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Ender 3 Filament Roller Guide

by Holspeed Aug 16, 2018
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Excellent design, fits perfect ! ;-)

Thanks for this nice little extension to my new ender 3. i did a small modification on mine since i figured i didnt need the bearing. I made the hole in the wheel as small as the one in the holder and just put the bolt right through. That works fine as well. I send you a small tip as a token of my appreciation I will se if i can get around to posting my remix as well

Can you please post CAD files? fusion360?

hey, thank you for this, its really good

works great so far, i like it.

but the spacers should be wider than the bracket and the rim should be hexagonal for easier installation.

Turns out this simple "upgrade" fixed most of my print problems on my Ender 3 Pro ! Out of the box my printer was very good. But quickly I started having erratic prints. I thought it was setup/calibration so I spend hours trying to "dial in" the right settings. Turns out the filament guide on the Ender 3 Pro is plastic and the filament wore a groove into the opening. The filament settled into this groove and would intermittently (and unpredictably) bind, thus creating feed issued. THANKS for the fix ! (Print) Life is much better now !

excellent work! fitment was spot on. perfect!

It is awemone! Thanks!

I'm amazed! I never find things that work perfectly right out of the box. I just printed it and popped in a bearing from an old fidget spinner which was a perfect fit. Don't forget to print 2 spacers.

Brilliant. I had tried many different guides. This is the only one you'll need. Works perfectly. Thanks.

excellent guide prints well fits easy

It works perfectly!
To print it I only added horizontal expansion -0.05mm (in cura) and all pieces fits perfectly without forcing it, just the precise amound of force to fit it.
The design is perfect like it is.

I printed and installed this on my Creality CR-20 Pro and it works like a charm, definitely seems like the printer feeds better, and now that hole in the extruder arm won't wear out.

I must be missing something here but the pictures show two "spacers" whereas I only have one printed. I have no clue how this is suppose to be assembled. The pictures in here are potato quality and/or not even clear about the bearing assembly. Anytime I try to screw in on one side, it pushes the bearing with the "spacer" to the other side causing the bearing cradle to bow out. Could someone dumb this down to me?

Do the spacers go on each side of the bearing? Ive tried screwing one of the M4 screws through one spacer but if I were to have it in the bearing cradle it would just spin and spin with no way of being able to tighten it unless my spacers are too small?

You need to print two of those spacers, just duplicate it in the slicer program so it prints two of them. I printed and installed this on my Creality CR-20 and it works great, it feeds really smoothly with this installed.

This is an excellent guide. I used another one at first that did not have rolling part and had a problem with filament digging into the guide and then ruining my print. I've created a handle for the top rail to be used with the ring and the spacer from this thing: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3576034

Filament guide
by nobeer

Do you have any issues with the filament not wanting to stay on the path with the upper roller?

any chance you'd be able to export as a step file? sketchup dislikes this computer - wanted to remix with about 25mm more offset so it works nicely on my tevo tornado. since it works well on my ender2's, cr10, and other than the angle on the tevo as well.


great Job, little Tip: chamfer edges where you want to press something into - it's way easier.


Any chance you could mix a bracket that would fit a Tevo Tornado? The mechanics are the same at both ends, but the arm in the middle needs to be longer... the tornado has a titan type extruder on it so the entry hole is way farther out verse right next to the Z screw. Basically in the same spot as the spring in the MK8 type extruder is.

Great Job!!! Thanks a lot for sharing this awesome thing, I appreciate that...

Worked like a charm, thank you for the great design.

Very, very nice Idea..great Thanks

Muy bueno, todos los anteriores que probe generaban traccion con el filamento.. muchas gracias

Unfortunately in my case the bearing didn't fit easily in to the outer and the outer was scraping on the main bracket, but a little bit of finishing and it fit up fine

Excellent! It prints perfectly and a standard 608 bearing fits right in, thank you so much!

I would consider updating with a plastic pin or bolt to reduce the amount of ordered parts.

I love it though, thanks again!

Best design of all the filament guides, and the only one you need.

This is the only way to do the filament guiding right. Thank you for this!

This is my favorite ender 3 upgrade so far. It works so great. I feel way more confident about the filament getting pulled through at a good angle. I use an upper and this guide and together it's flawless, but I am sure the upper isn't even needed now.

I like this design for guiding the filament as it seems far more effective to me then the topmounted guide solution also commonly used.I do wonder though if you would be able to create a bracket version that can accept the open builds V wheels. They are identical in size to the regular V slot wheels already on the ender, but have a groove like the printed wheels you have in this design.


Thank you, it fit perfect. I used a medium sized screen door roller that I had laying around just had to drill the holes out to 4mm and it popped straight in.

Perfect fit on CR-20! Slides in nicely and feels really secure when in place.
Thank you Holspeed for a great build

I was wondering if it would fit my CR-20 Pro, this will definitely be my next print.

I am currently printing this for my CR-20 and am just a little unsure how the whole thing attaches to the frame. I haven't seen a good picture from the backside. Does it require loosening/removing a bolt then reattaching through the main piece of this roller?

The bracket just slides in place without removing or loosening anything.
The roller/bearing however need to be fixed with a small screw.
I'm currently working on a remix where the bearing simply snaps into place aswell

I'm probably being too gentle with it but I can't get the bracket to slide or snap in. I'll attach a pic. Does it slide/snap on to the nut below my arm/elbow?

Ya, it's made to slide from left side between stepper motor and the pulley steel plate
Can take picks tomorrow when I get home...

Thanks that would be great.

Hi ZKrapper just looking at your pics in reply to pigskin65 and noticed another print on your extruder entry and I was wondering is that a filament wiper or just another guide ?


Nahh just a cover with filament guide:
I'm considering to change into a printed Titan extruder :/

CR-20 Pro Extruder cover with filament guide and Cable holder

Thanks, that was a huge help!

super easy, stole a bearing from my sons fidget spinner, printed all files in one shot. love the outcome! THANKS!!!

LOL, the perks of being a parent

This is without any doubt the best design for the lower filament guide.
Finally my spools roll to the end without effort or skipping on the extruder part.
Question is, it still requires a upper guide (on frame) for it to work well. Any intentions on making one for the top guide with a roller as well? That would be just great!
Anyway thank you! I'll post my make soon!

Personally I don't see a need for the upper guide. I have my filament roll close to the left side so that the filament comes straight down to the guide. It works flawlessly!

I second the suggestion about filament cleaner as per glidesk request

Nice one...how about adding a filament "filter/cleaner" (small container for sponge) in front, or rather behind the wheel? Just an idea...

Not sure what bearing you used, not skateboard wheel ones.

608rs (rubber seal) or 608zz (metal seal) - 8mm ID, 22mm OD, 7mm W.
Most commonly used in skateboard wheels, fidget spinners, etc.

I made this for my Creality CR-20, it works perfectly. I had a ball bearing left from a fidget spinner, it was good for something after all.

I have problems printing the very small round parts. Does anybody have some Cura tips to get it to print? They all come out very thin-walled, sponge-like. One came out "usable", so i have it up and running right now with an aditional washer, but i would love to fix it.

I put this on my Ender 3 last night. It is helping smooth the entry to the extruder and also keeps the filament away from the Z axis screw. I like that it just snaps on.

I haven't seen a decent picture from the back side, how does it attach to the frame? I am not sure how it snaps on.

I had a ball bearing with the dimensions: 8x22x7w at home. I had to print a small adapter. stl file in the attachment

Really good design, but it is quite challenging insert the screw inside, because the spacers are too tight from inside. I didn't know is it supposed to work like this, but I think it will be better with bigger hole. I also like the nut-less design!

Yeah, I ended up partially drilling out the spacers to make it work

Really appreciate good design! Loved that the bolt thru-hole was smaller in diameter on one side, so the bolt could form it's own threads. Nice touch!

Best filament guide ever, thanks!

Didn't have a bearing at hand, so I just printed the bracket and put a piece of bowden tube around the screw. Works good.

This works great on my Ender 3!

Would you be willing to share the file in its native format? I'm trying to adapt it to fit on my Ender 2s that have able chains installed, and there are some slight modifications that need to be made.


It was modelled in Sketchup - the .skp file is included in the download.

M4 for Ender 3 Filament Roller Guide
M4 nut for Ender 3 Filament Roller Guide

Made this today and appears to work great. The only tweaks I made was to put a rad in the V slot of the roller and I printed a pin to replace the screw.

Would you be willing to share pin design file? This could reduce extra parts needed to the bearing only...

Great design! Fitted perfectly on my CR-10.

Just wanted to say thank you for the design, not only does it fit great but it also works miles better than anything else I've tried to date! Excellent addition to Ender-3 mods! Have a happy holidays =)

Glad you like it. Cheers!

Hey there! Sorry if I missed the obvious, but what's the difference between the two ring files? Imported, ring-sm seems to have a 0.05 mm smaller internal diameter, but that could be the STL offset.

Read the Thing Details. ;)

Reading was difficult, apologies. Thank you.

i have a bunch of 9x4x4 brushless motor bearings for quadcopters. do you think the bearing i stated will work as good? will it affect the path negatively? how hard would it be to alter your design to incorporate my bearing?

thanks for the great design

Might be doable - you'd want to use 2 bearings, with a redesigned ring and spacers. The issue would be making the spacer as a washer, with the outer diameter small enough that it didn't rub on the bearing seal.

I'm guessing this design doesn't work for filament spools mounted on the desk instead of mounted on top of the printer?

No sorry. The roller is positioned to guide from above, taking into account the curved filament path.
There's possibly something out there to do what you want though.

kudos on a terrific design. worked very well for my ender 3.

I change the design slightly with a plain bearing inserted instead of the roller bearing. Works great!

Looks good Ray.

Yeah looks like this is one of the better Ender 3 Filament Guide designs on Thingiverse, thanks for sharing!

Parabéns, muito bom e eficiente!

Great design & print. My only 2 gripes would be 1) the hole is around 3.5mm so a 3mm bolt is loose and a 4mm bolt is too large. 2) With the 608 bearings that can be purchased, they tend to rattle a lot during the print. Otherwise, solid design there. Thanks

Hi Chris,
Sounds like you may be printing a little undersize. The bracket holes are 4.2mm and 3.7mm, and the spacer size is 4.1mm ID & 7.9mm OD - a 4mm bolt (fitted from the front of the bracket) should go through the spacers with minimal effort and tighten everything up when screwed into the back hole.

Bracket holes on my printed parts are 4mm and 3.5mm. Spacer sizing is 3.6mm ID and 7.82-8.00mm OD; the holes on the bracket are also ovalized which is probably not right. I need to print some test extrusions to see if my printer or settings are not accurate in general. Printed on an Ender 3, all stock with PLA 1.75. Cheers.

Printing ovals usually points to a belt not tight enough or a loose hot end.

Really nice design. Works perfect. Thank you.
I printed a new ring with a different inner diameter to fit on a bearing i had laying around.

You're welcome. Good work on modifying it.

At first I thought this is such a complicated design, but is actually very practical. Not to mention it fits perfectly in place. Great design. Thanks!

While there are simpler designs around I wanted this to be reasonably precise and also jam proof.

Think you could design this a little further out? I am planning on installing the Titan Extruder and I think it would need this guide to be extended by maybe an inch and I'm no designer lol :D

It could be extended but without measurements it would be guess work. Hit me up when you have the Titan installed.

Works super well. Probably the best filament guide for the Ender 3.

Thanks for the feedback Nick!

Excellent design! All aspects of it fit perfectly. Thank you!

Cheers David, looks good.

Nice design, thx! I printed M4 screw for it too :) I had to remove some of the material touching stepper motor as I have dampener mounted and it was transferring vibrations to the frame.

Hi krislabs,
True there isn't much clearance to the motor and while I could possibly take a little more off, it is necessary to have some material there to keep the bracket a snug fit on the z carriage.
I'll take another look when I get around to fitting the dampers I purchased months ago. ;)

HI, my filament keeps getting wedged between the V shaped wheel part and the mounting bracket. Not sure what to do about that. I will work on seeing how to redesign it I guess. Not sure if others have had that problem or not?

Hi Mike,
The design is such that it is virtually impossible for the filament to jam. Printed and assembled correctly, with no post modification, there is a maximum gap of 0.5mm between the ring and bracket.
Unless the spool is bound up and way off centre I simply cannot see how this would occur.