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Creality Ender 3 - Silence & Quality Mod

by petrzmax Aug 21, 2018
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Panie a ile materiału (w gramach) porzebuje na wszystko

what firmware changes where made to allow for the sd module to work? I have everything working but in case of future updates I need to know what to change.

Czesc. Przy wgrywaniu twojego marlina mam taki blad:

compilation terminated.

exit status 1
U8glib.h: No such file or directory


Brak dodanej biblioteki U8glib.
W menu Arduino wejdź:
Sketch -> Include library -> Manage libraries... -> w wyszukiwarkę wpisz U8glib
Znajdź bibliotekę U8glib by oliver i kliknij Install

How do you connect the SD Card reader?

Did You read the description?

Jakie ustawiłeś Vref na stepstickach TMC2208? U mnie działa dobrze na około XYZ=0,75V E=1,1V. Przy 1,0V i poniżej ekstruder gubił kroki podczas dłuższych wydruków.

Jey just wondering. Did you cut the pcb of the sdcard reader in the front? I have ordered the same as in the description, but it wont be flush with the front of the case.

Hi! I don't remember exactly but I think that i might have done this.

Zamiast wycinać wtyczkę od LCD lepiej podważyć i odwrócić gniazdo EXP1 na płycie MKS.

Hi there. I want to use you Marlin but the .rar seems to be corrupted. I can't open the file.
any idea why that might be?

I have checked the file and it's ok.

Thx for the reply. Strange. I can't open it on my PC and even when trying to unpack it with an online tool I get an error, that the file cannot be extracted. could you try to re upload it maybe? would be a great help.

Please try on other PC, because it's not possible that this file is broken.

that did the trick. thank you. don't know what happened there. one more thing.
I've flashed your Marlin but got an "homing failed printer halted please reset" error when trying to home the printer. The X-Axis, Y axis and Extruder were set wrong. drove into the opposite direction by the way. So I had to change the values from false to true. any idea why that might have happened?


It will happen If You use other drivers than TMC2208, other version than I used. Sometimes they have inverted direction signal.


I get under extrusion with the Tmc2208s. I checked the extruder gear and I see it missing steps (snapping backwards while pushing the filament) I've tested another extruder, same problem. upped the Vref to 1.19v didn't help.
any idea what might cause this? it seems, you don't have that problem.


Bed may be too close to the nozzle or Your nozzle is jammed.


thx for the reply.
That's not it. I've swapped the nozzle for a new one just to make sure and I've printed in the air. Still, it's underextruding. I've increased temps as well. Maybe I have to try an A4988 for the extruder driver. I can't get it to work with the TMC2208 :(

EDIT: Swapped the Extruder driver out against an A4988. works. The fault lies in the Bigtreetech TMC drivers. Will get my hands on some real Watterott electronic TMCs they should do the trick.

would be awesome to get english subtitles on this video. I'm super interested in quieting my printer and I have done several mods to it so far, however some of the things you mention in this tutorial I have never seen and I would love to be able to understand everything in the video. Thank you for sharing!

I just submitted English subtitles. It will take a while until they are approved, but I will also give You the file, so You can watch it now.

Wow, this is awesome! I really apreciate that You put some effort into it. Should I wait for some notification from Youtube or I can upload this file? (Nobody never did subtitles on YT for me)

Option to review/see subtitles submissions should be somewhere near settings of that video. If not, try uploading that file by Yourself as author's created subtitles. It can be also called captions, translations or subtitles.

Thanks bro, it's published now :D

without seeing this post from you I actually ordered the same set of board + drivers(I also own Ender 3). Pls if you can write a howto on thew connection/setup of this(MB + Files+wiring) with Ender this would have been just wonderful!!!
Have you managed to connect Ender3 stock LCD to MKS Gen L ?
Thanks a lot for sharing !

Yep You can see this on the video.

Great mod. Only the case does not fit the Ender 3 Pro. He has a wider beam table. Maybe someone will do under the beam 40x40.

Comments deleted.

Artur możesz rzucić schemat podłączenia czytnika i oryginalnego wyświetlacza?

Wszystkie niezbędne informacje masz w opisie.

Nie zauważyłem dzięki.

If the specification is right, they should be silent. There is no 24V silent fans from famous brands like Noctua but as the motherboard fan and prinhead fan should be powered directly from the psu You can connect two 12V fans in series and it should work just fine."

Just a heads up to anyone else that were planning on ordering these fans and they're not that silent. I think they're about as loud and the stock fan, if not more. I'd recommend going with the 2x 12v noctura fans instead.

Aside from that, everything else works great :). Really thankful the files also came with a pre-configured Marlin file.

Great, thanks :)

Comments deleted.

holy moly i just started designing my own with the same idea as yours and then i stumbled upon your design so now i don't have to design my own. Thank you so much. Can you please provide the step file or something?

Hi there.
Very nice mod.
Can you provide the source files of your printed parts?
I want to do the mod with a MKS Gen 1.4 . So I'ss have to change the dimensions of the case .... I plan to just extend the front. And with your support I will not be foced to start from scratch ;-)


Source files are there now :) I need to edit this as well to fit mks gen 1.4

Looks (and sounds) good!

What vref did you settle on for X&Y? and I'm assuming the 2208 drivers are in stealthchop mode? what jumpers (if any) did you remove for each axis+extruder?


If I remember corectly it was about 1V. The steppers were not hotter than 50C and Yes it's in stealthchop mode. This board was set for 1/16 microstepping with A4988 drivers. I didn't touch jumpers so TMC2208 are also in 1/16 mode.

Perfect - thank you! :)