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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Adjustable Super Clamp

by 247generator Aug 31, 2018
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Really nice code and design. Worked beautifully when printed on Prusa I3 MK3, no support. I used roundedness of 4 (thought it was "2-4 instead of 24!) and knob_knurled_finish at 180. Thank you.

FYI, there seems to be a bug resulting from generating a "build plate" of all three parts together with the default roundedness of 8. The clamp part starts at layer 2 rather than layer 1. Setting roundedness to 24 lets the sphere hit the correct radius so the clamp can reach layer 1.

I fully recommend using 24+ for roundness... Unfortunately because of the limitations of the customizer when it comes to certain functions like rounding edges, I can't make a decent setting the default or the preview window usually breaks and there's no good way to automatically change the setting for the rendering since customizer doesn't report back that it is previewing.

There may be a solution that lets a different setting be on the final render but it will mean each part will be created in separate STL file along with a throw-away STL with the preview rendered... I'll look into how this works.

An alternative is to union a version of pre-minkowski clamp that is vertically extended to the right dimension with the minkowski version.

I need this for a bed clamp, and thickness/height from bed to top of clamp can only be about 5mm, but then there are so little threads on the bottom side so the screw is impossible to do. Is it possible to make it asymmetrical so the top part is thinner than the bottom part? I have a 4mm thick glass plate on top of 3mm thick aluminium on top of keenovo heater pad and underneath the keenovo is insulation. Currently I have it setup like
But I would like the bottom part of the clamp to have finer threads or have more thickness.

Yes, I've been working on that a bit - I have a similar setup with the aluminium and glass and the current clamps have limited the print area quite severely, so I've been trying some things out in the code to make it more suitable for bed clamps. My TEVO printer is just sitting collecting dust, needing a bunch of repairs (aka full rebuild) so I haven't been very motivated to work on the clamp's code - but I'll take a look today and post a remix:


Customizable Asymmetric Glass Bed Clamp
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Anyone who has built this have issues with the press not fitting onto the bolt? I've printed the press twice now, and each time I try and install it onto the bolt, one of the three flange pieces of the press breaks off. I'm not sure what tolerances were built into this, but It appears to tight for me. Maybe I'll try sanding the ball on the bolt

That can be a problem depending on the calibration of your printer - usually just extrusion... Sounds like you're over extruding, making both the ball bigger than it should and the socket smaller. If you can't fix the problem by adjusting the filament diameter up a little in the slicer, you can also adjust tolerance in the customizer, under Ball And Socket Clearance (0.3mm (default) fit snug and 0.6mm was loose on my prints) so you can create your own set with adjusted tolerances.

thanks for the info. I ended up just lightly sanding the ball, and it popped right in after that.

I think this is an awesome idea! What I REALLY want is for this clamp to have some kind of generic modular adapter or hook on the side, so that if I want to print, say, a side table I can just design it around the adapter and mount it to any of my already printed clamps!

That's a good idea to make it more useful. I can try adding a module to add an optional shape or cutout to the side. If you have something in mind, put it on paper at least and attach a photo here so I have somewhere to start that might work for you.

I wanna customize it badly but no matter how many times I open customizer, I can't get the "preview" to load so I have no idea which variables are changing what! :P

I mean, like the default model won't even load, it always says "Oops, something went wrong!" or "script timed out".

It works for me, but I've had it not work as well... I think the preview rendering is done locally, so if your browser doesn't have enough memory or processing too slow, it won't complete the preview. There are a few things in this design that gobble up memory and rendering time, like the curved corners, threads and knurling.

Try making only one part show at a time by hiding the parts you aren't actively modifying until you are ready to export, and if you are working with the bolt, try increasing the knurled finish number to above 400 until you are ready to create, then set it to what you want just before hitting create thing. I made 500 the default knurling setting so most people won't run into the issue.

I'm running on a rig that does high end games pretty darn well, 16gb DDR3, decent cpu etc but the script just often times out for me. Like right now, I just click "Customizer" and it won't even display the default settings model! It would at first....I'll try different browsers other than Chrome. :P

I think I've cornered the main issue... When rendering locally in OpenSCAD I've reduced the rendering time from 32 seconds to 2 seconds by getting rid of the rounded edges. It's easy to add them back just before rendering (create) but I'll upload the new version that should actually fix the problem this time.

Ultimately if you are having trouble with customizing online just download OpenSCAD and the .scad file to do the customizing and rendering locally. One huge advantage is that you'll have the settings you've adjusted as default, so you don't have to re-enter all the settings when you come back to it.