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D&d Basilisk miniature

by Interitusdei Aug 21, 2018
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How did you remove the supports from it's stomach? It's being a nightmare for me, and I won't be able to take it all off.

I printed mine at an angle so there was no need of supports underneath. The base will hold all supports needed and will need cleaning and sanding but it's preferable considering the alternative. So try to angle the miniature 45 degrees on one side of the creature and you shouldn't need any supports under it.

Thanks for the tip! Even if it takes longer to print, maybe less cleaning time will compensate for it! I really really loved the model, thank you for it!

I'm glad you like it. And yes, sacrificing time for a cleaner print is unfortunately the payment we have to pay no matter the printer. I have both an Anycubic Photon and an Ender 3 and it works the same with both.

Cheers for such a great model!

For FDM printing support of 4/6 legged creatures I usually put a single thin strip of support along the lowest part of the abdomen (using Simplify3d not Cura) and then form a cross (or 2) of support side to side (avoiding the legs) to stabilise the body. It makes it much easier to cleanup.

If you have a print screen of such an example I would appreciate it. I'm doing these just as a hobby and I'm just a beginner when it comes to prepare models for 3d printing. I'm glad you enjoy the Basilisk, I had a hard time finding miniatures of it or a detailed enough model so I gave it a try.

Any chance you can make a remix without the base? The model requires support and clean up was a beast after I printed it. I would recommend printing it at 200%. The model has GREAT detail, but it can get lost at 100%. Thanks!

Also, if you do print it, I greatly appreciate if you can post a "make", I'm always curious to see the final result in other printers. Just got an Ender 3 of my own and, as I said, I'm learning to build the models so they can print as nice as possible on all platforms.

It's posted. Mine is the green one from Jan 22, 2019. miscmouse's turned out better than mine. His make is from Jan 28, 2019. I plan to try again, but I just switched to PETG and I'm fine tuning my settings before I attempt any more miniatures.

I'm making tweaks to my minis both as I learn to use better the 3d programs as well as I learn to print. I have both a DLP and an FDM printer and I'm testing some of my prints as time and resources allow. Do check back ince in a while, I post the date of the newest update on the description of the file any time I make a change and upload an improved model.

I made this model as a miniature for my game and I printed it on my Anycubic Photon. The prints are great and all the detail is there as you can see in the pictures I posted of the prints. I understand 'tho most people don't use SLA or DLP so I'll see if I can make a version with creature and base as separate objects. I'm still working on these models as I learn how to do 3d models for printing so check back once in a while. When I update the model I put the date of the new update on top of the description (as an example check the tentacle model).

This is an amazing model! How would you recommend adding supports or are they not required? (for an FDM printer)

I have an Anycubic Photon so I'm not sure about an FDM printer but I printed mine at a 45 degree angle on the side of the creature and I only needed supports for the base.

Out of curiousity, because i'm planning to print this one next on my photon. How did you angle the creature precisely? Can't seem to find one where I don't have to support one row of teeth

I printed about six of these and I printed some of them just flat and some of them at an angle but they all printed well. The difference is in the printing time. The flat ones really stuck on the plate so I had a bit of a problem to take them off so that's why I tried the angled ones which, although they took longer to print, were much easier to take of and cleaned.

Dude your basilisk is amazing! Would you consider remixing the dragon chess set I am working on? http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3317646


I'm glad you like it. As for remixing stuff, I'm really not that good at remixing, I only did one remix (the chess Queen in my gallery) and it was just a simple one.

Ah ok. The reason I suggested it was because Dragon Chess was envisioned by Gary Gygax, so the characters are basically DnD characters. Also, one of the pieces is a basilisk.

I only do these as a hobby and I have a long way to go until I can say I'm good at it. I'd help if I would think I'd do at least half a decent job but honestly I started sculpted my own characters because I was too bad at making mixes. Some end up good, some end up really messed up and Mesh Mixer isn't always entirely reliable.