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Pill Box with AM PM Apertures V2\V2_2

by BoothyBoothy Aug 17, 2018
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Is it possible to get a version of this with just the days? I saw that you did one as a remix of v4 but I like the sleek look of this version better.

I have just uploaded a days only version of the base. I have not test printed this so still technically WIP. I would be grateful if you could publish your make or post a comment regarding if it was successful. Best Boothy

Hi, thank you for the base. It was too large for my printer so i had to resize it, and my settings are not dialed in yet so I couldn't get all the pieces to fit together but I'm very happy with what I did get to fit. Once I dial in my settings and get some more filament I will try again. I'll be sure to post a make also.

It looks good from here. Best Boothy

Hi ,I will put your request on my revision list, its a long list at the moment so no guarantees on timescales. Best Boothy

So, I just finished printing and testing the left handed threaded version of the bolt and lid.

First, the good - it works great! Fit is perfect and maintaining tightness is no longer an issue in my testing.

The bad - I didn't notice until my print was complete that you remodeled the original version of the lid and not your design with the clasp stops (the little "horns" that stick up on the outside edge where the lid opening is). Can you please modify that version with a left handed thread and repost?

Noticed some rads missing on lid file uploaded have now uploaded V2_3

Apologies, this thing as evolved over time and therefore I have various source file sets, the lid being on another file. I have uploaded the correct lid to the thing with the LH thread. Please let me know if it works OK. Did the ratchet work better with a new lid? I will try and print myself later. Best Boothy

New left handed thread version is perfect! Printed as expected, assembled easily (just had to remember to turn the bolt the opposite direction), and ratcheting is superb. Well done!

Although now I have like 3 extra lids laying around . . . frisbee?

That's good to here, I have also printed myself but not had chance today to re assemble. Sorry about the wasted plastic & time, I probably should of printed before uploading, easy in hindsight. I have now cleaned my file sets up so that hopefully will not happen again. Your positive attitude has inspired me to start looking at version 3. I shall report back when somewhere near. Your the first person to describe the assembly as easy ! The ratchet will still probably erode over time. Best Boothy

No wasted plastic at all. I'm just now getting into 3D printing, so I really enjoy tinkering and learning.

I do have one additional request if you are willing to oblige. Could you please make an alternate version of the base where the lettering is raised around the outside perimeter instead of recessed? This would provide a couple of things: 1) Allow one to more easily color/paint the lettering, and 2) Would provide an improved grip on the pill box.

With reference to the raised lettering - Generally I have found that vertically printed raised lettering does not always turn out too well due to the overhang and some retraction issues and increases ghosting considerably. Therefore it would be easier to paint but the printed finish would be not so good. Although this is just inverted the recessed nature of the letters always works better and to be honest I think provides a much better aesthetic. If this was a simple task I would oblige but to make the letters work I have to individually extrude and cut over a series of processes which does not allow just a few quick clicks in Fusion to make the model compute. I would rather spend any spare time I have on version 3 which will hopefully have separate colour inserts for letters so you do not have to paint them. Best Boothy

Cool, thanks for the detailed explanation. I agree on the aesthetics point, but just didn't know if it was a couple of clicks for you or real work, so thought I would ask. I've already loaded up the one I made with my weekly meds, and am using it. Like I've stated before, great unique design, and thanks for being so open to implement some of my suggestions. I'll be on the lookout for v3!

Well, after thinking about it, I decided to slice up the base and print a small test in a different color to see what impact it had on the lettering. I choose white filament, and I must say it is night and day when it comes to legibility. I guess my idea with the clear is that you could see the meds, but my clear is so opaque at the thicknesses printed that I really can't see the contents. So, I'm going to reprint the base in white, and the lettering will be clearly visible.

Its very difficult to attain any form of transparency with FDM printing, the print needs to be thin walled, 100% infill and usually have some nefarious post processing to achieve anything like. This is definitely work in progress but I have attached a quick rendered peek at Version 3. Best Boothy

Wow, that is looking impressive.

FYI I have designed version 3 and uploaded the thing. Link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3243260
Best Boothy

Pill Box with AM PM Apertures V3 - It's Personal!

My combination of PETG body, ABS bolt, ratchet, clasp, liner and PLA lid. Thank you!

FYI I have designed version 3 and uploaded the thing. Link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3243260
Best Boothy

Pill Box with AM PM Apertures V3 - It's Personal!

Looks Great, well done !

HI ladislav68, thanks for making the effort to print my thing, it sounds very robust, unfortunately your uploaded image appears to link to your profile image ? May be easier to post it as a make, best Boothy

This is an amazing design, you've clearly put a lot of thought and effort into it!

Well done!

FYI I have designed version 3 and uploaded the thing. Link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3243260
Best Boothy

Pill Box with AM PM Apertures V3 - It's Personal!

Thanks for those positive comments, best Boothy