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Dice tower - combined with randomizer floor & stair arches

by Dr_Pippin Aug 21, 2018
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Printing this as we speak using Simplify3D on a Prusa MK3S, everything was printing great till it got to the dragon head, definitely needed supports there as it attempted to start printing the dragons lower neck in mid-air...which did not work. Can see issue in layers 552 and 554 of the print.

I did manage to save the print by removing the extruded filament that did not have support until the print reached a layer that bridged to the edge of the balcony. Not sure what went wrong but will review my settings once the print completes. I am wondering if I needed to enable thin wall support? Will let you know what I find out.

Very interesting to hear you had an issue with that area. I've printed several of these, and none have given me an issue with the dragon head, nor has anyone else reported an issue with the head (that part is unchanged from the original creator's design, and there were no comments I remember seeing mentioning issues with the head).

Glad to hear you managed to save your print, though!

@Dr_Pippin, I just went and checked out Hsus's 3rd floor and he does mention using supports for the Dragon head area. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2953592 "Notes:
I printed the dragon level with supports. They were impossible to remove but the dragon turned out fine so you choose!"

Extra floors for "Three-path Dice Tower V.2"
by Hsus

Oops, I forgot about that!

Yea, I have dug through the settings in Simplify3D and also loaded the STL in Slic3rPE and both show that if printed it will attempt to print portions of the dragon head in mid-air. I am including the GCODE generated by Simplify3D and a pic for review if anyone wants to offer up advice. I did confirm I have "thin wall detection" turned on and changing that setting makes no difference in the layer generation in this area. And again the problem is visible in the layer preview in that the back of the head starts print at around layer 546 and around layer 553 it starts trying to print the underside of head in mid-air. @Dr_Pippin this is still an awesome project and my DnD group will love it as it functions perfectly and after getting past the dragon head issue it continued to print perfectly.

Now that I see your image, I remember that I had a couple strands of filament under the dragon head which I just pulled off and removed. Didn't think much of it, and it definitely didn't necessitate babysitting the print (I've now printed four of these). I printed on a Prusa Mk3, so I'm curious as to why you had more issues than I did. Must be related to different versions of Slic3rPE.

Glad you ultimately got it printed. Enjoy!!

Couple more hours left to print and it looks great, except for the arches. Some would get to a certain height and then break off. I didn’t enable z-hop which may have helped. I’ll post pics when it’s done.

Sorry to hear you had issues with the arches. It sounds like a printer setting issue, unfortunately. z-hop would definitely help, as would slowing the print speed down for the layers that have the arches. You could also print just one of the arches, cut off the broken one from the model, and glue in the new one. Or even leaving a broken off arch might make it look like a worn castle? Missing one arch won't allow any dice to jump out, so don't worry about it from a functional standpoint.

Oh it was most of them. I am sure 60mm/s is too fast and I guess my printer isn’t as dialed in as I thought. The rest turned out well though. I'll sand the knobs down/off that are left and paint it. It’s a present for my brother so I’ll get some feedback from him on how well his dice work.

Bummer that it was all of them. Looking at your print, it does look like there is room for improvement with your settings to smooth the print out, which would definitely aid with the arches printing properly.

If your brother notes an issue with dice jumping over the edge, there is a portcullis you can print that can be glued to partially cover the doors and slow the dice down.

I bought a couple sets of dice to play with and put a lot of rolls through the tower with not a single dice jumping the wall. The randomizer floor worked perfectly and my 5yo and 2yo got a kick out of playing with it. I’ll probably print another one. Thanks!

Glad you like it and that it's working for you! Enjoy!!

Will the middle/top floor from the 3rd floor randomizer model work with this one?

I merged this into one solid piece so it prints all as one, which means there's no interchanging possible. If you want to mix and match other pieces I suggest you go to the original creator's files and print them as originally designed and use magnets to hold them together.

Although I didn't change the dimensions of the tower, so if you're wanting to use Tinkercard or something like that to splice other pieces into this merged tower the other pieces should all match up without issue.

Awesome print, but i have a question, my printer goes up to 190mm only, if i reduce the size to 185mm the dices will get stuck on the doors or not?
Thank You!

Great question. Are you using D6 or D20?

D20's for the most part, but maybe both, thank you for your response!

I don’t have a D20 to look at for size, but I just checked my print and I don’t think shrinking the file is a good idea. A D6 would probably still fit through the interior, but I really don’t think a D20 would. Instead, I would recommend loading the STL into Tinkercad and cutting off the bottom 15mm, or as much as you need to fit in your printer, and then printing it. Round up how much you need to cut off the bottom to make it a full stair height (meaning, don’t remove 2.5 stairs, instead remove a full 3 stairs) and you’ll never notice that the printed model has had part of the bottom removed. Let me know if you have more questions!

Nice work, looking forward to seeing this finished, and your 33h print!
You should probably mark this thing as a work in progress to keep people from trying to print it!

Just marked it as work in progress, thanks!

It finished up this morning. There are a couple things that I need to work on, and I'm a little worried it might mean starting over with the merging process to fix a couple of them. But it is really cool having it all as a single piece:

First fix to work on are the window outcroppings need an angled bottom so they can print properly:

Next is what was previously the bottom layer of the top tower section now has nothing underneath it, so it is a large unsupported span. Here is the modular one taken apart highlighting the area that's now a problem (the right piece flips over and sits on top of the left piece):

And lastly, one of the randomizer nubs you added didn't stick to the wall at all. I'm at a loss as to why as the modular one printed just fine, but possibly that 3rd floor section I used from your tinkercad link wasn't the final version? No idea, but I assume to fix it I just need to give it a bit more overlap with the wall in tinkercad before grouping them:

That's weird, Tinkercad was definitely the final version

I made all the edits I think it needed, used meshmixer for repair and "make solid", uploaded the new STL file, and just started a new print. Hopefully this one turns out! Check back in 30 hours...

Very strange. Well, that's the next thing for me to look into. If I don't readily see any issues, guess I'll just add a box at the union of each randomizer nub and the interior wall to ensure there's plenty of overlap.

I've added some integrated supports for the window outcropping, which hopefully will take care of that issue: