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Fantasy Mini Collection (multiple poses)

by stockto Aug 17, 2018
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I'm wondering if anyone knows where to find the file for the last figure pictured in the slideshow (if it exists)? Is this figure just an example of a Desktop hero creation? I'd love to print it. Thanks in advance!

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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I have noticed that if you download the files from desktophere3d.com, the bases are not laigned properly and it screws the prints up. IE, my model when opened up, it is leaning on the back of the base a little bit, so if i add supports, it adds a couple under half the base, causing the print to fail. Its annoying haha

Even if i hit land, it does not work.

Really love your work, thank you so much!

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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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These are cool; though the guy with the lantern against his chest (about 4 in) makes me cringe a bit (because lanterns get HOT!! -- like you can't put them that close to your body without getting burnt, hot... -- also the next one where he's holding the lantern by the top and not the handle -- I've tried to pick up a lantern that way and got the shit burnt out of me... -- apparently, that's why they have handles. XD) -- other than that, cool collection. :)

I think that is just artistic freedom and limitation of the 3d printing. You cannot reasonably print a teeny tiny handle and have the lantern hanging from that, even with a resin printer. Both lookrtistically fine since neither is trying to be a realistic anyway.

Hey, can someone show me a good support profile for these mini figures? i use Cura
Thank you

I'd like to understand how to use a support. I believe I use Cura too.

Use mesh mixer it generates easy to remove supports, and its free.

THANK YOU!!!! Mesh Mixer just made my life so much easier!!

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Wow, these are fantastic! What a haul of minis! For those asking re: print settings, I have found you want to do settings that reduce stringing and oozing primarily. Look up how to reduce stringing, but in general, go for the highest default resolution your slicing program suggests for your printer. Be sure to keep their default and not go even higher. The reason for this is your nozzle prints best at certain increments. Mine goes best at .08 mm layer height, first layer .2 mm. Crank up retraction to maybe 5 mm and highest retraction speed. Reduce temp to 180 C for PLA and reduce print speed to 20 mm/s. Up travel speed as high as it will go, 200 mm/s for most printers, to snap off any string. Since I have done this, my PLA minis look fantastic. Also, if supports are necessary, use a brim or raft. Rafts are great in this case because the don't really mar your base. This will prevent the support losing adhesion and making a mess. In general, fewer supports are better. Finally, if you are having trouble with supports, use a CAD program to split the mini vertically, and print separately in two halves, which you can glue together using Loctite Gel Control.

These are just amazing. Can you offer some input as to the correct prints setup? I tried printing a few I made with heroforge and a 0.4,mm nozzle. They came out looking terrible. My printer just could not handle the detail.

Can this be printed with a 0.2mm nozzle and 0.1mm nozzle height?

How are these best printed? I'm wanting to use the for game pieces for a math game in my classroom. Thank you.

These figures are great, but what scale are they ?

Whatever scale you want them to be, just resize them before slicing :P

These are awesome, I am likely to print a BUNCH of these - When I get around I will be sure to share some photos

Great! Would love to see pictures.

Hey stockto,
These are awesome. Just out of curiosity, what software did you use to create these? I have designed mechanical 3D models, but I am new to character modeling. Any tips are appreciated. Thank you!

Hi atomyn,

These were all created in http://desktophero3d.com, which allows you to customize miniatures and export the STLs for free. We're currently https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/263291121/desktophero-custom-gaming-miniatures?ref=75hsa7 if you want to check it out!