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Skull - The Three Wise Skulls

by zando2k Aug 18, 2018
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Hey! i love this!
i dont suppose you have a .step, or .igs or anything other than STL format you can upload? if you used photogramitry i'm assuming the whole thing is 100% mesh. i'd like to add a hole in the middle to add a little oil diffuser

TOTALLY BRILLIANT........done a few of these, on kossel delta plus, pla no support, as it comes

Printing it now in Tianse Wood PLA and so far it's coming out awesome. Love this design. Thank you for sharing. Will post a Make when complete

Just spotted a guy selling a resin cast of your design at a shop in Vegas. There were more than one shop, it looks like a Chinese company has made a resin mold of your model and is selling them to shops.

I didn't create this model myself. it's probably been around for years. I bought one of these Chinese cast last year and using photogrammetry I turned it into an stl. So I don't have any rights on this model and I couldn't find out who has because there is no company name on the model when I bought it. Thx for the warning I appreciate it

Ah, good to know. It was an earlier version so it may well have been the same one you used originally.

I just printed the 20MB version and it came out great!

'Tis better to ask for forgiveness than permission. With that adage being said I'd like share the tattoo that was inspired by my print of this model.

Thanks. The artist I've been going to is a genius.

im busy 3D printing the model right now.. when its done I will duct tape it to my arm.. not quite the same as your tattoo but hey, when you scared of needles you do what you can !

Yeah, a fear of needles can limit your tattoo options. I had a nurse ask me once, just before drawing blood, if needles bothered me; "Did you SEE all the tattoos?"

LOL - Captain Obvious she aint !!

Love the Tatt Mate

Thanks! I'm loving it. Thought it was an interesting idea to get a tattoo of something I printed. Now I have to print another tower for the shop 'cause they liked it a lot.

Hi, you did an outstand design. Thanks for sharing us.

Just to help to improve: to print it without support and get the best result, could be better to remove the on the air start overhang from second floor skull chin (picture attached) and to print it without infill, better to remove the internal on the air start overhangs (there are more like the picture attached).

I love this design, it came out absolutely amazing! Thank you!


printed the version with base with 0.1mm layerhigh, 15% infill and no support. Came out awesome. Thanks for sharing.

BUT ;-)
The version with base seems to be messed up inside. My printer was printing crazy stuff inside the model right under the first skull. It took almost 2 hours for this 20 layers. Check attached picture.

noticed the same, although it is mostly dependent on the 0.1mm layers, if you just slice it 0.16 or 0.2 it sort of skipps the crazy detail (that gets covered so is indeed useless and waste of a lot of print time)

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May i can get a little help here before i try to pint it.
If i scale it to 150%-180% can i still Print this without support?


yes it still prints fine at that size without supports.

Wild sex toy for a freaky chick!

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I'd love to print one of these for my school for Halloween. I'm not much of a painter though. What colours did you use for the middle image on your main pic, the natural bone-coloured one?

fillamentum light ivory

This ivory is my favorite one too. After printing it looks like there was some sort of antiquing? Can you say what was done post printing?

If you arent much of a painter, may I suggest going for a metallic paint job, say Bronze. First coat the whole lot in a dark Bronze, then do a heavy drybrush with a lighter bronze then a really really light dry brush with something bright like Gold. Id rcommend Dark STar Paints

War bis jetzt mein höchster Druck, hab es mit PLA 0,4 Qualität bei 210° nozzel Temperatur gedruckt ist echt super geworden. DANKE für die Vorlage

support isnt even needed my friend ;)

No support, no infill, resolution 200 µm and printed very well

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coud you post images of your print? I want to print it with no infil too. which printer do you have?

Oops, sorry, I didn't see your comment. Of course, posted my pictures in the "make" section. I have a Creality CR-10s.

Comments deleted.

Title image says NO SUPPORTS, really it is printing without support ? can anybody tell ?

yes it really does print without supports quite well, unless u look closely below the chin u will not see any failures and below the chin it just looks slightly rough which u dont see at normal viewing angle. check out the makes section most makes where printed without support

Any recommendation on number of perimeters if I'm attempting to print with no infill?

Only the files without the base's print without infill. 3 walls should be fine maybe even 2 would work

Make sure u have enough top layers

Comments deleted.

Perfect for my bedroom collection of skulls :D

I'll prepare a light base for this nice models, update it once it's done. Thanks!

nice. ive also done one with a base which ill be uploading soon;)

Trying it out now. Will let you know and post a make if it works in about 24 hours or so. It is very small so I have enlarged it to 5000% to get a print size of 214mm.

I upscaled to 3000% and printed at .12mm height. Looks great! I've been eager to print something at full height for my printer, I think this is it.

file has now been scaled and rotated properly

Thats awesome. Here's so far after 12.5 hours

is this the CR-X? and what type of printsurface do you use?

No that's printed on my JGAurora A5. The print surface is their generic glass with the dot surfacing. Same stuff the I3 Mega uses.