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Ender 3 Filament Guide **UPDATED**

by robathome Aug 22, 2018
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Does anyone have the source file (fusion file?) for this ?

Thanks for this great design - it didn't quite fit on my Kingroon KP3 (it has a "filament out" switch on a larger plate), but was an excellent start and with a bit of like modification I've managed to get it to fit. Now to clean up my ugly tinkercad edit of it...

The pin was to big , I printed at 94% of original. Thank you anyways .

Had a hard time getting the bracket to slide on, I've really had a go at it with my Dremel and still can only get it slid like half of the way on. Doesn't clear the bracket/stepper gap. Not sure if it's bad qc on the printer bracket or my printer being out of calibration. I also had to use the dremel to open up the ID of the roller to fit an ABEC 7 bearing from my skateboard, and had to shave some off the bearing spacers to get them to fit. But I did just calibrate the extruder and tightened all the belts so I shouldn't be having issues like this with dimensional accuracy.

i have the same issue and just callibrated my printer its a little too tight

My next print job, after a Dice Tower for my son. The 'guides' I downloaded and printed in PLA failed, as the PLA filament ate through it. Have 10 bearings on the way . . .

Great mod, with bearing spool holder make all smooth. Small issue i had it was that Vroller was 1mm pi smaller than bearing so i had to cut it on "weld" but still great improvement. Thanks

Awesome design, love it.

Just one thing - maybe I'm an idiot and I'm missing something, but how to you guys get it to stay on the wheel nut/bolt? Pictures make it look like of like it just presses onto the nut, but mine is not stable that way...

You push that onto a printer frame those round cuts are to make space for tube and bolt that hold Z axis ;) Should fit perfecty in gap between engine and plate.

Thanks - I'm an idiot - I realized that about 4 minutes after I posted it LOL

Please send me the fusion file for this, i want to remix but i am unable to do it raw.

Excellent bracket, I tried a couple of others and you just can beat a bearing build. Hands down the best if you want to keep your filament on the top of Ender 3.

Great bracket best one I've seen, clips on nice and tight.

I modified the bolt and bearing to be 100% 3D printable no bolt, nut and bearing required.

Easy print
Printed on Ender 3
No supports required
4mm brim
0.3mm layer height
infill 15%

Thanks for this simplified and elegant design. I like the axle-and-clip solution for the roller. Works like a charm. Tx to the original designer and Sebastian for this nifty mod. Greetings from NL

You're welcome! :)

just printed your bracket with no bearing or bolt works fantastic plenty good for feeding the filament cheers.terry from uk

The pockets for nut and bolt could do with being a tiny bit bigger. About 0.25mm or so to the radius. Everything else is great.

Any chance you could make one that mounts on the leadscrew nut screws? It would be useful for anyone running stepper dampers, as the x motor rear damper bracket occupies that space and can't be relocated

Comments deleted.

this thing works great thank you

This is great! also, I was able to use the printed bearings and they work just fine for this application! can be found here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2747989

608 bearings

Commenting this just so I can find it later ;)
http://a.co/d/j5ublYy (good source for 608 bearings)

You should check out this store (https://goo.gl/gCxmH6), although the bearing in the picture is an open-raceway ABEC-9 (I know it's overkill I just happened to buy a stack of them when spinners were still a thing...)

can you clarify a couple things?

"The bracket can be printed with 3 outlines, I designed it for 0.5mm extrusion width."

3 outlines?
.5mm extrusion width, doesn't the width have to match the nozzle size or less?


On the contrary, I recommend the nominal extrusion width should be slightly larger than the nozzle size... This makes the cross-section of the extrusion oblong, allowing for a better bond between layers. If you don't believe me, give it a shot. Three outlines makes a shell 1.5mm thick, which should be plenty.

i'm just getting started so i'll take every piece of advise i can get. when you say 3 outlines, 1.5mm thickness, .5 extrusion width, I think that would mean i set "Wall Line Count" to 3 in cura and outlines is a term another slicer is using.

That sounds right! Send me a message if you're still having trouble, I'm not super familiar with Cura but I'm happy to help