your boats! :-)

Can you please explain the reason for having the oblique different infill? What is the reason the infills and why oblique?? Thanks!

The reason is that I had to re-establish the balance because the weight is distributed differently. A slanted infill works best there.

Curious what diameter nozzle you are using, I am currently running a 0.4 mm nozzle. I printed one of the Conex/ISO boxes and had issues with some material missing between the reinforcing ribs. Thanks for the awesome boats!

It's a slicer issue. The back of the containers had missing walls, just the supporting beams were there. When in Slic3r PE I turned the feature "detect thin walls" off and sliced again, the missing walls appeared again, as it should be. Though it should be the other way around, but at least it worked.

I would have a look in you slicer settings for thin wall behaviour and tinker with them.

Thank you, I was wondering about the same thing and this did the trick!

Ah, I have "detect thin walls" selected, I will test with it turned off when I can, thanks!

Maybe you can make a container crane!

Toy Crane for EMMA by vandragon_de

Theoretically possible, but then it would rather be a kit, since this cannot be printed in one piece.

I was just thinking about trying to make one myself, or some other accessories to this awesome collection of boats and ships

The Layer Information seems a bit confusing. First color is layer 0-9 second color ist layer 10-99, third color is layer 100 until the end.
The 19.8 seems to be the height in mm, not the layer number

These are the points where I inserted an M600 command. But since each slicer generates its own Gcode, this will be different.
But thanks for the information, I changed it.

Could you please tell us what layers you put the color changes like you did on S.A.R
if you could do that on this boat and V.O.S that would be AWESOME
and I am sure that I am not the only one looking for this...

I added it at the end of the Print Settings :)