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Xbox One controller mini wheel

by pixel2 Aug 14, 2018
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well this is such an amazing bit of kit. all printed first time and all fits very nice together. having a little trouble with the teeth being a little too big and not allowing itself to recentre but I'm working on them with a small file. Great job bud, very well designed

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I have the Elite 1 control and the steering wheel stays a little turned in the center position because the rack is too short for this controller. After several tests I found the exact position by adding 1.5 millimeters long to the original piece. If you want, I will pass it and you will upload it.

Thank you very much for your great idea, how comfortable its use is and the control and result using it in suitable games, it is incredible.

Question, Will the older rack work for the newer controllers, my gcode file for the newer controller rack is broken I think

If you change your settings to 16 walls, don’t forget to change it back. I did and couldn’t for the life of me figure out why my prints were so funky looking.

The "Wheel minimal" is a broken model, it has a hole inside, and the rod snaps off with the littlest amount of impact.
Btw why doesnt the pivot fits? The complete structure pulls down the stick. Its not tenth of milimeters, its half a centimeter.

I used the 360 version but it should still apply

The wheel feels too high to be ergonomic.

The bearing is quite loose without glue, I would design it in place, where you pause the print, put in the bearing and resume. Or make a slot for the bearing, hole in frame and longer stem for the wheel so it would secure it.

Other than that, pretty cool design.

Firstly, pixel2 - great work and thanks for sharing! My question: is the wheel supposed to re-centre itself? I have filed my print and applied petroleum jelly as lubricant to the rack and the pivot. Any ideas if so?

The wheel is designed to self center when released. Tolerances are tight so your printer needs to be well calibrated [a 20mm calibration cube should be +-.03mm]. A worn out thumbstick might not have the strength to spring back.

Does anyone know if this will work for FH4? An older comment says it doesn't so I am wanting to make sure.

This should work with any driving game. I play Assetto Corsa, Dirt Rally 2 and Project cars 2. The key is to crank up the sensitivity in the settings.

Comments deleted.

anyone fancy remixing this for the Logitech f710 controller?

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Great job

How can i print the main Big part with Anet A8 ?

hey, I printed this today, if you use curer as your slicer, just make sure you turn on supports and when printed, snap the support off when printed

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Do you have a frame without the bracket for the wheel? Basically just a clip for the xbox controller

This is so stylish! Congrats

Hey there! I printed this and it works amazing with some candle wax in the gears. (Prevents wear and makes it easier to move). I was wondering if I could sell these to a few friends. They don't have printers. Thank you.

It's cool to sell some to your friends. Glad you are having fun with it.

The other CNC Model from Amazon.The description say the new one could not affect the use of the right rocker.Anyone Who has bought this???


Hello, I am very interested in your design, how can I get permission to sell it ? :D

Hey, why not put a lip on the bottom bearing bracket to lock the bearing in place? Glue seems unnecessary as the bearing is so close to being locked in mechanically. Thanks for the design!

thanks a lot , i just bought a xboxone controller ,

Can you make for a 7mm center? I don't have 608rs but I have 627zz

Unfortunately there is a person selling this commercially on the German Facebook market. I wonder if they are listet sellers cause they're also using your original pictures. I'm just telling you because I think the efforts as a designer needs to be protected in some way

Until he is just selling these on any market, u can't do anything. If he would sell it as a company thats an other story.

Any chance of a variant for the Steam Controller?

can you make one of these for the switch joycon? I know it has motion sensitivity and tilting it would work but I would love to use this instead. Thanks

This is very clever. I don't have an Xbox One, but this could be adapted to any controller with at least one analog stick so I really like the idea.

Seeing all these knockoffs trying to sell your design sure makes me sad.

Turncontrol.com is using your product in advertisements for their own knock off. Just thought you should be made aware if you werent already. They have ads of your product being used on instagram on their page @turncontrol

Hey this is a thing. Mini Steering Wheel for Xbox One Controller for Racing, Driving (Yellow) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07JGG755S/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_Xm6nCbGRK5V77

Love this, the only complaint is that it blocks the port on the bottom so in game chat becomes unusable.

Thank you so much, I am a beginner in this 3d world so not up on all the tech but I printed this for my controller and the low profile one works but the other one hits the pivot. There is some sanding to do to get them to work smoothly but no biggie. I really appreciate the open files to print. By the way incase anyone was wondering I am using the Da Vinci Jr. 1.0 W.

Hey bud awesome design, was wondering if I would be able to sell these on my Facebook or Etsy page?
If not that's cool, I would kick you back a few bucks per print, looking to sell around $15. Let me know

a good price is 5-10 $ because it only costs like 10 cents to make or experimemt with the price to see how fast it sells

Those guys are ok. There are a bunch of sellers that are not on the list in the summary.

The true villain is the one who had the design mold injected. The Amazon reviews say they did a poor job...

My name is Serkan, can I contact you? I have a question about the steering wheel.

How are you guys printing the frame? I'm having trouble getting a good orientation and print. Using a Sindoh dp200.

Am I the only one, that cannot get the rack to fit in the pivot? The "nub" on the rack is waaaaaaay too big to fit in the pivot?

Are you using a bearing?

yes me 2 idk Y

very cool :) may be i try to change it to fit for my ps4 controller

i tried both and the 2 copies didn't work for my Xbox one afterglow and dont know how to design one is there a way you can make one in your free time?

Great work pixel2!

I suggest using 100% infill if using PLA or PLA+, but if you are using PETG or ABS, I suggest using 40% infill.
Supports are needed, and I think PETG worked the best for me.

Filing the point where rack meets frame on the frame itself really helps with how smooth it is. I also suggest sanding down the rack, too (on the inside where they meet). This will make it a lot smoother if you’re using a not-very-precise 3D printer (Makergear M2/3, etc.)

P.S. I only said that Makergear M2/3 are not precise because they are a lot faster, but the Prusa i3 mk2.5 does the job perfectly.

I have Forza Horizon 4 (FH4), and I couldn’t find the settings. Just a heads-up, it is NOT compatible with FH4.

I am printing with Davinci Jr. 3 in 1 which does not allow me to do the shell thickness specified the print seems to come out fine when I printed in PLA it turned left but not right without binding. I then printed out of tough PLA for the rack and it appears to work just fine.
Infill 90%
3 Shells
.2 Layer height
Slow print speed

Would it be possible for you to send me the .STP or part files for this so I can modify the bearing pocket & pivot point? I have two different sized bearings and neither will fit the 22 mm O.D. size that you have called out.

Weird. The ball bearings fit perfectly for me though. Could you send a video?

I like your work and I would to make this mini wheel and sell it, what is the process from here?

I can't fit the bearing into the case or the wheel into the bearing. Is there a certain size of bearing required for this? Any fix would help, thanks.

The ball bearing must be 22mm to fit, and the scaling of the mini wheel itself must be the same size as when you downloaded it. Hope this helps!

Why does the pivot take so long to print for me?

For me, the rack has too much friction with the notch that it slides on. Is there any way to fix this?

Filing and sanding work perfectly.

A little sanding or x-acto knife work on the area that rubs usually fixes it. An STL edit is another option. Blender default units are mm.

Thanks, I'll try that.

Could you please share the STEP or the Source file of the parts?
The main bracket that holds bearing has a really poor peg for the moveing rod that goes to joystick. Thing is so loose.. Moving rod has so much space for peg top cut out in it but peg itself is very small and thin. Please provide source so that i could fix it for my self. Thanks!

Sorry, no CAD files will be released.

Nevermind i have edited it myself. It took some time but now it prints cleaner and pivot slides more stable less wobbly and Bearing clicks in wihout any glue. =)

Do you have the .stl file for it?

there should be a 7-10mm spacer between the gear and the wheel because the wheel catches the top of the thumbstick piece, great work on the design!

You might be using the wide wheel with the standard pivot. The low profile pivot and rack are required. Please post a picture and we'll figure it out.

Absolutely Brilliant! Very nice job. Just in time for Forza Horizons 4

could some one create a gear shifter too? that goes over the x and b button that connects to the frame? mybe a hand brake too?

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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I want this so bad, I play sooo much Forza horizon that this would make the game so much more fun and then i wouldent have to pay 300$ for a racing wheel. If only i had a 3d printer. I wish.

There are links to buy a wheel:)

Yeah, but if u want to buy a 3D printer you ca buy original prusa i3 its arround of 1000$ (not to big $$) and its pretty good.I have one at home.

Work it for Microsoft Xbox 360 controller?

Hey mate
Someone here in Brisbane is selling these on facebook thought you might want to know https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2278666312162368/

"This Item Isn't Available Anymore". Maybe someone sent him a message for me [I don't have facebook].

Thanks for the info

Edit: It's has returned. Someone please tell this guy [I don't have facebook] he is missing the PS button lever.

make one for the nintendo switch joy cons and pro controller

Great design! I keep having issues with the frame because Cura doesn't add the support under the right hand side of the bearing holder. It draws the base of the support, but doesn't continue it up and the filament curls into a ball in empty space. Which version of Cura was used to generate the image above where the support shows correctly?

The slice was done with Cura 3.2.1. You might need to dig deeper in the settings to get the supports to print.

Hi there, you mentioned it could scratch/rub, I'm just wondering if anyone has tried Plasti-Dip, or some sort of spray or dip coating to rubberize the bottom of the "latch", so it doesn't scratch my controller?

Great design!!!


The surface of the controller gets polished by the friction with the 3D printed part. It's cosmetic damage.

I appreciate that, but it's cosmetic damage that I'm trying to prevent.
Yes, I'm crazy :P
Great design, can't wait to use it, I was just wondering if the Plasti-Dip, or some other rubberized coating would make it slightly even more perfect.

Comments deleted.

Can I use this commecially? I run a small online shop? http://bit.ly/2mgd4We

This is listed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial license, which means it can not be used for commercial use.

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

this xbox 1 "Thing" works amazingly!!! coolest design ever!!!

does it work with switch pro controlller

ça serais possible de faire pour PS3 ?

Is possible to make that for the Xbox 360 controller?

This is really a great part! It fits perectly

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Comments deleted.

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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soooooooooooo cooooooooooooool

Definitely a great model made! Just wondering though, is there any designs which makes it possible for d-pad and right joystick access? I mainly play F1 and I find that losing access to those 2 things would make me unable to use my MFD and Fuel/ERS mix keybinds.

There is a 16mm gap under the wheel to use the d-pad. If you need more space make the wheel taller [1 minute tweak in Blender]. Use a smaller bearing [688] in an adapter for even more space.

Right now you sacrifice the right stick for good steering. Relocating the wheel might make the other controls awkward. There is no perfect solution. You could always try a remix...

The Elite controller has four programmable paddles on the underside. This might be a partial solution.

Thanks for playing

Thanks for the solutions! I'll definitely try to make a remix and see how it goes.

With the smaller bearing you get 3mm more clearance on the right of the d-pad. Take out the right stick [Elite has magnetic parts] and add an offset stick that plugs into the hole. Now you have full use of the controller.

I drive with a custom frame using the small bearing. The larger bearing is used in this release because it is so common.

the pic shows the wrong frame for the Elite controller

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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This has to be of the coolest things I've seen on this website. Very innovative and creative. 11/10 creation!

This is pretty dang cool. You should be proud of this!

Comments deleted.

This is very innovative, and I never would have thought to do something like this. Good work.

Just a question, Uncle Jessy is selling these on etsy. But I saw that it is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial license. Why are you not selling this and making money of it? Others are using it to do so.

There are a few people who have been granted permission to sell the wheels. I get a percentage of sales.

Oh okay that makes sense, I was about to say this is too good of an opportunity to pass on!! Good stuff.

My son will love this.

Wow...this is amazing, super creative!

In case anyone is wondering, I am currently working on a version of this for the Switch Pro Controller.

Any chance you could upload the files in IGS/STP format? There are some modifications i would like to make - could just remodel the whole thing, but that would take a while...

Also, my wheel seems to want to sit at around 4 degrees to the left - just the neutral position of the joystick i guess. Not sure if anyone else has this issue (avoiding the crude jokes), might be worth uploading just the wheel in addition to the stem (with the matching interface point) so that the angle can be set to neutral to suit the controller. This would also make it easier for others without great CAD skills to make custom wheels.

The CAD files will not be released.

For your skewed wheel a new rack would be the quick fix. Import the STL into Blender and move points over.

Major pain in the a55 to print the frame

Does this work with the nintendo wireless controller?

currently working on a version for the switch actually. stay tuned.

If anybody is interested I made a Xbox 360 version:

Xbox 360 controller mini wheel
by zan666
Comments deleted.

just printed one for my son and realized he's playing Need for Speed on a 360. Fits great on an xbox one controller though! Nice Work!

Could you make a Xbox 360 version? would like that.

i love it, most useful print ever. but i have a challenge for @pixel2 could you possibly make a lever for the right trigger and the left trigger that ties in with the design?

I see that you are using cura for your slicer and you had a successful print using supports. do you mind sharing some of your support settings, because I have not had the same amount of success with mine, they are just awful! thanks.

The only non default setting: Support Overhang angle =55. A little x-acto knife clean up and things look decent.

Xbox 360 version? this looks really amazing!!!

This looks amazing! But alas, no Xbox One Controller. Could we have an Xbox 360 version please?

I had high hopes this amazing model would work with my wired aftermarket PowerA Spectra wired Xbox One controller for PC since the measurements looked close, but no dice. The way the bulge around the mic hole makes the "thickness" of the bottom seam a bit too much for it to clam securely on the bottom, and the top, while the design gets around the cord just fine juuuuust touches the "X" button enough to press it in constantly. Of course I did print both versions of the bracket, the "older and elite" and normal versions, normal was closer to a fit. I coullllld use my woodburner and/or file and sandpaper a divot in to clear the button, but since it doesn't truly clamp very well anyway I'm not sure if I'll bother.

Once I get better at Fusion 360 maybe I'll give it a shot. ;) Amazing design, I love it!

Will this work with the elite controller?

I am presently dev'ing a bracket for the Face-off models. Just a thought on the playstation controllers..but has anyone tried to alter the gear set-up to get by the problems with the placement? I am test printing and fitting my design now, will release when I feel it is good enough. Should be 1 or 2 iterations.

Okay, well here is my bracket for the XBox 360 / FaceOff model controller. I do not have a standard 360 controller here to test this on. I would think that a little tweaking and it could be made to work. Honestly, I tried this out and mine works fine...but I really don't like it. I am just used to driving with the stick or my actual Logitech wheel. I know I am the minority but, eh, to each his or her own. I just upped the STL here as I don't need any credit for it.

Wheel idea: use only left half, cut off the other half so you can use the right stick

Will this work on a Xbox 360 controller?

Awesome! :D Any chance you could make a "stem"-STL? You said you didn't want to post the CAD-file, and I get that, but with just the centre with the teeth and stem as a file it would be much easier to make custom wheels. :)

Wow this is cool, I'd print but unfortunately I only have XBOX 360 controller : (

Hay any chance there one out there for PlayStation 4?

according to description, no

When I think of 3d printing possibilities ! this is it! Great job!

Comments deleted.

Congratulations on the feature!

can u make 1 for ps4 controllers

There was an attempt at a PS4 version but the position of the left stick makes it very difficult. If anyone is working on it a 6700ZZ bearing is a good place to start. Good luck.

Hey There,

I love the design and it looks awesome but it seems to pull my one s thumbstick down to the bottom instead of sitting in the middle.

Has this happened to anyone else?

Yes I'm having the same problem. Not sure why.

Edit: nevermind. I looked over the pictures and noticed that the ball at the end of the rack needed to be cleanly inserted into the piviot. My pivot has a piece stuck in it so once I got that out, I was able to insert it properly and things are all aligned now. Much cleaner movement.

Printed this for a friend, it works very good, no tweaks needed. Smooth as butter. Thank you for this great design.

I love this design. It's awesome and takes very little to get used to.

One thing: Elite controller can have an extended thumbstick. Need an additional Rack design elevated 7mm for us crazies. :)

Printed this on a Form2, and just realized that it doesn't fit my Xbox 360 controller. Will give it to my son to use on his, and hope for an update for the old 360 soon. Thanks man!

That looks amazing! How long did it take to print? Are the tolerances tight?

Sorry for the confusion, the title has been updated.

9 hours. at 25 microns. I used the new castable wax(20%) resin(i'm a jeweler). Hope it will withstand the pressure! so that means you have the stl for the 360 uploaded?

No 360 version. My guess is by Sunday someone will have a remix for you.

Awesome! Thanks a lot for your great contribution!

Incredible work dude! This thing is great and a unique idea! Must have been quite the effort to perfect it.

Thanks! It took a couple of days to get a decent working model. Then about 5 weeks of design tweaking and play testing.

Congratulations!!! Your creation is great enough to get a page on Hackaday!!!

Comments deleted.

I printed it up last night and tried it out on Forza. I really like the idea but it didnt seem to work for me although part of it may be my printer. I had a hard time printing up the main bracket. Kept failing due to my printer for different reasons. I rotated it and angled it up so it only had one support tower holding the top "hook" part that goes around to the mic port. That worked and got me going but I noticed it had one big flaw. Worked good while actually racing but having to remove and install it for when I get into a menu before and after races what a bit cumbersome. Great idea though!

As others say, this is genius.
Only issue I can see is the frame covering the port for the headset.
I have a wireless one but friends have the big socket that plugs in.
I'll be printing one for myself and maybe try modding it to allow access to the port if its a problem.

Great Idea! I love this!
The top hooks do push down both LB and RB. There is a lot of binding and rubbing going on with the rack. I don't think there's much benefit to using a ball bearing pivot point. Maybe just use a post and cap to secure the wheel to the frame. This could also remove some twisting, between the frame and bearing, I am seeing when I try to turn too hard. Another idea I can think of is moving the rack to saddle the wheels pivot point help keep the rack square with the joy stick/controller. It would be a tight squeeze fitting that between the wheel and right stick though.

Thanks for doing what you do!

I came up with this Momo wheel...

Mini Force Feedback Momo Steering wheel

I just printed one and it works great! However, on the elite controller, the two top braces tend to clip both bumpers and cause them to be permanently depressed. I can just shut those buttons off, but I wonder if you can't come out with a modified bracket that is less of a "V" to fit on the Elite Controller?

We have a new frame for you.

Comments deleted.
Comments deleted.

Will this fit a Xbox 360 controller?

This one does not, but give it a few days and someone will have a remix for you.

Dude this is pretty dang cool. Made a little video on the project.

Thanks again for designing and sharing this!


Thanks! This will help a lot of people with assembly. I recommend print all walls (set it to 16) with no infill or top&bottom layers for the strongest and smoothest parts.

awesome stuff pixel2 ! really something crazy youve made here ! :D thanks for sharing !
also, i have never tried something like this, where i increase the number of walls. could you elaborate please. so i leave infill on zero ?

In Cura have the "custom" print setup active [upper right]. Find "wall line count".

hey Bud, thanks for replying. sorry should have mentioned earlier. i will be using s3d to slice the same.
do you know where i can chage the same in s3d ?

In the "Layer" tab of the print settings, "Outline/Perimeter Shells" = walls.

would you be able to provide the .ipt files. i would like to make some minor changes and experiment with the rack and pinion. If not what software did you use to make the parts in and what kind of file is it?

All of the work was done in Fusion 360. Most people qualify to get it free of charge. Sorry I'm not going to release the original files at this time.
Also look into Blender 3D software. It's amazing and free. For making small adjustments to files turn on the "measureIt" add-on. This gives you live measurements on the model.

I actually use Autodesk Inventor. I suppose I should familiarize myself with F360.

Just tested it, does it's job! But got a few problems, lb and rb got pressed with the device on the gamepad, also one time pair gamepad button got pressed too, maybe modifying the mount to be Central instead of a kind of Y will solve that issue, I'll try to do that and re print

Can you post a picture? I've pushed hard on the frame trying to replicate the problem but It doesn't happen. There is a chance the controller has evolved over time and the pairing button is in a slightly different location on our units. I'll update the file with a larger gap around that button.

An Xbox tech has confirmed the pair button has move inward on the latest controllers. If you have an older controller the frame will cover the pair button. Quick fix, use an x-acto knife to cut away the area around the button.

The frame will get an update soon to address this problem.

i did solve it, i heated and molded the frame a bit, for the pairing button and lb and rb buttons, i have a remix in mind for this, i'll show you if i get the time to model it

was thinking something like this.... will be a lot easier to print, and less material too... but not sure if it will work i may print it when i get home

This will block the nexus button and usb port. Also when you go full lock left and right the frame will twist.

no idea, i will try to print this, and maybe its a more personal solution, never used usb port, and i dont think it will block the button, you may be able to hit the side of it, with the original i also lost the use of LB and RB if i didnt tweaked a bit with heat, will give you the feedback once i got it printed

Thanks for being part of the Beta team:)

My pair button was pressed a few times as well.

Pretty cool idea. Does anyone know if there's a printable bearing that will fit?


this popped up when i searched 608 bearing

608 Bearing
by Xtrudor

Thanks! I printed it earlier and it kinda works. The problem is that the inner ring of the bearing has too much play, which then translates to the wheel and makes using the entire thing pretty bad. When you push on one side of the wheel only, it starts scuffing over other parts. Everything else fits perfectly with this thing though.

I guess you'll need an incredibly accurate printer and a design with lower tolerances, then i can see it working with a printed one, otherwise it's best to stick with a metal one.

What material would you recommend for its construction?

What print orientation did you use for the mounting bracket?

I rotated it and printed it in its normal orientation and it came out fine.

Print the frame as it's positioned in the file. I've added a screenshot from Cura.

Cheers! Orders some bearings off amazon so will try it out tomorrow

I would like to know this as well

Cool! Reminds me of the Raceroom DC1 and DC2 controller:

That's actually very clever!

Can you please provide the STEP files to go along with this?

Will this work on a Xbox 360 controller?

PROPS! this is by far one of the best 3d prints ive seen for a gaming system lol hope to see something like this for ps4 soon but until than im going to have to borrow my roommate's xbox xD

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Would love to get a ps4 version to print.

I tried, the left stick position makes it very difficult to make it work.

Just genius! I was going to start designing something like this, decided to check what others have built. Not disapointed! I wanna increase the degrees of motion, i'll design some sort of gearing to acomplish that.

It's funny to think someone else had the same crazy idea!

An older version had 150 degrees of rotation. After play testing with a group everyone wanted less travel, 100 feels about right for most. Make the gear diameter larger and adjust the teeth on the rack for more rotation. Other dimensions will have to be tweaked to account for the larger gear.

Have fun with it!

Hmm... interesting. Maybe i should try with less rotation first. I'm a "hardcore" racing sim player/fan, but to mount the steering wheel and all the junk associated with it, takes much space, and is too much of a hassle just to have some fun. The controller is not precise as i want, so thought about something like your design. Perhaps 100 degrees, given the increased radius of the "wheel" is enough movement to give that precision sensation.

I think you're going to like it, just give it some time. You lose the ability to look around (right stick) but the finer control is worth it. Please post feedback after you try it out.

I'll definitely post lots of feedback! Already ordered the bearings! As soon as they arrive, i'll give it a try! Can't thank you enough!

There is no way I'm not printing this out and giving it a try!

This looks crazy cool. Fine mix of my two favorite things... Xbox and 3D printing!

Post up a video when you start setting world record times on the Nordschleife:)

This is genius. I can't wait to test it out...