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A passive filter box for anycubic photon printer

by 1C1OOCC Aug 24, 2018
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ummmm.... you do know that the anycubic photon already has a filter?

I am sorry! I do not understand your question. Can you describe more about that filter?

still I guess some extra protection wouldn't hurt considering how toxic resin is

It already has an activated carbon filter built in, it can be seen in a few tear down videos of the anycubic photon and is listed as one of its main features

My Photon does not have that feature but I know the latest model of Photon has added that feature. For the performance of the Photon S, you need to consult the sales from Anycubic.

So from August of last year to now, how many times have you replaced the carbon? I love the setup and just have to have my friend print me the parts because I don't have an fdm printer.

Honestly, I am not using this printer frequently. I just use this printer about twice in a month. The activated carbon is still working at this moment and I have not replaced it yet. Maybe other users would have a better answer for you.

what sort of an air filter did you place underneath the pellets? just got my photon yesterday and i'd like to do something about the odors that doesn't involve turning off the fan, or installing a huge external venting system

This air filter is just a typical filter used in the air conditioner. The purpose of the filter is to embrace the pellets and prevent the dust of the activated carbon passing through the fan. So, any fabric with good strength and ventilation can be used as an air filter in this application.
If you cannot find a similar product, you can cut a piece of fabric (one layer is enough) from a surgical mask and use this fabric as an air filter.

Tell me, please, which fan is installed? The dimensions of my 50mm and at the same time the printed base of your filter is loose, a large gap of about 2mm on each side. So it should be? How to fix?

I did not add any fan. Please read the instruction carefully. If you do not like the gaps, you can modify the model or fill the gaps with glues.

Translation difficulties are possible :)
I said that my fan has a size of 50x50mm. Your item "Base" has an internal size of 54x54mm. Because of this, there was an undesirable gap.
The problem was solved by scaling parts up to 91.8% along axes X and Y, while Z remained the same.
The smell is less, but it still feels. It is necessary to make another "floor" and it is good to seal both the filter and the body of the printer.
Anyway, thanks for the idea!

Thanks for your feedback. I am sorry that you don't like this model. However, I would like to clarify that the components are not designed for embracing the fan tightly. This is not a mistake or a problem. So, you can definitely modify it as you like.

YOU are wonderful! I was looking at every complex way to solve this problem in a small space with no windows. I stacked 3 of these with activated carbon and some activated carbon pads and now I smell nothing! My family smells nothing and the wife is happy! Thank You.

I am glad that this item works for you. Making, family and health are important! Indeed, I do recommend people to use this printer with good ventilation. In addition, you need to refill the activated carbon when they are expired. So, I suggest you put a label on the machine and mark the start date on that label.

This is great. Was looking for something like this. Could you also add a hepa filter in this also? Was wondering that looking at this.

I don't know the standard of HEPA filtration. Maybe you can modify this setup to meet the standard.

Comments deleted.

Nice design. How much carbon pellets do you put in? Does putting too much prevent the fan from sucking the air out?

I did not count how many pellets are used. Indeed, I don't think we need a precise measurement. I have added an air filter to prevent the falling of pellets.

Thanks, great design, looking forward to installing this.

Thanks for the design. I'm currently comparing options like this for my printer. How much carbon approximately does this use/hold at at time? And any idea how long that lasts before changing it, though obviously it varies by amount of printing and environment and all. This looks to be the cheapest route without wiring things up or buying inline fans and all. Thanks.

I am sorry that I forgot to reply to you soon. After using the activated carbon, the bad smell of printing has reduced significantly. I cannot smell the bad odour by standing at 1 meter away from the machine and I did not use the fume cupboard. Without the activated carbon, I have to put on a respirator in my workshop. Now I do not have to do so but I still need to open the windows and keep a good ventilation environment. I just installed 2 stacks of activated carbon for the test.
In addition, the filtering material is activated carbon which is not the same as coal.

Does this help with the smell well printing?

I do recommend you put this printer in a fume cupboard or in a space of 200 ft^2 or larger. I have been rebuilding my workshop. So, I cannot update the performance of this setup at this moment.

You are welcome! Enjoys~

Thank you for sharing! I think I may try this. How much does your filter reduce the smell of the resin?

It is difficult to account the absorption of pollutants. The absorption rate depends on the quality of activated carbon and the amount of activated carbon. In my latest test, when the machine is stopped and the material is removed, two boxes of activated carbon can absorb the pollutants significantly after an hour. However, the absorption can be saturated after a period of time. You may need to replace the activated carbon periodically but I don't have a tested result at this moment.
In addition, I know photo-catalyst may work too. However, there are some researches show that photo-catalyst may reproduce another kind of toxic substance through some specific chemical reactions. So, I just used activated carbon to absorb the pollutants.