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Iron Spider Bust - Avengers: Infinity War

by HappyMoon Aug 15, 2018
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Bonjour , je voulais savoir si le fait d'imprimer en deux partie le trou dans spiderman se fait aussi pour le poser sur le socle ?

Hey..awesome work ....can u make a iron man 46 helmet?

Is there any possibility that you can split this up into different, smaller parts? I want to make this a life size bust for my girlfriend, greatly appreciated. Absolutely amazing file man. Please, keep up the great work!

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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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And i think would be awsome if you do some logo on the base, Like Ironman and deadpool bases c:

It is Amazing!!! i printed mine... now i will be waiting for a Led Version :D haha

I modified this version a bit and made the head hollow and cut the inside of the head near to the eyes. So the eyes are really thin and should light nicely white if you print this model in white pla. Mask the eyes when painting, so they keep raw and white.
The paint should prevent all other surfaces of the head to geht light up.


Iron Spider Bust - Avengers: Infinity War [HOLED for LED eyes]

Thanks! I can certainly take a look :D

Alright, you’ve gone too far my friend, this guy looks awesome, Tom Holland as ye iron spider is by far the best Spider-Man ever. Spider is the best superhero and this suit looks amazing, you have exceeded many expectations! Keep up the great work

Thanks so much! :D

Hello is it possible for you to split up the model into the 4 colours in the render you have? I would love to print this in 4 colours.

Hi! Apologies I've never split a model up for a multi-colour print so I'm a little unfamiliar with how it works, but I can certainly look into it :D

Basically you would split up the single STL into multiple STLs, so you would have the black parts as one STL and then the red parts as one STL and so on and so forth, does that make sense?

Ah ok thanks, I'll see what I can do :)

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Hey man! Awesome model, Im just wondering what infill density and amount of supports you would recommend? (I don't know if you have already specified it and I have just missed it)

Thanks! I printed mine in different sections with I believe 10% infill with supports. Apologies my slicer doesn't allow for custom supports so I'm afraid I'm not sure what a good amount would be.

This is going straight to print to be the second bust for my son - really loved how Iron man came out, Im just waiting to get my airbrush to paint it before posting pictures. Any plans for a Thor and hulk bust your work is some of the best ive seen

Thanks! Hope it goes well :D
I have been meaning to make a Thor model for a while, however I'm still learning to make faces - I am determined to figure it out soon though :)

Looks too awesome... Please make a full iron spider figure… Well done!

This model is gorgeous ! Thanks you.

You could make so much money off of these models yet you still decide to post them for free. Thanks!!

Wouldn't be as fun! I love seeing other people's prints :D

Love the file it looks amazing. Any chance you we be able to upload a file with the base and the bust together as one please.


I knew I forgot something! A complete file has been added :D

This is amazing man!!! Two questions:

  1. Is there a way to attach your previously made Iron Spider legs?
  2. Any plans to make a face shell?
    Thank you for this amazing model, I look forward to seeing what's next!!!

I will certainly try to experiment with the legs, I tried before but due to their size they had to be scaled down and they would end up really thin and it looked a bit strange.
I do also plan on making a faceshell for a Homecoming version and possibly hollowing out the head to make an Iron Spider helmet soon :)

Awesome! Can't wait!!

There needs to be a trophy or section of this site devoted to your posts, I have you on alert but I need like an Amber Alert to these! Great job and to think you were worried about doing spiderman justice

Haha awesome! I didn't know you were working on one but I've been awaiting someone to make one and this is just beautiful work. Thank you very much for your hard work!

Finally settled from the move, lab is set back up. This is getting printed today! I'll post pics tomorrow whenever it's done

Awesome! Hope it goes well :)

I LOVE YOU... I mean sorry ummm thank you! ;)

Haha thanks! :D

its not just this, more than half of your designs are in a folder to print once i move

this thing is amazing! would you consider making a full body iron spider suit, cuz i actually was looking for an iron spider bust to hollow out when i ran into this coincidentally :D :D. if you did design a full suit i would print it as soon as it releases! also do you have an instagram where i can keep up with this stuff even more?

I was actually considering starting a cosplay using 3D printing eventually so if I figure it out I'll be sure to upload the files! :D
I currently don't have an Instagram account but I do post updates on Twitter: https://twitter.com/HappyMoonInc :)

awesome! but yea im moving in 3 days, and once i get situated im definitely going to print these and do reviews. especially with the full suit, you have amazing 3d design skills, and already have accessories (webshooter, waldoes) and a base to start with, definitely keep it in mind ;) :D

Dude, this is friggin awesome!